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Sir Knight Anthony Cooke was Francis "Mayflower Compact" Cooke's grandfather (my direct ancestor).

He was a tutor-companion to Edward VI who was the first English king raised as a Protestant. A master of Greek and Latin languages, Edward knighted Anthony into the The Order of the Bath soon after his coronation.

He spent some time in the Tower of London because of his purported affiliation with Lady Jane Grey's (The Nine Days Queen) movement. Queen Mary later had her executed.

Sir Francis Bacon was his nephew.

Sir Knight Anthony Cooke (1500 - 1576) TRIPP
is Steven Wood Collins' 14th great grandfather.


Sir Anthony Cooke KB (1504 - 1576) HOWARD-WOOD
maternal grandfather of wife of 3rd cousin 11x removed

Sir Anthony Cooke (1500 - 1576) WARREN-SIMMONS-COLLINS
2nd great grandfather of wife of 9th cousin 10x removed

Anthony Cooke KB (1504 - 1576) SPENCER-SIMMONS-COLLINS
is Steven Wood Collins 14th cousin 13x removed

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