If you haven't bough one of the new Kindles yet, I really recommend it. It's lighter than the old one, which makes it completely portable, but it is just as slickly designed, easy to read, and simple to use.

But I've noticed one thing about it. It fits perfectly into inside breast pocket of a man's jacket. I'm a fairly averaged sized bloke – 42 jacket size if you must know – so I guess that is true for most men.

This is a more important point than most people realise. Men don't normally have anywhere they can carry a book around. We don't have handbags. Jacket and coat pockets are two small for printed books (unless you are going for the intellectual look, in which case you might have a copy of Camus stuffed into a big, grey coat). Unlike women, we don't have anywhere we can slip a book away that we can read on the bus, or waiting for a meeting, or whatever.

On the whole women read more than men – that's why women's fiction sells more than men's fiction. I'm not suggesting the Kindle is a male device – I've seen loads of women reading them on the train.

But it might well encourage men to read as much as women – which can only be a good thing.
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Published on October 29, 2011 05:51 • 88 views
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Shannon Finding this blog post today was amazing. (Thanks Rene) My guy & I have been recently reading a great deal more. I myself have been interested in buying a Kindle for the first time. I had some questions about them and I came here today to inquire. But now, I am blown away by your recognizing the difference in the more recent, smaller model, the Kindle FIRE, is this right? If this is true, this would mean that my man would benefit from using this model the most.

However, for me, I am not sure I need all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models. SO, my only question today was "Is there an option, on each of the models, to DIM the brightness of the reading screen?"

For a product question to you personally, which features have been most useful or important to you when comparing models, or by experience you've had with the one you have used?

Thank you for this awesome blog post.
Great to meet you, Matt.

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Matt tks

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