Okay, so -- after hours of emails, some screenshots providing proof of purchase, etc, allow me to state this:

The person I accused of pirating my work did not in fact do so. I have apologized privately but I'm also doing so here as well.

With that said...

I truly did believe this person engaged in pirating activity. I won't go into the reasons for this, as they don't matter. What matters is the facts that led me to believe this were incorrect. Normally I contact pirates via the piracy forums they frequent. This time I made a bad judgement call and did something I never do -- I contacted a person I "believed" was the pirate in question. Huge mistake, not something I can take back, and is an extremely important lesson learned. 

Those of you who speak to me regularly know I'm not the sort of person to fly off the handle. It's not my style. I prefer to address situations privately when I can. However, I am vocal about piracy and I always will be. In the future I will stick to my primary source of contact, so nothing like this occurs again.

As to the readers who support me, well, you know I love you. As for the reader I've apologized to, I hope you accept what I've written here. When you make an assumption and an ass out of yourself, the only thing a person can do is admit it. I'm doing so right now for the world to see.

With that, I'm off to bed. I've been up a majority of the night and need some zzzz's. Happy new Year!
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