In an effort to connect with my readers I've decided to flip the script and host a reader Q&A! Here are some questions I have for you:

Fast Life by Cassandra Carter

1.What if your favorite chapter of Fast Life?

2. Who is your favorite character?

3. Put yourself in Kyra’s shoes. If you had to move in a matter of days, what would you miss the most? How would you feel?

4.What changes do you see in Kyra as the story progresses? Are they positive or negative?

5. Why do you think Kyra is so upset when she finds out Justin’s big secret? Do you agree with his reason for not telling her the truth?

6. Imagine you’re trying to talk Kyra out of going back to Chicago with Makai. What would you say to make her stay?

7. Would you be able to forgive Natasha?

8. What did you take away from Fast Life?

16 Isn't Always Sweet by Cassandra Carter

8. What were your expectations upon turning 16? Was it anything like you expected?

9. What if your favorite chapter of 16 Isn’t Always Sweet?

10. Who is your favorite character?

11. What would you do if you ever encountered a girl like Adrienne? Would you have handled the situation any differently?

12. What did you take away from 16 Isn’t Always Sweet?

13. Who would win your vote for best frenemy – Mercedes from Fast Life or Adrienne from 16 Isn’t Always Sweet?

14.Who do you identify with more – Kyra or Jordan? What similarities/differences do you notice?

*I will be hosting an author Q&A very soon and I want to invite you all to submit your questions!
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