“The Soul Whisperer” is a spiritual book based on Eleesha’s experience and her spiritual awaking. I started reading the book in the evening & within 24 hours I finished it what I think is sufficiently good review.

With every page I turned I wanted to read more & to know more. Mentally I was making notes comparing Eleesha’s suggestions with my own life.

Years ago I went through a lot of spiritual search myself. Then the life took over and my spiritual quest was put aside. However I feel after reading “The Soul Whisperer” that it’s time to begin my spiritual search once again.

The book is inspiring, easy to read and to follow without having to turn your life upside down but it may help you open up to your life purpose and help you to embrace the changes.

A must read for everyone who is searching for the meaning of life.
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Published on December 29, 2011 13:06 • 229 views • Tags: eleesha, inner-life, inner-self, spirituality
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Claude Forthomme Thanks, Magda, you make that book sound really intriguing! Something to read in 2012 and while I'm here, a very Happy 2012 to you!

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