Hey boys and girls. I have to write a blog post for a website about kids in m/m books. For some, it's a-ok. For others, it is the equivalent of having battery acid flung at their faces. For me... well, you can guess what category I fall into. (If you can't, then I don't know why we are friends on GR. WHO ARE YOU?!?!) My question for you, sort of an informal poll: Kids in m/m (and try not to just focus on THE Kid). Yay or nay? Why?
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message 1: by Vio (new)

Vio I don't mind kids in m/m as long as they are not sickly sweet or annoying little brats! If I can see that they contribute something to the story and are not just a prop then I am happy.

message 2: by Karla (new)

Karla If the kids are loved, does it really matter?! I don't think so. Yay!

message 3: by Debbie (new)

Debbie I love them if they serve an important part of the story and are genuine, real characters. I just read a book called "Bonds of Earth" where a child played an active role in the plot and her character developed nicely along with the story. She was probably my favorite character in the book.

message 4: by Dea (new)

Dea For me personally it makes no difference. If I didn't like the kid (with the small K) in some book that would be because in general I didn't like that author's style of writing.

message 5: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Thanks guys! I love what I am hearing. Keep it coming. And fair warning, I may quote some of you, but full credit you shall have.

And Debbie, I've heard great things about Bonds Of Earth. I will have to push it up =D

message 6: by Elci (new)

Elci  Totally yay. It would be weird to have no children in m/m fiction when there are many families headed by same-sex couples. Not every book should have children, but they definitely have a place.

message 7: by D (new)

D I totally agree, I like kids in it as long as they're not dumb/bratty/props. Strong, happy families are never a bad thing, however they're made up.

message 8: by Evaine (new)

Evaine "Strong, happy families are never a bad thing, however they're made up."

I totally agree with what Darci said. And as Elci said, there are many families headed by same-sex couples in this day and age so it's not an outlandish situation at all. I really enjoy reading a good romance that has to deal with the reality of life and that includes kids. And that can be m/m or f/m or f/f or any other permutation of romance that you can come up with. :)

message 9: by C (new)

C I'm actually not a huge fan of children in any kind of romance, especially m/m. However, when they are done well, they are great! Like anything I suppose. Recently I finished a book that had a 3 year old child and she read like an LOLcat and I was NOT amused, even though the MC's were very well written and it was an otherwise charming story.

Again though, if the child is a strong, well-written character who has a real purpose in the story other than plot moppet, I'm okay with it, but I never search out books that have kids and will avoid them unless the reviews are really positive.

message 10: by Connie (new)

Connie Just like in RL I like kids that are not annoying, bratty or plain attention seekers.
In m/m I find that I actually like to read about same sex couples raising kids.
Is the challenge they face as they stand is a society that might not understand how it is possible.
As long as the child is well written and part of the main story, not just and accessory, Im all for kids in m/m romance.

message 11: by Kaje (last edited Feb 10, 2012 08:36PM) (new)

Kaje Harper Can you guess where I stand? I love kids in my M/M if they are realistic and sometimes drive the MC's nuts and aren't perfect and get sick or wake up at inopportune moments and are kids, not props.

Kids add a whole additional dimension to relationships that I often enjoy seeing. I love books with emotional moments in them and if kids are well written and integral to the story that can ramp that emotion up. Even if it's just that extra sweet ache in his chest that one guy gets when he looks over and sees the baby finally asleep and drooling on his boyfriend's shoulder, and his boyfriend's big hand cradling that small fuzzy head... Did I say I like kids in my M/M?

message 12: by LenaLena (new)

LenaLena Not a big fan, myself. Probably because I HAVE kids and I read this stuff to get away from their incessant bickering, whining etc. That is a little harshly put, but you know what I mean. If you have kids.

Also, kids in these books are so very, very seldom well written. Nothing like the kids in my life. And I find myself muttering: 'Like hell would a 9 year old say that'.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death (even if I sometimes wish they had an 'off' button (especially the one with ADHD)) and I don't particularly want to read about them. You know, other people's kids are always more annoying than your own, too.

message 13: by D (new)

D Marleen wrote: "Not a big fan, myself. Probably because I HAVE kids and I read this stuff to get away from their incessant bickering, whining etc. That is a little harshly put, but you know what I mean. If you hav..."
lol I totally agree with you on that one! I would hate it if kids were in every book. Luckily that isn't the case. I find myself saying the same things, especially if the kids are really immature for whatever age they're supposed to be.

message 14: by Imogen (new)

Imogen It all depends on the execution. I love to read about kids in any type of fiction (not just m/m fiction) as long as they are portrayed well, which is a very difficult endeavor. A big no-no for me is when writers try to mimic the way children speak... for instance, instead of writing "I'm sorry, dad" they'll use "I'm sowwy, dad." Ugh! I cannot express how annoying and stupid I find that. It's not cute and it doesn't endear the kid to me in anyway.

