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April 26, 2015

Coup feathers drawn by Jenna Kernan

Coup feathers drawn by Jenna Kernan

Coup feathers are a very important component of my July 2015 release, Running Wolf.  These decorative feathers carried great meaning to the wearer and all who saw him.  These feathers were worn tied in the hair, affixed to shields, lances and horse’s manes.  When enough feathers were collected, they might be sewn into a war bonnet, sometimes with a now iconic train of feathers.  Most feathers were from an eagle, though hawk and gull feathers might also be worn.

The actual meaning was derived by how they were worn, how they were cut and how they were marked.  The meaning of these variances varied from tribe to tribe, so the following list is a general accounting as recorded in the book, The Mystic Warriors of the Plains by Thomas E. Mails, 1972.

First Coup Feather – is worn straight up (Omaha)

Second Coup Feather – is worn horizontally to the side (Omaha)

Second Coup Feather – is worn upright and marked with one red bar (Sioux)

Third Coup Feather – is worn upright and marked with two red bars (Sioux)

Fourth Coup Feather – is worn upright and feather has a serrated edge (Sioux)

Fifth Coup Feather – is worn upright and the sides of the feather are removed leaving only the tip intact

Wounding a Man – Feather is dyed red

Wounding a Warrior who had killed an enemy – feather decorated with bands of quillwork

Split Feather – Indicates the warrior sustained many wounds

Black Feather torn down the middle – given to successful scouts

Diagonally Cut Feather – indicated a warrior either cut the enemies throat or took his scalp.

For more on Coup Feathers, visit by STORY BEHIND THE STORY page at

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March 28, 2015

Running Wolf, July 2015, Western Historical from Harlequin

Running Wolf, July 2015, Western Historical from Harlequin


This is a super day because I just got my hands on the cover for my July Historical release, RUNNING WOLF.    I love this cover for two reasons.  First, and most importantly, the characters look Native American, which is great, because they are Native American!  He’s Sioux and she is Crow.  Second, it’s a clinch cover, which is so great.  I love them.  Please notice the coup feathers in his hair and the wonderful beaded breast plate which I described to the art department and which they delivered beautifully.

Here is the back cover information and a link for pre orders.  I’ll have advanced reading copies soon and will be running giveaways on GoodReads, here on my website and in my newsletter.


by Jenna Kernan


Running Wolf is a valiant Sioux warrior.  During his first raid as war chief, he captures a surprising Crow enemy–a woman!  This spirited fighter is unlink any he’s ever met.  Her beauty and audacity are entrancing, but threaten his iron resolve…


Snow Raven must focus on freeing herself, not on the man who keeps her captive.  But as she falls deeper under Running Wolf’s spell, she realizes he is her warrior–and she’ll risk everything for him!

“Fans of Karen Kay and Cassie Edwards will savor Kernan’s Indian romances.”  __RT Book Review on His Dakota Captive

ISBN-13: 978-0-373-29839-6

July 15, 2015



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February 14, 2015


Valentine's Day Release! The Shifter's Choice hits stores today.

Valentine’s Day Release!
The Shifter’s Choice hits stores today.

The Shifter’s Choice and

Sentinels: Alpha Rising

(Harlequin Nocturne)

Mass Market Paperback

February 17, 2015

THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE and ALPHA RISING available now in paperback

THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE and ALPHA RISING available now in paperback


“The second military romantic fantasy is an enjoyable Beauty and The Beast tale due mostly to the sergeant’s unique disorder enhanced by his fear of what signing means to him, and his sign language instructor’s reaction to his condition. Although the vampire subplot adds suspense, the relationship between the leads (and them to Mac and Brianna) make for an engaging paranormal drama.”Reviewer, Harriet Klausner


“Jenna Kernan had numerous difficulties develop in their lives, where I often never knew what the final outcome was going to be until the final second. What takes place near the end of the story really made my heart race from all the uncertainty, yet everything concludes in a most satisfactory way. THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE is emotionally moving plus extraordinarily unique.”A. Richards, CataRomance review
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January 30, 2015

RT BookReview gives The Shifter's Choice 4 STARS!

