I originally got my start writing non-fiction stories of animal rescue in the pages of a small paper magazine called "Catnip Blossoms!" This was published by Harald Moore from his catnip farm, Dusty Miller Farm, in Johnsonville, NY. Over the years, the magazine changed names; first to "Meanwhile...", when a tragic fire burned the barn down, shutting down catnip production, and then later to "On The River", when Harald and his wife Liz moved to Troy to spend their later years. Harald has always loved to write, and he usually writes a good deal of the magazine himself, with contributions from readers now and again (like me). He has gone digital in the new year, and you can now find copies of the magazine online at http://ontherivermagazine.com.

Back issues of the magazine are up now to read for free, complete with pictures, including the big Tara Fox Hall issue this past summer (Issue 6, first one listed) :) Take a look!
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