Frankie Armadillo has too many brothers. His burrow is too crowded, so he sets off in search of the perfect home, just for him. But every place he likes is already occupied, sometimes by fierce looking creatures. Will Frankie find the perfect home? - from the back cover

Frankie's Perfect Home is a charming adventure from start to finish!

Children will relate to Frankie's frustration with his crowded burrows, especially with all those annoying brothers. Who can sleep with some one's tail in your eyes or a foot in your mouth?

His adventures as he wanders the Texas landscape are a perfect combination of excitement, close calls, and a growing realization of what truly makes a house (or burrow) a real home.

Besides the tightly crafted writing, a hallmark of all of McClure's work, the illustrations by Alexander Morris are fresh and exuberant as a spring morning on the prairie.

Bravo to Beverly Stowe McClure on her first, and hopefully, not last picture book!

You can purchase Frankie at :  Amazon  and  Barnes & Noble
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