Catfood102008Do you put things off?  I really need to do some serious shopping.  First of all, I need cat food.  We buy from the pet store because it's (a teensy bit) cheaper than the grocery store.  So we usually buy it by the case.  We're talking 15-20 cases at a time.  (And I'm the lucky one who gets to schlep it to the basement because I have two real--not replaced--knees.)

I need a new door handle for the pantry door.  That's a trip to Home Depot.

I need some new socks.  Haven't figured out where I'll go for them.

I need a new flash drive.  Lost the other one.  That's a trip to Staples.  (Which is right next to Home Depot.  Hmm...)

Shoping cartI need a bunch of other stuff, too.  But I just can't seem to get myself OUT of the house and shopping.  What a pain.  Get in car.  Drive.  Park.  Get out of car.  Go in store.  Don't find what I'm looking for.  Get back in car.  Drive somewhere else.  Get out of car.  Go in store.  Don't find what I'm looking for.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Maybe that's why I do so much shopping online these days.

A few years ago, our grocery store chain did have online shopping.  I think they were ahead of the curve.  Nobody used it so they discontinued it.

Today is grocery shopping/errand day.  By the time I get back (lunchtime), I won't want to go out for another week -- and then it will be grocery shopping/errand day again.

Do you like to shop?


P.S.  I'm guesting today on two different blogs:  Lori's Reading Corner and Crazy For Books.  (They're giving away copies of Recipes to Die For and Murder On The Mind!)

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message 1: by Helen (new)

Helen I hate to shop too. Maybe hate is too harsh a word, but I just don't like to do it. Sometimes I get my son to bring me the essentials. Which sometimes doesn't have the best results. The other day he called to say hello and that he was at the store with his two boys, so I asked him if he would bring me some milk. I thought he would bring the milk to my house on the way to his house but he didn't. He came to my house hours later to pick up the carpet cleaning device that we share and when he got here he realized he forgot to bring the milk. Two days later I finally got my milk. The biggest reason I don't like to shop is I am an impulse buyer. I go for one thing and end up with a shopping cart full of non-essentials. In the grocery store I can't pass the ice cream section without buying a couple of cartons of luscious ice cream. Sorry to ramble along, but no I don't like to shop!

message 2: by Lorraine (new)

Lorraine Bartlett LOL--I'm pretty good about NOT putting ice cream and stuff into the cart, but then I often forget the essentials (even with a list). Today I bought lots of Royal gelatin. (Less calories than Jell-O.) No cookies. But I did have to buy Halloween candy. Uh-oh!

message 3: by ♥ Sandi (new)

♥ Sandi HATE to shop! Groceries are not too bad ( altho the typical trip takes me an hour or more) but i hate to carry them in and put them away. I do however feel very good seeing cupboards and frig full of food.

Clothes shopping - HATE HATE HATE!!! I wear rags to keep from having to shop..LOL !!!

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