I don't mind it if the kid in a story is bratty or whinny or mean ~kids are like that sometimes. You can't have nice, perfect little children all the time. But I want to know the reason behind the brattiness and the misbehavior. Kids don't act out without a reason (they don't act like perfect little angels without a reason either). So show me why they are the way they are...help me understand them, and I'll come to care for them even if they're mean and rude little brats. Don't put kids in a story if you're not gonna put effort into building their character and developing personal story. If you're just going to use them as some cheap plot device to pull the OTP together, then no thanks.

Now, kids in m/m fiction specifically? I absolutely adore this concept. From a woman's perspective, there is nothing more endearing than watching guys interact with kids. You can learn a lot about a man by the way he handles children, so this always help me better understand a character. (I'm especially partial to stories with kids who are troubled or disabled because that kind of thing gets to me every time). Having kids in a story offers the potential for lots of humorous and heart-felt moments, so as longs as the execution is done right, it's alright by me.

On personal note, I like reading m/m fiction with kids in them because I hugely support the rights of gay people to adopt. It infuriates me whenever I hear people say that gay people shouldn't be allowed near kids because they'll "influence" or "corrupt" kids with their "immoral" behavior. What a load of bullshit. But people think this way because they are ignorant. That's why there needs to be more fiction dealing with kids and gay parents. People need to become familiar with this image and understand that the way gay parents interact with their kids is no different from the way straight parents do. They face the same challenges, have the same issues, and care about each other the same way. I want to read more books like that, and I want more people to read them, too. It'll go a long way towards changing people's perspective on things.

So yeah...kids in m/m books...that's a yay for me. ^^

message 15: by Deeze (new)

Deeze A big YAY for me. I love kids or babies in my books, BUT like any other subject/topic it has to have a place in the story.

Like others I can get very frustrated and anoyed when the child is written way above their age range. I don't just mean inteligence wise, I read a book, where a 3 or 4 year old runs its own bath and bathes completely unsupervised. For me this is totally unrealistic, but if any of you know a kid thats capable let me know, maybe I just know the wrong sort of child lol.

I'm OK with some baby speech patterns too, if the child is just learning to talk I dont want to hear it sound like an English graduate. But as with everything else it needs to be done in proportion.

So yes a big Yay for me as long as its a well told story LOL.

As for the Kid, he is in a class all his own lol. Talking of... any chance he gonna be making a brief show any time??

message 16: by Enny (last edited Feb 11, 2012 11:36AM) (new)

Enny I love my son and I love m/m books with kids if the kids are well-written and act the way kids really are. It doesn't matter if they're whiny or bratty cause that's how the little darlings are sometimes. What goes on my nerves big time are kid characters that don't show age-appropriate behavior and books that are more like commercials for Babies"R"Us than m/m romances.

message 17: by Diane (new)

Diane I would say yay, particularly if a family is part of the story. As much as I love the hot MM books out there, it is just as much a part of life for a MM couple that have a family as it is for MF so how they keep a relationship going with that side of things, and how those kids react or understand having two dads is important and can only really be achieved if you get to meet them. I agree that bratty kids are not fun to read about, but spoiled brat adults aren't either!!! However, as much as the adult characters will sometimes have meltdowns to get to a better perspective, so will kids as they are smarter than most people think they are.

message 18: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper I don't like bratty kids, but at the same time a book will lose my interest if the kid in it is too perfect. Like any other character, I want them to have human flaws that make them real.

message 19: by Evaine (new)

Evaine Just to add... having kids doesn't mean that people, men or women, lose their hotness. They aren't mutually exclusive. :)

message 20: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper Evaine wrote: "Just to add... having kids doesn't mean that people, men or women, lose their hotness. They aren't mutually exclusive. :)"

You just need a good lock on the bedroom door and hot sex on the kitchen table becomes more problematic. But the wanting, needing and having to play it cool and put it off till bedtime can be pretty damned hot too.

message 21: by Danni (new)

Danni I agree with what many others before me have said. If the child is a believable character and has a part of the story, I like the M/M romances with kids.
To me, a character who is good with kids and who treat them as individuals get high points on the likebility scale. I think it adds one more dimension to any character.

KindleRomance Reviews I almost never enjoy seeing a child in any romance I'm reading. I don't like having an erotic or steamy section followed by a scene with a child. It's just a mood killer for me. However, sometimes the child is integral to the plot, and the author manages to make it work for me. BOATK is an example.

message 23: by Dan (new)

Dan Kids in M/M are fine. I like the way the KID was developed in BOATK.
Just like Shattered Glass ,the book I'm reading now, the kid, although he is sixteen you just cant help loving him.

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