Hey everyone! This is Daniel Diez Ginestar from Goodreads :=) I'm quite happy at the moment because a lot of good things happened.

1. 'Shock' has been very-well received in Germany, it's an honour for me! Life is so surprising you never know what's gonna happen next, with 'Shock' it happens the same things. I never expected it to be read by someone and It won an awards in the city of Valencia, it was such a joy to go to the Townhall. And after that it came the review of the Spiegel which was amazing and the nomination for 'Rising Star' Under 18 years author, which I didn't win but felt great.

2. About 'Dublin Love Story' I gotta admit that it's going into a brand-new direction, the characters are evolving and the story is changing too so I'm thinking about chaning the name because it sounds quite cheap don't you think? Nicholas is going to change as hell and Emma will show us that she's an absolutely fantastic person. I appreciate the 7 likes the previews of the book has here in this site, it's very exciting.

3. 'Nuclear Infection' is tough, very tough, I think the history is very original but not easy to work, I'm giving a time for thinking more about what should I do.

4. For concluding, Fawlty Towers is going to be re-opened very soon, at least for me! I'm writing 12 episodes the ones will give a closing to the series, all the character from Seasons 1,2, 3 will be back at the first episody but we're introducing much more, like the new Mr. Fawlty.

It's getting late and I should do other things see you very soon and thanks for being there.

Your 'crescendo guy'

Daniel Diez Ginestar

19:07 26/10/2011 Valencia, Spain.
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