The little masters big mistake
When sachin announced his retirement from one day internationals, it was some sort of an anti climax. Firstly, it lacked the perfect timing that the masters cover drive used to have. Secondly , it lacked the drama that the champion cricketers cricketing career had in abundance. May be sachin ramesh tendulkar never planned his career. For someone who planned every innings, every session of a test match, it is a bit odd to imagine this but as the screen unveiled and the retirement announcement came , something was amiss. Why ?
Why sachin decided to retire from one day format alone ? Why not in tests too , especially after the recent drubbing that we got .....
Sachin has had a pretty decent form in one days... his form in tests is not something one would relish going into... then why not in tests ? May be he wants to retire on a high...
But what exactly is this high ? Are there any highs still left there... are there any unconquered frontiers out there for the champion cricketer ? We doubt... why should sachin wait for a high when he haz none to look ahead and rob an youngster of a chance ?
Is it reverence for the longer format of the game that has prompted him to play tests and rest in one dayers? But if he really respects tests , doesnt he know that the longer format requires more fitness and stamina.... and sachin's achiless heal in second innings notwithstanding, doesnt his recent scores indicate that his fitness is able to negotiate the shorter version better than the longer version...
So what exactly did sachin have in mind ? He couldnt stand the criticism that he had retired from tests instead of one dayers for comkercial endorsements... is it more a knee jerk reaction to his critics than a calculated cricketing career decision that worlds leading cricketer is supposed to take ?
He could have retired from all forms f the game once india won the world cup... but he couldnt do it then... he had to face the day when the selectors had to have a discussion on his in clusion or rather exclusion...
Sachin has erred in timing, and also where exactly he wanted to hit... probably this mishit would be the most expensive mistake of his career.
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Published on December 24, 2012 08:03 • 24 views

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