When I first wrote this story, I'd just sold my first three books I wrote to two publishers. I was psyched and on top of the world.

The e-book world was just opening up and it was on fire! Few authors could keep up with the demands, and the publishers were pushing for more, more, MORE!

I wasn't even set up to provide a story for the Bad Girls Do It Best line. I don't even think I was set up as an author with that publisher, to be honest. But one of their authors failed to meet the deadline and I got this call from a publisher who heard from a friend of mine that I wrote really fast. She said that I had a WEEK to to get a novella written, and asked if I could do it.

Well, it just so happened that I was on a road trip with the family. We were on vacation, heading to Mt. Rushmore. If you've never been, it's fantastic! I HIGHLY recommend it. I thought to myself, "Frankie, you're a darn fast writer, and you don't completely suck at it, but can YOU write a novella in a week while on vacation with your family?"

And then I looked at the map and all the time I'd be in the car...driving through WYOMING...

And I said, "Yup! You can do that."

LOL! And that's how Try Taking Her Down was born. Like I said, it's not the best story in the world, but it's not bad. I can tell, reading it, that I've definitely grown as a writer and it was neat for me to look through there and see that growth.

So, I hope you read it and enjoy it. If it really, really bugs you, let me know. LOL! But I hope that you take the time to go through this brief moment in Angel's life and watch her grow from prickly to...well, able to accept the idea of letting someone into her heart.

And I hope to be seeing these characters again. There's the idea culminating in the back of my mind. I think Detective Sarah Evans might need her own book. What do you think?
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