Happy Valentine's Day.

To celebrate I have organised a giveaway on my blog of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Details are here: http://www.eljamesauthor.com/

Giveaway will close on 29 February 2012.

Have a lovely day.

EL x
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message 1: by Lani (new)

Lani Will there be a #4???

message 2: by Nella (new)


message 3: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Especially from Christian's perspective

message 4: by Bd602grl (new)

Bd602grl I love this series. I stumbled upon this series and I must say what a ride. Every page was thrilling and kept me hooked. I am so thrilled to read about Ana and Christian's world and there complicated romance.

message 5: by Jennie (new)

Jennie Marquez I would love for the 4th book from Christian perspective. I'm hoping the last few pages from book 3 was a sneak peek! Cant wait!!!!

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim I am hoping for a fourth book as well.

message 7: by Goalmaster1089 (new)

Goalmaster1089 I'm currently reading book 3, afourth book from Mr. Grey's perspective would be interesting. He has so much depth and has grown so much in just 3 books.:D

message 8: by Laura (new)

Laura I'm needing more of Christian and Ana...pls write another.

message 9: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Franklyn Completely taken with this trilogy.... Bravo and another please!

message 10: by Katia (new)

Katia Barely can wait for the next one!!!!!!!

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Please say there will be a 4th book! Been blown away and swept off my feet by your books! Mr. Grey ding dong! ;D

message 12: by Mindi (new)

Mindi Please please please write these fromChristian's point of view--I think I'd have to love the character even more!!

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda please write a 4th book were all on edge

message 14: by Christina (new)

Christina Scalzo This series is soo good I just cannot put it down. I bought it 6 days ago and I'm on the last one and I'm hopeful (with the others) that this is not the last we shall hear of Ana and Christian :) Thank you for this wonderful series!

message 15: by Ezgoin (new)

Ezgoin I found the books online after hearing about the possibility of a movie. (Thinking Emma Watson or Rachel Bilson as Ana and then use the other actress as either Kate or Mia and Sharon Stone as Elena)
Read all three in one day.

message 16: by Ezgoin (new)

Ezgoin Ms James, thank you for researching the BDSM world and not making those of us in the lifestyle out to be sicko freaks. The lifestyle is so often written as leather clad sadists interested in nothing else.
I also appreciate your reversal of the standard erotic romance format. (Most of the sex up front then evolving the characters/story.) Where the norm is get the reader interested in the story, then by the third or forth book, it's primarily sex with a little story added in to keep it in the series.

message 17: by Dannii (new)

Dannii i would love a fourth book in christen point of view i love to find out what he feels what he thinks and why does cetain things. my favouite book is fifty shades darker thank you for writing these books :)

message 18: by Paula (new)

Paula I could not believe how hooked i became on these books, i did not go anywhere without it! Wonderful series I really hope for a fourth book! I want more! Your very talented and I really hope to see more! Thanks for finally giving me something interesting to read.

message 19: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Sophie wrote: "Especially from Christian's perspective"

That would be Amazing !!

message 20: by Jenn (new)

Jenn I read all three books in three days, could not put them down ! Is there any chance of a fourth book ??? One from Christians point of view would be Amazing !!

message 21: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Olsen Pretty much what everyone else said. These books really took me to a different person's life, their thoughts, feelings, dreams. I love the concept of love healing the broken and would be ecstatic if you were to write a book from Christian's perspective. You've got all of us waiting with bated breath here!

message 22: by Tiffanie (new)

Tiffanie First, I have to say love, love, love Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker! (I'm currently reading Fifty Shades Freed) I've never been interested in romance/erotica novels, until I saw the controversy of libraries & the government trying to ban the books. I was appalled that something so ignorant was going on that people are trying to ban the most precious gifts we still have, books!! So, I purchased them to see what the big deal was, and boy am I glad I did! ;) I, like others I see here, have found a new favorite author and series! Honestly, if I had never seen it on the news I'd never know what a great story I was missing out on. And shame on the prudes for trying to ban your books anywhere in the world!
I have to say thank you for being an inspiration to women everywhere, as a writer, and for sharing this with the world!
I'd also love to see a fourth book of Christian and Ana's adventures! And one of Christian's life BA (Before Ana LoL!!) ;)

message 23: by Clariza (last edited Jul 04, 2012 01:27PM) (new)

Clariza Ignacio Hoping for a 4th book - Fifty Shades Trilogy :)

message 24: by Jeeninha (new)

Jeeninha Yeah. I am so hook with this Trilogy. I am looking forward for a 4th and 5th book. :(

message 25: by Heather (new)

Heather I just got done with the third one today and I NEED more!

message 26: by Jeeninha (new)

Jeeninha Heather wrote: "I just got done with the third one today and I NEED more!"

