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hope you're all well, this is the first blog I have ever written and I'm not sure what you would like to know so I'll tell you a little about me and my new book!

Me -

I am 24 I got married 11 days ago and have just returned from my honeymoon. I have an 18month old little monster called Charlie and I wrote my first book nearly 2years ago when I finished my degree

My book -

My book is Any love but mine and is available on and

(it is free for the next 48hours so try it now for free on kindle)

Any love but mine is the first in a series of books and is based around the life of the young Erosian goddess Acacia Rose. Briefly Acacia was created for Eros the god of love to appease him when he rejected her she was banished to the mortal realms to help others find love but she was told she is not allowed to find love herself as she belongs to Eros. Should she allow herself to fall in love she will be sent to the Underworld and the object of her affection killed. Acacia shrugged off this warning as she never understood its true weight until Josh and that is where all hell breaks loose.

Thats about it for now I do hope you will all try my book and you all enjoy!
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