Ah, February the 29th, and I must say that this has been an excellent month for writing, round my way.  A grand total of 25,000 words extruded, and even partially reviewed as I've finished each chapter so they shouldn't need a massive amount of work to sharpen up.  I mean to say, it ain't no Brandon Sanderson level of productivity but for me it's pretty darned good.  Certainly the best month I've had on this book, which has been something of a grind at times, I must admit.  If every month had been as good as this one I'd have finished in October.  But it wasn't, and I didn't.  Still, I've just three chapters left to finish my first draft, the last of which is already half written.  Well, actually I've got an additional chapter to write and two others near the start that need rewriting so heavily I might as well be starting from scratch but, hey, can we just worry about those later, please?


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Peter Looking forward to your next book, I am a Big fan

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