RT BookReview gives The Shifter’s Choice 4 STARS!

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January 24, 2015


THE SHIFTER'S CHOICE and ALPHA RISING available now in paperback

THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE and ALPHA RISING available now in paperback

Shifter’s Choice and Sentinels: Alpha Rising (Harlequin Nocturne) Mass Market Paperback – February 17, 2015

by Jenna Kernan (Author), Doranna Durgin (Author)

A werewolf and an alpha wolf are powerless against the charms of these very special women  THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE  Private Sofia Touma never risks distraction from her duty—until she’s assigned to help disabled veteran Johnny Lam. More than a war hero, he’s also a werewolf. Sofia is inexplicably drawn to him. Unlike Sofia, Johnny knows the dangers of loving a monster. And as they grow closer, Johnny isn’t sure he can keep doing the honorable thing…

SENTINELS: ALPHA RISING  Holly Faulkes has spent her life hiding from the Sentinels—now she’s their prisoner. Sexy alpha wolf Lannie Stewart wants to initiate her into their world. The full-blooded Sentinel senses Holly’s untapped power—a power he’s deeply drawn to and desperately needs. A new enemy has risen and only Holly can reveal this danger, if Lannie convinces her to embrace what she really is.



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January 13, 2015

Before, my desk is buried.

Before, my desk is buried.

After.  Look...a work space!

After. Look…a work space!

I love a clean welcoming workspace as much as the next gal. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I’m busy and so my desk is often a dumping ground for everything paper and a very odd assortment of miscellaneous stuff. I admit this never happens all at once but one random object at a time. This latest hoe-out included ear buds, a contract revision and some work related Christmas gifts.  Here is the thing, if my space is cluttered, I’m not happy because energy, creative or otherwise, is not flowing.

But I’ve got deadlines to meet, books to complete and words to write before I sleep. Still, I can’t stand it anymore. So here are three tips I use to unclutter and boost creative energy.

Get It Clean

Set a Timer. This comes from my friend Liz Matis. Give yourself a time limit to motivate you to keep moving and prevent you from using the cleaning as an excuse to keep from writing. That way you won’t feel like you have a clean space but a zero word count.
Begin with Trash. What can you throw out? If you don’t want or need it, get rid of it.
Put it Away. Put it where it belongs or make a place for it.

Keep It Clean

Handle Paper Only Once. Open the mail over the garbage. Chuck it if you can. File it if you can’t. Pay it if you must.
Don’t Put That There. Clean spaces are so attractive and that is why they draw whatever crap you have in your hands. You must resist energy pull of a clean surface. That space is for working, not storage. So take the 30 extra seconds required to put it away where it belongs!
Reset. Enjoy your workspace but remember that everything has a place. So put it there when you are done with it.

Good luck with your own desk decluttering. I hope the process proves rewarding and an energy booster to your creative endeavors.

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December 28, 2014

2014-12-28 18.50.35   

In the past few years I have grown weary of New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps that is because they so often focus on what I lack or what I am not.  No matter what I do or don’t do there will always be someone younger, richer and better looking. Dissatisfaction can make one unhappy, but, that said, I am also mindful of complacency. You know, Newtons’ Law about a body at rest…

So if no resolutions, then what?

2014-12-28 18.50.41b

I prefer goals. But the goals I used to set tended to more like a ‘to do’ list to be checked off one by one. My list looked like this:

Submit two historical proposals
Write one blog post a week
Speaking at the National conference
Sign at Book Expo America
Learn to use Instragram (still haven’t managed that one yet)More recently,

I have simplified my goals and in so doing opened up a world of possibilities. This broadening of goals allows a certain amount of room for the unexpected while still keeping me focused.

2014-12-28 18.50.50b

Here’s my Goals from 2014:


My writing fit well under Create but so did the jewelry I made in a beading class I took and the baby quilt. As for the unexpected, I could not have guessed that my Connect goal would lead from a cup of coffee with a colleague at a conference to organizing a three-day writers retreat. But it did. Explore could include my online course work, but also the unexpected opportunity to mine fossilized seashells.So this year I’m keeping it broad and open again.

