This weekend I took part two of the screenplay series I've been involved in. Let me say that I've got 80 pages into my new novel  and my screenplay for my first book, THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL, I'm 15 pages in.
So I get to screen play/ advanced and ended up walking out with a flushed out screenplay story board for the screenplay for the  book I'm working on--and somehow, it's become a different story. Completely.
With the encouragement of my teacher, Anne Jordan (, I was able to let go of the 80 pages in the novel currently being written--to write the screenplay as a new, different, more twisted version. As you know, we get attached to our stories as we write them and if someone says--hey, toss that and do this--well, I want to jump on board, but it's hard to let go of those damn 80 pages. It's not that anyone's read my novel's beginning--no one has, which made me scratch my head and say, "What about the way I've started?"
I'm starting the new screenplay today. I want to have the first 10 pages by Thursday, latest. I love the new ideas that I've come up with. I love the new ideas Anne's mixed in. I love the new story I've flushed out. BUT...what about those 80 pages?
The screenplay for THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL has been placed on the shelf, along with my :(  eighty pages. Instead, I'm blasting forward with my new screenplay, TWISTED EVIL (working title) and am very excited.
I have to say that the four days of classes I took with Anne Jordan has changed the way I write. From drawing out the characters at the start, to having a story board. I'm a " jump in"  writer--meaning just that--I jump right in and everything develops as I go deeper into the story. 
As much as I resisted doing it another way--organized and completely flushed out before writing the screenplay, now that I've done all the work, I'm really glad that I did. Now I can do the fun part with a clear road map to where I'm headed. :)
Thank you Anne Jordan for convincing me to try something different.

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