Okay – the dust has settled a little now, I guess, and as it does, I'm delighted to announce that The Cold Commands made both Kirkus Reviews' top SFF novels of 2011 and Amazon's Best Gay and Lesbian Books of the year.  Needless to say, I'm deeply honoured by this latter accolade, and over the moon about Kirkus, whose original review also carried what has to be my favourite critical quote for a very long time; they called The Cold Commands "bleakly magnificent."  So yeah, I'm blushing.

Some other, more in-depth responses that I loved are here and here.  And on a closer, more personal note, the number of e-mails I've received from gay readers thanking me for creating Ringil continues to grow.  Particularly moving, I thought, was this one from an ex-serviceman:

"As an ex-military "faggot" who had to worry about the "witch hunts" and consequently survived them, thank you for Ringil. Not all of us fit the "Queer as Folk" mold." 

It seems, despite the knee-jerk flinching away in some critical circles that followed publication of The Steel Remains in 2008, that I have got hold of something worthwhile here after all – and rest assured, I'll be mining it for all it's worth!  Dark Defiles – incoming.  Watch this Space!





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