Harriet M. (Bonebright) Closz (1861-1940) was a frequent contributor to the Blue Grass Blade, among many other newspapers and magazines, and a strident voice for women’s rights. She was co-author of Woman and Her Relation to the Church or Canon Law for Women, which was fully endorsed by women’s liberation pioneer Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who distributed hundreds of them as a companion piece to her own Woman’s Bible. Harriet Closz’s first husband, Theobold Closz, became abusive and she divorced him, which was a rare case in those days. Even more inspiring for women’s liberation is what happened after the divorce. Mr. Closz must have given her a challenge in court (for he was a wealthy man), because the historical record shows she took her case to the Iowa Supreme Court and was awarded more alimony than her original case had granted.

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