Gene Wolfe apparently once said that you never really learn how to write a novel, you just learn how to write the novel that you're writing.  This seems very wise to me.  And helpful.  And humble, coming as it does from someone who has written more than thirty novels.

I'm currently embarking on Volume Four (that's Four out of Five) of The Books of Elsewhere.  It feels a bit easier now.  I have some new tricks, some survival techniques, a much tougher skin -- and, of course, much more time to devote to writing than I had when I began.  Maybe because this is a series, and the plots and characters and styles and themes are all interrelated, starting Volume Four doesn't present the same challenges that come with starting a Whole New Novel...but it's still scary.  I'll keep Mr. Wolfe's words in mind and continue figuring it out as I go along. 

Whenever I begin a new book (or story, or poem), I feel like I've found the central elements of a collage: I know that they belong together, and all their secret, subtle relationships will become clear as I put them in place.  Right now, I've got the pieces of Volume Four spread out in front of me, and I'm trying to work out what belongs where, and what needs to fit in the spaces in between. 

As for the volume that's already out there in the reading world:
- School Library Journal has given Spellbound a very nice review, which will appear in the September issue.

- I had a great time visiting with the Girls Book Club at the Excelsior Library this month -- the group was full of wonderful comments and questions -- and a photo of the visit can be seen on the homepage of the Children's Literature Network (at least, it can for now...):

- And Spellbound was mentioned in July's "Cool New Books" list at the awesome
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message 1: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Galvani Thank you Jacqueline!! I will try later in the amazon ... I wonder, only two things, I wonder if there is any way to download music from the website somewhere, the theme of Elsewhere ... and another thing: spellbound finished reading this week ... e. .. I am more than anxious for the third installment of THE BOOKS OF Elsewhere ... and by what I saw, (spoillers) ANABELLE Walk the SLTA BY LINDEN STREET ... it gives great pleasure to read his books: mystery over the other, causing a climax ..
Sorry for the questions, thank her again for ateção ... hug and good night ...

message 2: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline West Hi Gabriel,

I'm not sure about downloading the music. I'll check with my editor and let you know what I learn.

As for Annabelle... I don't want to give too much away, but you're right: Olive hasn't seen the last of her!

Best wishes,

message 3: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel Galvani THANKS!!!!

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