At last, all three of my works are on Goodreads. The final book being my first book from 2006, Black Pearls of Wisdom, tales of the tribal kayaker.

It is my first attempt at writing about my passion for sea kayaking and in it delve into the world of this sport as a true novice and through misadventure and many hours with a wet bum I discover things about myself while traveling through the rugged beauty of my west coast home.
In it I take the reader to places many people never get to see and experience.
From my encounters with wildlife, both humourous and scary to the bizzare encounter with the illusive small town taxi driver.
It is not a well distributed edition as it was a short-run self-published book. It is available through most regular outlets but if you would like a copy please head over to my Etsy page at: and click on my kayak book section. I will happily send you a signed copy of your own.
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Published on February 09, 2012 12:53 • 106 views • Tags: adventure, black-pearls-of-wisdom, kayak, memoir, outdoor-adventure, sea-kayaking

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