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Legend's official Facebook page has now reached 502 "Likes", thanks to you guys!

I said before that once it passed 500, I would give away a very special, limited edition version of Legend. So here we go, as promised!

The Prize: I have exactly ONE of these. Here's what it looks like.

This is a limited edition version of the advance copies of Legend (which doesn't go on public sale until Nov. 29 this year). Penguin, my publisher, made a very small number of these. They probably won't make any more. Unlike the regular advance copies, these are packaged in a gorgeous box that opens up into a limited edition magnet, profile info of Day and June, and etc. (And, of course, it also includes a softcover advance copy of Legend.) The one that I have is still in its plastic wrap and brand new.

How long this giveaway contest runs: From today (9/27) until midnight Pacific Standard Time on next Tuesday (10/4).

Open to: Everyone, both in the U.S. and internationally.

What you have to do: (You can enter by posting a comment to this journal entry right here. OR, you can also enter by commenting on the same journal entry at my deviantArt blog , my Facebook page , or send me a tweet.)

At any of the aforementioned places, answer the following in your comment:

All rebels in the Republic, the dystopian future version of America in Legend, have a street name. (For example, "Day" is the street name of Legend's boy protagonist. He has his reasons for nicknaming himself that.) If you were a rebel in the Republic, what would your street name be, and why?

On next Wednesday (10/5), I will read through all the entries and pick a random winner.

Have fun! Looking forward to hearing your street names, rebels. :)[image error]
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message 1: by Sinny (new)

Sinny If you were a rebel in the Republic, what would your street name be, and why? Katniss and I am totally not being rude or anything. Seriously, my street name would be Katniss because she's one of my favourite female protagonist and it's a one of a kind name :)

message 2: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Truong I find it funny that the above commenter said Katniss because my name is Kat. But that wouldn't be my street name; it would be Reket.

This name holds strong meaning for me, as it is a combination of my twin brothers' and my names; it can mean "to be remembered", via "rec it" (record it); and it also is the name of someone who is not to be messed with: someone powerful enough to "wreck it".

Family, Impact, and Strength = Reket.

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan My rebel name would be Bern. It means bear, and it would honor my grandfather (Bernard).

message 4: by Marie (new)

Marie Lu Thanks--you guys are entered!

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