Red River Writers Book Discussion Show with your host, Fran Lewis is May 18th at 3 Eastern welcoming authors Clay Ballentine, Gloria Mitchell and Irene Brodsky. Clay is the Chairman of the National Thyroid Association and will be talking about his book Why Am I So Anxious. Gloria's novel: The Garbage Man's Daughter: Let Go Of Shame is outstanding and she will share her real life experiences growing up in a poor rural community and much more. Irene will discuss her new Queen Esther Coloring book and her outstanding poetry book titled: Poetry Unplugged. Weighing in with questions and in the discussion along with me your host, are my two assistants: Dr. Kenneth Weene a multi- author of several outstanding novels and Sandra Elrod.
Please listen on Blog Talk Radio next Wed. and ask some questions in the chat room.
Fran Lewis
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