A large number of people love the book, "The Little Prince". He has a little planet, smells the flowers and learns a few lessons along the way. How's that for a one sentence synopsis. Personally, I love the book in a multi-layered sort of way and when things within my own life were preventing me from sleeping, I pulled it off my bookshelf and read it beginning to end. That's where the story, "If We Don't Think, We Will Sleep" (page 40) comes from. Please enjoy the entire issue, below; Michael Solender did a fabulous job.

MICROW 6 Winter Edition; Transport
Grace Andreacchi, Timothy Bearly, Gabriella Bensur, Steve Cartwright, Alex Chornyj
Samuel Cole, Aleathia DrehmerTimothy Gager, Howie Good, Joseph Grant, Kawika Guillermo, Linda Evans HofkeDorothee Lang, Maude Larke,Doug Mathewson, Colleen McKee, Neila Mezynski, Mark Mitchell, George Moore, Matthew Muller, B. Z. Niditch, Mather Schneider, Gita Smith, Michael J. Solender, Eric Suhem, Andrew Topel, Linda Simoni-Wastila Wastilla, produced by Lynn Alexander and Full of Crow Press.
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