From Letters from an Atheist Nation

June 21, 1903

...Why am I an Atheist? Why, fool, I was born one! The first few years of my life were as free from Bibles, gods, spooks, and devils as Genesis is of truth, or the atonement is of consistency. Environment, heredity, and early training came mighty near making a religious fool of me, but a grain of common sense well invested saved me. I pity the poor, howling victims of an orthodox God—his priests. I pity the poor wretch who thinks that the worshiping of such a God and pampering his priests will save him from eternal punishment. The idiot who thinks he will wear wings and plunk a golden harp after he is dead has my sympathy. Death is the great benefactor of all animated nature. It is the end of pain, disease, and sorrow. Where these are not heaven is.

Orono, Michigan

Mr. Kent fought in the Civil War from 1862-1865. He was at the Battle of Gettysburg, was wounded, and taken as a prisoner of war. Just another "atheist in a foxhole."
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