Had a couple o' contests end on Feb. 29, so here are the winners:

Two random winners from Crossing the Streams, chosen by Random.org, who get their choice of a signed copy of HOUNDED, HEXED, or HAMMERED:

#139 Steve Drew, and #15 Jann! Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing addresses and which book you'd like so I can sign 'em for you. Just email me using kevin at kevinhearne dot com. The big, overall winner of the contest, who will get a book from every author involved, was a fella who had entered author Jon Sprunk's contest. What we did was put every author's entries in a big ol' spreadsheet—I hear there were 1,359 entries total—and then we did a Random.org drawing for that too, and that number corresponded to Jon's fourth entrant.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope you learned about a couple of other neato authors in the process!

The other contest I ran was the Sausage Fest, and WOW it was so awesome! Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their big, fat, juicy sausages! Heh! (If you're thinking I held the contest just so I could say that at the end, well, you'd be partially right, because I'm still dealing with maturity issues.) If you haven't swung by my Facebook page and checked out the Sausage Fest album, please do—it looks like a cookbook—I swear it's safe for work, despite what your dirty mind might be thinking. :) Winners of the Sausage Fest contest get a Sausage Fest poster, a T-shirt in their size, a Sausage Fest pint glass, and a signed, early copy of TRICKED (when I get my copies in April). One winner was to be picked randomly, and one was to be picked by me for being awesome. There were 74 entries, numbered by Facebook in the order I uploaded them, so that's the number I used for Random.org.

The random winner was #37, Penny Dreadfulle! Congrats! Email me your address and your shirt size when you get a chance! Use kevin at kevinhearne dot com.

Picking a winner based on Awesome was extraordinarily difficult. There was so much Awesome there. Serious, Food-network type stuff that belongs on Iron Chef or something. And then super cute stuff with DOGGIES in it, and flowers, and exotic liqueurs that I can't pronounce, and one with this really disturbing bloody glove in the background that kind of photobombed the picture.  And I loved the grill pictures—made me want to crack open a cold one and get grillin' too.

In the end, I chose a beautiful looking plate of bangers n' mash with a glass of Tullamore Dew, an Irish Setter, and the skull of something odd looking on. I'd love to show it to you, but after a frustrating half hour of battling WordPress, it simply doesn't want to load here. Facebook had no problem with it, though—see it there! Congratulations to Shawn Kuplin, the other winner! You really need to see the skull. It has ram horns, vampire fangs, and an impossibly pink tongue that somehow did not melt away like the rest of the flesh. :)


Atticus O'Sullivan is in Suvudu's Cage Match this year! If you aren't familiar with it, Suvudu devises a tournament bracket each year in which fictional characters fight to the DEATH—but who wins is determined by fans voting. I am of the completely biased opinion that Atticus should win the whole thing. But he won't without your help! The Cage Match begins on Monday, but Atticus has his first fight on Tuesday.

Let's think about it, though: Atticus is immune to magic. He has a sword that can cut through any armor—even a dragon's. He doesn't tire, and he has more than two thousand years' experience in martial arts. He can move at superhuman speed, reach for superhuman strength…and he can heal. He's brought down gods and survived having sex with the Morrigan. Why wouldn't he win? :) Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate your support in the Cage Match. It's a ton of fun, geeking out over all these characters and figuring out who would beat who. Just head over to Suvudu.com on Monday. It's safe for work. I promise. :)


On March 5—also Monday!—Del Rey is releasing a 3-book omnibus of the Iron Druid Chronicles thus far. It's e-book only, so it's available on Nook, Kindle, or whatever you use. Buying the books separately, you'd pay $23.97. Buy them together in this edition and it's only $19.99! It includes two bonus short stories, "Clan Rathskeller" and "Kaibab Unbound," plus the first chapter of TRICKED, which you might have noticed hasn't appeared anywhere else. If you have friends/family/significant others or nice people you met in the coffee shop who haven't read the series yet, this is a golden opportunity to get them started! Plus you can steal their reader for a few minutes and read the first chapter of TRICKED! As you may imagine, it's available for pre-order now and will download automatically for you/your friends/surprisingly literate iguana.

Ready for a teaser of TRICKED? Here's the first line:

"The best trick I ever pulled off was watching myself die."

Hee! A reminder that if you pre-order TRICKED from The Poisoned Pen, you'll get a signed copy—and they ship internationally! (Scroll down the page a bit on the link, you'll see my stuff.) If you want me to personalize it, they have a field in the checkout procedure called "Instructions." Type what you want in there and it'll happen. :)


If you're going on March 10, I'll be there for two panel thingies and a signing at 3 pm at The Poisoned Pen booth with Cherie Priest and Sam Sykes! Hope to see you there!

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Hey Kevin will Tricked come out on audio at the same time as print? I really like the narrator you have. Why did you choose to give Atticus an American accent instead of a Scottish lilt? Thank you and I adore the picture of Oberon on the cards, I did not think i could like him anymore... but yep I do :)

message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Hearne Howdy Caroline. Tricked will be out on audio April 24, I promise. Atticus has an American accent because he's blending in with Americans. :)

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 03, 2012 09:49AM) (new)

Thank yee =^..^=

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