Preparation for the doctor.
Hello everybody! How are you doing? I hope you have had time to sit down and make out your “List”. By-the-way did I suggest that you include a folder and a calendar with your list? Did I suggest that you keep it at bedside along with one of your glucometers?
• Time to go to the doctor for 2012. If you are a new diabetic or if you are going to a new doctor in an unfamiliar place here are a few tips (may be common sense but if you are running late a check list is mighty helpful):
• Make a list of your current meds and medical procedures. Copy them and place them in your folder.
• If you are going to a specialist of some type and need xrays or test results now is the time to get them. Place them in the bedside table drawer also.

• Google the directions to the doctor’s office. If it isn’t too far away and won’t use up too much liquid gold (gas) make a trial run to make sure you know how to get there and if there are any obstacles such as construction on the highway. Place the directions in the folder with your list.
• If you live on a fixed income, place the gas money in your folder or write a check ahead of time and subtract it on your check book.
• Do the same with your co-pay. Most places will not see you if you do not have your co pay.
• Make a list of your accuchecks for the past three months.
• The day before your appointment make sure your car is gassed up, and the oil checked, don’t forget to check the tires.
• If you cannot drive now is the time you enlist a family member or put aside for a taxi.
• If you are responsible for children, now is the time to find a baby sitter. (look into mother’s day out, drop off day cares or swap with another mother.)
• The night before make sure you eat nothing after midnight if you are to have labs drawn.
• If you are able to eat, set your coffee maker timer and place your breakfast on the table.
• Since stress is a major component in diabetes, enlist your spouse to help get children ready in the morning.
• Put your keys and coat in a familiar spot or if you don’t have one, put your keys in the bedside drawer with your list.
• Go to bed early (be sure and give your feet a good scrubbing or exfoliate, it will save you the embarrassment of rough feet.
• If you have diabetic changes be sure to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly while noting changes that you want to discuss with the physician.
• In the morning don’t forget your list, folder and your accucheck machine.
• Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring along a book or magazine. If you crochet or knit bring a small project along. (use a cloth grocery bag to carry everything in, including your accu check machine and list.
• Leave early and take your time. Smiling always helps it releases endorphins from the brain.
• You have arrived at your doctor.
• I will see you in my next letter. Geri.
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