The tour is over.

It was amazing, and it got better. Vancouver was fantastic. Portland was amazing. Seattle was almost as amazing as Portland, but it was the only stop on the tour I didn't do mostly new material at because we were webcasting it.

Neil GaimanI went looking on Flickr for a photo of me last night in Seattle - Amanda surprised me on stage with her signing "Take Back Your Mink", accompanied by a small, well-choreographed burlesque troupe, and then presented me with a birthday cake. But there were no photographs of that up yet, so here is a photo someone took of me in Vancouver.Portland and Seattle were filmed. All the shows were recorded. We'll be releasing a triple CD of the tour to Kickstarter supporters, and there will also be a digital download. I don't yet know how the film of the last two gigs will be released or what it will be once it's edited.

It's my birthday today.I'm 51. There is no way I can get my head around 51.

It sounds so terrifyingly grown up. I know that I am remarkably fortunate: there are people I love who who love me, and I make my living making art that I take pleasure in making. I don't know what else I could ever ask for.So many birthday wishes coming in.

Thank you, each and every one of you. I'm very grateful.

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message 1: by Jeska (new)

Jeska Dzwigalski We're all grateful for you too! Is it too much to wish for another 51 years of Neil? :)

Happy Birthday.

message 2: by Meenaxii (new)

Meenaxii wishing U a fabulous B'day Mr. Gaiman :)

message 3: by Alisha (new)

Alisha Jones Happy birthday! I agree Portland is amazing!

message 4: by Barbora (new)

Barbora Happy birthday! I wish you even more good ideas! :D

message 5: by Kaye (new)

Kaye Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best life has to offer. =D

message 6: by Sinai C. (new)

Sinai C. Happy Birthday Mr.Gaiman! 51 IS grownup but don't worry,it's just another year to celebrate!

message 7: by Mays (new)

Mays Jasim Happy Birthday!You are the best!

message 8: by Kim (new)

Kim happy birthday!

message 9: by Jen (new)

Jen Happy birthday! I think 51 is a beautiful number =)

message 10: by Tamires (new)

Tamires Happy B'day Mr.Gaiman...

message 11: by Eden (new)

Eden Happy Birthday :)

message 12: by heyadri (new)

heyadri Happy Birthday Neil- here's to many more happy returns, and I hope it's not selfish to wish for many more works of genius art out of you! Enjoy!

message 13: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Wardhaugh and many MORE!!!

message 14: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Happy Birthday Neil!

message 15: by Urooj (new)

Urooj Here's to one of the greatest authors to exist, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU NEIL! :D

message 16: by Joanna (new)

Joanna Happy birthday! Hope it was an amazing day!

message 17: by Karen (new)

Karen Happy Birthday, don't forget to twirl.

message 18: by Rich (new)

Rich Meyer Happy birthday, Mr. Gaiman. Thank you for all your work ... I know it's meant a lot to me over the years. :-)

message 19: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Happy birthday!! i must agree- i LOVE your work and anticipate more :) enjoy your bday

message 20: by Violhaine (new)

Violhaine And now we are 51? ;) It just keeps getting better right? Dying to see Amanda doing "Take Back Your Mink." Must have been hilarious. Never a dull moment. Great interview with the both of you in Portland. Have a wonderful new year Neil.

message 21: by Camilla (new)

Camilla Happy Birthday! Have a great day :)

message 22: by Maria (new)

Maria Happy birthday! You're awesome!

message 23: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Happy Birthday sir! Hope it was wonderful.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Happy Birthday and may all your dreams and wishes come true. Have a super amazing time. :)

message 25: by Elena (new)

Elena Happy Birthday!! Have a magical day! :)

message 26: by Polly (new)

Polly Cake? Huzzah! 51? Pish posh, sir.

message 27: by L (new)

L Happy Birthday!

"It sounds so terrifyingly grown up. I know that I am remarkably fortunate: there are people I love who who love me, and I make my living making art that I take pleasure in making. I don't know what else I could ever ask for."

A space ship... just because they're cool.

Much love from the center of nowhere.

message 28: by Sara (new)

Sara I was at the Portland show and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Thank you for the magical evening and many happy returns on your Birthday!

message 29: by Justin (new)

Justin Happy Birthday Mr. Gaiman.

message 30: by Robert (new)

Robert 51 ain't nothin'. Age is just perspective.. "good judgment comes from experience. experience comes from bad judgment"

I know you don't read your blog here but best wishes - I actually saw you & Amanda checking in to your hotel on my lunch break.. near 1st and madison. Didn't say anything, looked like you guys just wanted to get checked in and I was coming up from behind on the sidewalk.. but I almost blurted out "I love you both" - cuz I do!

message 31: by the scarecrow (new)

the scarecrow Happy birthday, Mr Gaiman!

message 32: by Travis (new)

Travis Happy Birthday, Neil--and many more! :-)

message 33: by Bidisha (new)

Bidisha Bhattacharya Happy Birthday,Neil! My birthday was exactly a day after your's! :D

message 34: by Zdream (new)

Zdream Happy birthday, Mr. Gaiman. i also can't fathom that your 51, you certainly don't look older than 40.

message 35: by Erica (new)

Erica Bombardi Happy birthday! Keep on dreaming and sharing it with us.

message 36: by Micki (new)

Micki Happy Birthday! I think the 50s are a fantastic chapter - you're old enough to know better but young enough not to care! You also know now, what's actually important in this life! Treasure it and please continue to shine on!

message 37: by Riadiani (new)

Riadiani Marcelita Happy birthday Mr. Gaiman.. wishing you all the best, always, and God bless. You are one of the most wonderful writers I've ever known... Keep on dreaming stuff, and keep on writing please.. :)

I'm currently reading Fragile Things.. my way of celebrating your birthday, I guess.. :)

message 38: by Don (new)

Don Wow, birthday, that's awesome! :D

Happy birthday!

My mum's 51 this year too. I just got her to finally read a Neil Gaiman book. I started her with American Gods (I only own two books, the rest are my brother's and he wont let me touch them)

She loves it so far!

So your fanbase is still growing, you know? :D

I wish you more dreams, the inspiring kind that make you feel good in the morning, whether you remember it or not! :3

message 39: by Neil (new)

Neil thank you all!

message 40: by Nick (new)

Nick Mariner I'm probably a little late on getting to this praise, but I just finished American Gods this morning and am speechless. The best book I've read in at least 10 years. Is that a weird way of saying happy birthday? probably. anyway, happy birthday, good sir.

message 41: by Venus (new)

Venus Happy birthday!!!
51 isn't so bad :)

message 42: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Wheeler You get used to 51 after awhile. :) Happy birthday!

message 43: by Becca (new)

Becca Happy birthday, Mr. Gaiman! I just want to say that both Neverwhere and American Gods have touched a cord with me that few books do. Also, your writing is marvelously addicting. I cannot get enough, and I must say, I have seen new beauty in the world through your words.
I suppose getting a lot of adoration from fans is an excellent birthday present!

message 44: by Lemur (new)

Lemur Happy Birthday! just look at 51 in the mirror and it'll be easier to handle. hope a cake drops out of the sky for you! and lands on a plate...

message 45: by Darell (new)

Darell Newkirk I have read Portland reviews and it is amazing. get a bigger dick

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