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Today I am pimping my stuff in relation to an "author group" I belong to: All Male Romance. I don't know how many people have heard of it but it is a group of some pretty great authors!! Andrew Grey for one :) (You know I like Andrew's stuff! Hello? Love Means... No Shame) But also authors like Damon Suede, Rick Reed, Ryan Field, GA Hauser, DC Juris, and ... drum roll... SJ Frost!!! Like oh my god! SJ FROST!!! (sorry, valley-girl moment, and I am not even from CA) I love love love Conquest and several more authors I am less familiar with. (Note: check out the AMR website for ALL the authors.)

But, my reason for this blog is about the Rainbow Book Fair that will happen in New York City on March 24th.



Saturday, March 24, 2012 11am–5:30pm

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center 208 West 13th Street, NYC

This fair is a lot of fun. (I am talking as a person who has been before as a guest.) ANd I hear it is getting bigger all the time. I am unable to attend in person, BUT I will be sending somethings to be on display and for sale. :) On the All Male Romance table.

For those who are unfamiliar... All Male Romance ( is “a small ‘community’ of writers with one thing in common: We love gay romantic fiction.” It is a website “dedicated to bringing readers of m/m romantic fiction together with the authors they love!!”

They are a —SPONSOR— of the Rainbow Book Fair and have a table on the main floor. Go visit them at: Table A8 and take home free handouts and a CD!


Personally I am sending the following to be in their table: Pens, (you know you want one!) Fliers, (about WLINE) business cards, (So I look all official!), and some autographed books for sale! Also, as a thank you for paying attention and reading my BLOG, I will have waiting at the AMR table ONE FREE COPY of WLINE (signed, of course) for the first person to step up and mention that they read about the free book on this blog! :) (*Note: This means AT THE FAIR, in person. Not in e-mail or virtual reality.)

The AMR table will be attended by several authors. I hear Andrew Grey will be at the Dreamspinner table. Rachel Haimowitz will be at Riptide Publishing, and Damon Suede has several connections... Anyway, someone will be at the AMR table, so step up and claim your prize! It sounds like fun!

Speaking of the "other authors"... Ryan Field! Have you seen how much information this guy pumps out on his blog? I have the one blog he wrote about the Book Fair but he writes a blog all day long. Like several a day! AND, he seems to write about a whole slew of topics. I just now came across all this, but I'm thinking his blog is a spot to soak up information. Current events, gay rights, books, reviews, anything and everything --Ryan has something intelligent to say about it!

I have a few of his e-books but they are in my large TBR pile. Perhaps I need to see what kind of stories he tells.

Anyway... Thanks for stopping by!

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