In honor of Like Mandarin's release on March 8th, I've been sharing some of my Like Mandarin inspiration every Monday -- a song from my playlist, a quote from the book, and a photo from my most recent trip to Wyoming, Like Mandarin's setting.

like mandarin inspiration #7

beauty pageants

Grace's mother used to enter her in child beauty pageants -- until Grace wrecked her chances at stardom by mooning the crowd at age six. Now, Grace's talented little sister Taffeta has taken the reins, along with most of Momma's attention.

"Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli

Taffeta has a stunning voice, and is poised to rock the pageant world by singing Italian opera. "Con Te Partiro" is the song she sings. I can imagine Taffeta's voice singing it just as much as I can Bocelli's.

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