My German publisher, Bastei Lübbe, has just re-released the German translation of Lord of the Fading Lands ( Im Bann des Elfenkönigs) with a new cover to match the others. It's beautiful, and 1,000 times better than the original German cover!

Check it out:

Old German Cover New German Cover

The Tairen Soul quintet now looks like this:

Lord of the
Fading Lands Lady of Light
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Published on September 21, 2011 04:23 • 241 views
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Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) OH!! The German covers are GORGEOUS!!!! I'd love to see your whole series redone in hardcover with these covers!! Simply beautiful!

message 2: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Wilson My sister Carole shares your opinion. I love the Judy York covers, and i love these too. :)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Oh, the older covers are nice, Cheryl... but the updated ones are stunning!! I like your sister's way of thinking!! ;)

message 4: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Wilson Thanks Michele :)

Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom) Cheryl, just letting you know... I've recently joined a Book Review Blog called Reading Lark ( and its sister-site, Reading Lark After Dark (adult-content books: http://readinglarkafterdark.blogspot....). My review for Lord of the Fading Lands will be going up on the After Dark site tomorrow... and each week, I'll be adding my reviews for the rest of the series. Hopefully, this will create even more buzz for your incredible story, which still remains my #1 favourite adult-fantasy series of all times! :D

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Rose Padilla I have all 5 of the "Tairen Soul" saga. I keep reading them. I had two of the books hard back. I have to 1,2,5 hard back.

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