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There's still time to win an e-copy of Spellbound 2011. I'm blogging today at Tori L.Ridgewood's blogspot:
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Also - good news! My first horror novel, Lash, has been accepted for Publication by Bradley Publishing! Look for it in April, 2012.

Check out Just Shadows, my first horror anthology, publishing on Monday, 1-9, also from Bradley Publishing! :)

Here is another excerpt from Just Shadows, a short story entitled Hangers. It first appeared on Flashes in the Dark:


Fiona sat bolt upright, startled from sound sleep. Her full lips curved into an angry snarl. Damn it, it was those hangers again. They were rattling on the closet door hook, the steady breath from the fan near the open window beating the flimsy metal against the door. It was never regular or loud—just enough to startle her awake the moment she began to drift off.
But she was comfortable, too comfortable to move. Just ignore it, and sleep.
Twice, she nestled back and began to succumb to her body’s yearning for rest. Twice, she was jerked awake, the metallic banging jolting her senses.
Swearing, she got out of bed, and threw the hangers off the hook onto the floor. Yelping at the cold air on her warm toes, Fiona jumped back into bed, lying down.
She was almost asleep when the noise started up again.
Livid, she jumped out of bed, and yanked open the closet door. Grabbing the empty hangers and the full ones, she jerked them all off the long dowel, her clothes rustling as they fell to pool on the closet floor.
“Damn it, I need my sleep,” she said angrily, yanking the covers back over her head.
Blissful silence descended, the only noise the slight pattering of rain on the roof. With a relaxed smile, Fiona let out a sigh, then let her head sink back into the pillow. Her thoughts began to drift, becoming vague impressions and feelings.
There was a slight rustling, as if a piece of cloth was sliding across the floor.
Fiona snapped open an eye, unsure if she’d really heard something, or had begun to dream.
There was no noise, other than the now steady rain.
She closed her eye in relief, letting out another sigh. Stretching languidly, she yawned, then rolled onto her back.
Something settled beside her in bed, a weight pressing down along her side.
Fiona’s eyes snapped open, her mouth opening in a scream that never came as dark red lips pressed against hers. Powerful, clawed hands held her down to the bed. The succubus leaned into her, its heavy weight crushing her. Fiona writhed frantically, desperate to escape, the suffocating kiss stealing her oxygen. The demonic beast atop her fanned its leathery wings, then pushed its lips harder against hers, gathering her life force in long swallows. Fiona gave a last futile push, then sank back into the mattress, jerking slightly as the creature took her last breath.
“Another heart attack,” the coroner said, shrugging his shoulders.
“You just said she suffocated,” the detective replied, aggravated. “So which is it?”
“She’s lying on her back, and there’s no sign of anyone else being here,” the coroner retorted grumpily. “Yet people don’t suffocate themselves, in my opinion.” He stood up. “There’s no evidence of any respiratory ailment in the victim’s medical history. So I have to conclude her heart stopping caused the lack of air, not the other way around. Therefore, the most reasonable cause of death is a heart attack. It sure wasn’t her great housekeeping.” He indicated the piles of clothes and hangers mounded in the empty closet and strewn out into the room.
“Likely not,” the detective agreed. “But it’s odd that the closets of all these recent heart attacks have all their clothes on the floor.”
“Not really,” the coroner said with a snort. “You just don’t have experience with teenagers. Trust me, this is normal.”
The detective picked up a hanger, and then another one, looking at the smooth, thin wire as he hooked them together. “I almost wish she was strangled, instead. Then at least I could go after the maniac that did it.”
“You’re morbid,” the coroner said, picking up his bag. “But I agree. A death at that age is a terrible waste of life.”
The detective paused, staring at the hangers, his expression thoughtful. “Something still seems off to me—
“Come on, already,” the coroner said, striding out. “Next you’ll be telling me there’s a demon hiding in closets and harvesting souls, or some other nonsense. Let’s get some coffee.”
The detective carefully hung the hangers on the closet door. “You’re right. Let’s go.”
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