I'm in the process of rating some of the books I've read over the years. After I rate a book, I usually scroll down to see the ratings and reviews other people have given it. It's funny, but when I see that someone has given a book I like a low rating/bad review, I feel almost personally offended. Like they're insulting my taste in literature. Weird how we're offended by things that don't directly concern us. On the other hand, if someone likes a book I dislike, I almost feel compelled to set them straight and explain to them why they only THINK they like the book but in reality they hate it as much as I do. Like for instance the pseudo-spiritual Christian apologist mumbo-jumbo that is "The Shack". Painful to read. Painful!!! The only thing that book inspired me to do was never read it again. Were someone to state they like "The Shack", I would find it very difficult to refrain from describing how it is overflowing with logical inconsistencies and unintentional irony. But that would be me judging someone for the crime of having an opinion different from my own, which isn't really fair. That being said, I do think that in some cases it really is a matter of the reader "just not getting it". Like Douglas Adams for instance. You don't have to be British to get his sense of humor. You just have to HAVE a sense of humor. Or when physics majors diss a book by Stephen Hawking because he has the audacity to try to make speculative science accessible to the masses. Scandalous!!! Not sure what point I'm trying to make here, unless that point is human beings really are silly creatures.
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Published on February 27, 2012 17:33 • 60 views

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