Here's the kickstarter project, as promised:

Welcome to Cappuccinos is a slice of life novel about Venti, a jackal working as a barista at Cappuccinos. He feels life should be quite awesome for him thanks to his friends, boyfriend, and family, but sometimes life has other plans.

Here's a snippet from the first chapter:

"Got any plans tonight, Venti?" asked Damon while the jackal locked up the coffee shop for the evening. "I'm gonna buy a six pack and watch the football game I recorded. Wanna come over?"

Venti winced a bit as he turned to face the bear. "I'd love to, Damon, but I got things to do. Maybe some other time?" He grinned apologetically. "How about tomorrow? I'll even buy the beer."

Damon shrugged, flipping his black apron over his shoulder. "Sure, that just means more beer for me tonight!" He winked up at the jackal. "See ya later."

Venti watched Damon leave. He felt bad for saying no to the bear; he liked him a lot, even if the ursine was ten years his junior. Sometimes my second job sucks, the jackal thought as he walked the five minute stroll down the sidewalk to his apartment.
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