I was thrilled to be part of the closing reception at the "Bullets Across the Bay" crime fiction exhibit at UC Berkeley. I was even more thrilled that curator Randal Brandt included my novel Runoff in the exhibit--in the authors influenced by Dashiell Hammett section:
Runoff at Bullets Across the Bay

The text reads:
San Francisco writer Mark Coggins has drawn comparisons to Hammett for his novels featuring hard-boiled, wise-cracking PI August Riordan. Although Riordan himself is something of a throwback, he tackles decidedly 21st century problems, including corporate espionage in the gaming software industry, internet pornography, and touch-screen voting fraud. In an earlier book, Vulture Capital (2002), Coggins experimented with using the uncommon [objective 3rd person] narrative style in a conscious effort to evoke Hammett's The Glass Key (1931).
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Published on February 25, 2012 17:37 • 110 views

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