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Please allow me to introduce you to my new book, “Nor the Years Condemn”, an historical fiction based on the stunning true story of how a breed of young men crossed the planet to fly and fight against Nazism - with a 1-in-3 chance of survival. The fact that these youths were the best and brightest of a generation will render the death of so many of them doubly heart-rending for the reader of my story, albeit that they gave their lives in so noble a cause.

I had my first book, “Goodbye Crackernight”, published at the end of 2009. This comic memoir of growing up in the 1970s Australia (when a child’s proudest possession was not a Playstation but a 2nd-hand bike) was so warmly received in this country that it earnt me a place at what is arguably Australia’s most prestigious annual literary event, the Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2010.

As a child of the 70s, I grew up inspired by such timeless adventure stories as STAR WARS, only to discover in later life that the iconic ‘X-wing fighter’ low-flying attack on the ‘Death Star’ could well have been inspired by actual, true events from World War 2 history in which my own countrymen played a part. Sometimes history seems too fantastic to have been real. I’ve written “Nor the Years Condemn” to bring such history alive, to let readers feel it, breathe it, and know the integral role that young Australians played in that true history. Though numerically inferior to U.S. and British forces in combatting Nazism, these young Aussies not only came from the far side of the Earth to do so, but displayed a remarkable effectiveness in the task. But what qualities could have given rise to this reputation for excellence in combat?

Perhaps the ‘unconventional’ instinct and cynicism for authority famously central to the Australian national character. Maybe an innate toughness born of a harsh homeland. Or the necessary efficiency of a small nation in time of war. Was it, perhaps, due to a ‘young’ nation’s over-compensating eagerness to take a place on a World stage, to prove its membership of an Empire, albeit one already fading? Such questions are the stuff of “Nor the Years Condemn”.

“Nor the Years Condemn” is now available as an ebook at SMASHWORDS at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/... where it is downloadable in all ebook formats including Kindle with a FREE 80+ page sample in most formats.

With in-the-cockpit-seat flying sequences that readers have described as cinematic, “Nor the Years Condemn” is also the story of mothers cursed to relinquish their wonderful sons to war, of first love, of strategic deception and betrayal, of brotherhood and once-in-a-lifetime friendship on a knife’s edge. Of how only the best and brightest of a generation were chosen to fly and fight against tyranny. It is a story of shining young men destined never to become old, and of those who do: the survivors condemned by the years, and to their memory of friends who remain forever young.

I very much look forward to hearing your thoughts on my new book and on the true history surrounding it.
Yours sincerely
Justin Sheedy Nor the Years Condemn by Justin Sheedy
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