After having just published Rock Chick Reckoning , which means I spent the last week immersed in the Rock Chick world, I reflect on why I started the Rock Chick series. And reflecting these days is often akin to blogging… and so it goes.

I live in England but I am an American. But as much as I love living here, every day, I am homesick. I love America. I love Denver, where I lived prior to moving to this sceptred isle. But every day, something reminds me I am not home and that little blade that I inserted in myself when I flew away nearly nine years ago twists. Every day, with a keen awareness, I know I am away from my friends and family and not away as in a two hour drive or plane ride away but away. To get home, it would take a huge amount of cash and time. I don’t care about the latter but the former is hard to come by.

In the meantime, I created my family here. So now I have two. I'm a lucky girl.

So, some years ago (and we’re talking about six!) feeling homesick, I decided to go home in my mind and in my writing.

I think anyone who has read my Rock Chick series as well as Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series can see I was influenced greatly by the humor and hot guys Evanovich introduced us to in Trenton.

But being a romance reader for ages, if I found characters I fell in love with, I hated to see the book end. I wanted to read about them getting married, having babies, living their lives.

The other thing was, it often struck me as funny how the lead characters would know instantly that they’ve met the one. If a writer was good, it was believable but still… it was amusing.

So when I decided to jump feet first in the Rock Chick series , my intentions were threefold. 1) To write funny books with hot guys, sassy gals and great secondary characters; 2) To keep readers informed of the earlier love stories as the series progressed and; 3) To build a family of friends that readers will connect with so when the next Rock Chick came out, they’d feel like they were coming home.

On top of that, I purposefully created a formula, whether the lead characters knew each other for awhile or just met, I wanted to inject some humor (but believability) in the instant attraction, the instant understanding they’ve met the one. Except for the upcoming Rock Chick Regret, every book lasts about two weeks, every tale has much the same progression, so much so, the characters start to make bets and the hot guys talk about it. There are also running themes, such as Duke, in every book, has his moment with each girl to lay it out, shine light or guide them to the right path.

Of all these things, though, what I enjoy most as the books unfold is the deep love, loyalty and affection the Rock Chick crew develops. Family is not only blood, if you’re lucky (and smart) you can build an enormous family who will, no matter what, have your back. I know that, I’ve been fortunate enough to do it and, no matter what, they’ve had my back and there have been some rocky times but I have never travelled my road alone. What’s more, I’m honored to be along on the journey of those I love, making sure I return the favor.

This is what the Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and their posse is all about. No Rock Chick is alone, ever … as it should be.
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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Kristen, I haven't read the Rock Chick series yet. But what you mentioned about hot guys, sassy heroines, great secondary characters, and family/friends is exactly what I love. Your stories feel real and realistic. Lots of intimacy and emotions make the characters very accessible and likeable. Keep the good stories coming! :D :D

message 2: by Precious Mae (new)

Precious Mae I am halfway in the series. i am now on the fourth one and i fell in love with it. you really are one brilliant and really talented writer!! Keep it coming!

message 3: by Rebeka (new)

Rebeka Kristen!.

Rock Chicks are definitely my favourite series in all my reading life.( most of my life)
I feel that i connect with them( Oh god.xD)

I love the whole family but not blood situation. It's beautiful, doesn't everyone wish they had what the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch have ( Drama excluded I'd never want my car to explode)

Kristen, you are anamazing author and writer, Can't wait to see more books from you:)

message 4: by Rock Chick (new)

Rock Chick Rock Chick Is till date my favorite book in the series. Indy & Lee started the madness and they are the heart oh the Rock Chick series. But the rest of the books are also good. They have LOL moments to brighten your day and mostly: they show the various characters development (sadly, something I cant say about Janet E's book).

Thanks Kristen for creating the awesome RC's and HB of Denver

message 5: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Ashley Glad you like the Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch, Mercedes and most importantly they give you a good ole giggle! And yep, Indy and Lee are the cornerstones of the tribe. Love how they develop into that. Just love them.!Keep reading, my lovely! x

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