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Friendship is one of the relationships that figures prominently in “Gabriel’s Inferno.” Julia and Rachel are friends, Paul and Julia are friends, Professor Emerson appears to be friends with Katherine Picton, the villains of the story (seen and unseen) used to be friends with some of the other characters …

Friendship is a kind of love, but it’s a love that is asexual and chaste. Friendship reminds us that human beings can love each other deeply without that love being sexual or romantic...
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"Professor Emerson appears to be friends with Katherine Picton" I don't know why this makes me laugh. ehehe

message 2: by Squallogal (last edited Jun 27, 2011 11:54AM) (new)

Squallogal I think there are many friendships that have a kaleidoscope of emotive responses to them. In English there is one word for love. In truth love can be chaste and asexual or something more. There are also fun flirting loves that are really about building up the confidence of another and also speaking with joy and a known intimacy.

For every relationship, that we call friendship there is a different dynamic. Each one meets needs. There are balances and checks. In the best of these we can share ourselves, our greatest fears and hopes, we can grieve, we can laugh.

Human beings ( no matter how introverted) are made to connect with others. It's our nature to gather together, to love one another. At least that's my belief.

I have been happy to read the intimate relationships in this story. The most interesting connections are never the sexual ones, but those of the human heart.

But the sex is fantastic, not going to lie.

Just my two cents (or pence if your British)

squally. <3

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