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The Comstock Township Library and Comstock writer Bonnie Jo Campbell want to hear your little stories, and soon (by November 1). The stories or anecdotes must be true and short and have some connection to Comstock, Michigan or nearby areas or Comstock folks. The stories might be historical or they might have taken place last week. We want to hear about your lives, your families, and your bodies, minds and souls. Humor is always welcome, so we hope you'll have fun with this.

A few years ago, I worked with the Comstock Township Library to collect big and little stories from folks who have a connection to my hometown, and we got about seventy submissions, all of which were a delight to read. Some people wrote about farming or local businesses, some wrote about tragedies and comedies, some wrote about their favorite local eccentrics, past and present. Some just told what life was like in a different time or about landmarks that have disappeared. Nellie Buckhout wrote about the circus elephant that died and ended up at the old rendering works on East Main. Susanna Campbell wrote several stories, one about the time her milkcow got in the oat bin.

This autumn I'm working with the library again, and I want to encourage anyone with a current or past Comstock connection to share stories with us. We are especially interested in the kinds of stories that you like to tell around the table when your family and friends get together. These can be a few sentences or several pages. The due date is November 1, and you can drop off your work in person, mail it, or send it electronically on or before November 1. You can also contact me through my website ( I'm going to choose a few favorites and the library will give prizes. Anyone who is interested in telling or hearing stories can get together with us at the library at 7pm, November 10. All are welcome for a fun evening of storytelling.

Tell us about local people (or animals) that you think we should notice or remember ● Perhaps you have stories about people and their jobs (celery, corset-making, Bell's beer) ● Farming and livestock ● Interesting houses ● Church activities and personalities ●Nature (poison ivy?) ●Native American relics ● Tragedies (train wrecks, tornadoes, untimely deaths) ● Celebrations odd and ordinary ● Girl scout or Boy scout or 4-H experiences ● Encounters with the police or other authorities ● Interesting crimes ● Meeting a famous person ● Remarkable student-teacher relationships ● Personal successes and failures ● Learning to drive ● Love in surprising places ● Weddings ● Funerals ● Weird relatives ● Special abilities that some people have ● Experiences on the roads, river, streams or railroad tracks

If you want to see what folks wrote the last time around, you can find it all in a volume in the local history room of the Comstock library. Oh, and we're willing to expand the boundaries of Comstock if you have a story that comes close---maybe something from Galesburg or the fairgrounds. If you know somebody who wants to tell a story rather than write it, we can find somebody to transcribe it for you. Writers do not need to be Comstock residents. The library's phone number is 345-0136.

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I look forward to hearing from you. BJC
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