No - I've never actually been under a Tuscan sun, but after rewatching most of the movie I hope to be someday. First of all, love Diane Lane and just about anything she is in. But something about this movie makes you want to look at your life differently. I want to slow down, take it in, see the joy even in the pain.

Life is not complex. It is exquisitely simple. We complicate it by need or want but sometimes we need to remember to simply let it be. Each of our lives is a story. A romance, a mystery, a drama, a comedy, even horror and a little sci-fi.

We need to savor our moment. Live life on purpose and with intention. Relish it.

Tomorrow I will likely wake up to routine and rush and forget the peaceful tranquility of knowing that my place in life is right where I am. But tonight, I have clarity.
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Published on June 02, 2011 19:44 • 121 views

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