It's the cover I always envisioned which, at the time of it's release 9 June 2010, I was unable to complete for Dreamspinner Press. Although it doesn't have the ever present naked male torso or suggestive pose which some people associate with m/m fiction, and somewhat by association, gay fiction, I think it fits my story perfectly. It's poignant, rather wistful and bittersweet, yet with a quiet strength that's unforgettable. I've been pleased to receive positive response for it.

My first "official" dialogue regarding it, was the interview by author, Sarah Black, on her blog, Romance on the Lunatic Fringe and more recently mentioned by Sally Sapphire at Bibrary Bookslut.

On 2 May 2011, Dreamspinner Press released the Kindle version of "A Lieutenant's Love" with it's new cover. I have great thanks and appreciation that for a shorter story, they agreed to do so. Some of the reviews received for this historical fantasy of friendship and love grown on the battlefield:

"Haircrow's magnificent command of language, skill in showing events using a minimum of words had me spellbound from beginning to end." –Rainbow Reviews

"The language is beautiful, the descriptions drew me in, the deep emotions evident in both main characters held my attention. Even if you don't normally like historicals, this is one I don't think you want to miss." –Queer Magazine Online

"…Beautifully written, the story took me away with the almost poetic way that it is written…" –The Romance Reviews

"A poignant ending and a gift for expressive language and imagery are the hallmarks of this brief but deeply romantic tale. It reaches the emotions of lovers of a good romance and tugs at the heartstrings." –Top2Bottom Reviews

"I think this story will be well liked by the historical romance lovers. It's dramatic but not without hope. It's a romance born in unlikely conditions…." –Elisa Rolle's Reviews

Starting 16 May 2011, Top2Bottom Reviews will be hosting a giveaway on their new site. Three winners will receive a copy of "A Lieutenant's Love" and one copy of their choice from my titles, Night Shift, Katrdeshtr's Redemption, The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire, and The Coat: Secrets of a Hatcheck Boy. You can also catch my latest updates for both my personal and professional life, including upcoming releases and their descriptions.

Mark your calendar and keep it in mind if you're interested in giving my work a chance. I know some consider they don't wish to read sexually explicit works or erotica, especially involving two men, but in the case of all my work including "A Lieutenant's Love", sex is never the focal point of my work. My work is about presenting the love and deep friendship I've experienced through my characters, even if it happened to be with another man. The strength of the story is my point.

As I wrote in my author's profile on "Both traditionally and independently published, Red chooses to inject realism in their work and happily ever after is not always in the mix though love and strong characters always are. Like life, there is always a bittersweet mixture of laughter and tears, and Red imbues their writing with the passionate love and depth of emotion they've experienced. If you want giddy fluff, camp, or heavy sex content, you'd probably prefer another writer."

If you're curious about the inspiration of this tale, you can read the interview with Sarah or the post in it's entirety, but my review of Maria McCann's historical novel, "As Meat Loves Salt," created in me an idea to tell my own story of soldiers who find love on the battlefield, revealing the unbreakable bonds that can form when you face death together, day after day. It directly parallelled my own experiences with a fellow officer and lover during my law enforcement career.

As always, feedback, comments and/or queries are always welcome. You can post a message here or write me at theredhairedcrow at, and I reply as soon as possible. Even if you might not be interested in my work, but do consider m/m or gay fiction a pleasurable past-time, Top2Bottom Reviews is a great site with a great staff. Do visit and have a look around.

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