I need more tooo!

message 27: by Heather (new)

Heather I would love to see another book! I have never liked reading... just not my thing, I have tried reading books so many times and get 2 or 3 chapters done and Im bored but my mom said she was reading the 1st one and said it was really good so I went and bought it and OH MY! I read it in 2 days and went and bought the other 2 and have finished them before my mom! lol... Its for women of all ages! I am 25 and my mom is 49 and we both LOVE them! PLEASE PLEASE write another one!

message 28: by Nicole (last edited Aug 08, 2012 01:15PM) (new)

Nicole I love love love this LOVE STORY. Please extend the series!!!!! Everything about Ana and Christian's relationship, lead me to crave more of it.

Encore, encore, encore!!!

message 29: by Min (last edited Aug 10, 2012 11:15PM) (new)

Min i havent read a book in over ten years but all my friends were talking about the 50 shades trilogy.. so my hubby got me the books and i started reading it and i couldnt put it down i was staying up til early in the morning trying to force myself to go to sleep but ended up convincing myself jus one more chapter but didnt stop til like 5 chapters later when i finished the trilogy i was sad cause it ended but decided to reread it for a 2nd time i am planning on reading it for the 3rd time... even tho some people say is wasnt well written but if it was so horrid as ppl say it is why are soo many people talking of the books..with the description and the twist i didnt care about how it was written i wanted more and wanting to find out what happens while reading..thank you e.l james for getting me into reading i have read your books twice and jus finished the gabriel's inferno and gabriel's rapture and am looking for more books to read..i think i shocked my hubby (who also read your books and enjoyed them himself) is a bit shocked to see me looking for more books to read cause i always picked on him about having his nose in books all the time and now here i am reading..if you decide to continue the store or so i have heard write it in christians perspective i cant wait :)

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

i am hooked on the trilogy also and wish that there would be more books to follow

message 31: by Liz (new)

Liz Please keep writing more and more about Anna and Christian.

message 32: by Bibs (new)

Bibs I don't know why people are so into these books, until I start reading it. Good bye social life for 3 days. Finished it, by then. :) PLEASE, continue to write about them. And their BLIPS. <3 Thank you. And to be honest, I can't start reading another book. :)))

message 33: by Samantha (new)

Samantha I feel the same. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Ready the first two in 13 days - while working full time. Didn't want to be social, had to find out what was next. Please expand this series!!!

message 34: by Lyn (new)

Lyn I received the set for my birthday, excellent choice. Loving it. Keep writing Ms. James, keep writing.

message 35: by Tricia (new)

Tricia Thankyou Ms James. Reading your books has reintroduced me to the wonderful world of reading which i had abandoned. I am so glad i picked up 50 shades of Grey and rediscovered my love of books.

message 36: by Meeranessa (new)

Meeranessa oh! i-hope-so-to-god!!! I love your book it introduced me to the other side of love.. haha...

message 37: by Lala (new)

Lala Estilles I want "more" fsog IV-V-VI .............. books.

message 38: by Edna (new)

Edna Hastings Ms James, your books are awesome!! It was hard for me to put them down. I've read til 3 to 4 in the morning knowing that I have to get up at 6 am and go to work. A lot of my coworkers enjoyed them too even the ones whom I thought were conservatives. HENRY CAVILL is what I picture Christian Grey would look like. He's tall, handsome and a body to die for, LOL!! He would be perfect for the role.

message 39: by Jet (new)

Jet So I just finish the last book(hopefully for now) and I must say It was like crack on paper. Reading has always been my coping mechanism. These books reopen my passion for reading and I'm excited to read more books by Mrs James.

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