2014-12-28 18.50.47b

Here’s my 2015 Goals


I’m thinking the play goal can include experimentation in my writing as well as exercise and travel. Simplify can mean anything from weeding out that upstairs closet to reducing my sugar intake to limiting my commitments. Create will include my writing, of course. But what else, I wonder? I keep these goals in a picture frame on my desk. I check often to see if I’m including them in my world. And I’m much happier since I broadened my goals.

So… Are you ready to ditch the resolutions?

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December 7, 2014

2014-11-30 12.54.38s


LITERATURE Window at Bergdorff Goodman

Each year I try to make it in to NYC to stroll past the holiday windows.  This year I’m super happy about the holidays as I have a Christmas release to help make the season even more jolly. WILD WEST CHRISTMAS is a beautiful Western anthology collection that I hope you’ll add to your wish list.

My usual route begins at the toy train sets in Grand Central at the MTA museum tucked behind the grand stairs on the west side of the station.  They include a tiny Santa hailing a cab and a stuffed King Kong on the Empire State Building. Then I visit Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. Continuing north, I stop at the NY Public Library for their tree and free museum exhibits. Then it’s up to Rockefeller Center, Saks and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I always peek at the gems in Henry Winston’s windows and Tiffany’s is right across 5th Ave.

Near the park are my favorite holiday windows, Bergdoff Goodman. After that, I visit the Plaza Hotel (a wonderful place for high tea) and then head east to Barney’s of New York and finally, Bloomingdales.  Then it’s back to Grand Central for their holiday gift fair in Vanderbilt Hall.

If you’d like to see all the photos of my annual trip to see the holiday windows in New York City please visit my facebook page.  For this post I’m only showing my photos of one stop on my walk.

The windows at Bergdoff Goodman are always my favorites because of their visual interest and the complexity of theme. This year their theme was THE ARTS. This one is called Literature and it is packed with wonderful quotes and images of famous authors all in bright shades of pink. I was in heaven!

One of the embroidered pillows had a quote from French poet, Stephane Mallarme reading, “Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.”



2014-11-30 12.56.45s


2014-11-30 12.57.18s


2014-11-30 13.01.47s


2014-11-30 12.57.44s

There is so much more on my facebook page.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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December 2, 2014

I love you.  American Sign Language

I love you. American Sign Language

My newest release, THE SHIFTER’S CHOICE, is out this week!  My hero is a shapeshifting Marine who cannot return to his human form.  His supervisors want him to learn sign-language to help him communicate but Johnny sees that as an admission that he will never be human again.

Now what you don’t know, can’t know from the story, is that I once learned sign language in order to communicate with deaf athletes competing in the World Games for the Deaf.  At first I was pretty bad, but the athletes and supervisors were very patient.  Each night I went to bed with a headache from trying so hard to understand what was said.  I was in another world.  The dorms had fire alarms that both sounded and had flashing lights.  I watched the deaf hold conversations through car windows while riding in separate vehicles traveling at 60 miles an hour.  “They’re stopping for food at the next exit.”  I knew I was starting to ‘get it’ when I had my first dream completely in sign language.  My crowning moment was toward the end of our competition when the director brought two hearing people over to me and asked me to translate what he signed–and I did!  Unfortunately I no longer dream in sign and I’ve lost most of what I learned.  But I’ll never forget my month among the deaf community.

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November 11, 2014

Jenna's workspace at a writer's retreat.

Jenna’s workspace at a recent writer’s retreat.

This post was inspired by a request from Webucator in support of all those aspiring writers working through November on a novel for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU STARTED WRITING? My original goal was very simple.  My aim was to complete a 100,000 word historical romance.  Unfortunately, due to a woeful lack of understanding of the market, this story was sent in Colonial Spain.  It will never see the light of day, which is a very good thing, because it was also poorly written, like many first novels, but I DID finish! My second goal was to get a rejection letter that did not begin, Dear Author.  With that achievement, I aimed for a ‘good’ rejection letter, which is one in which an editor or agent either asks for you to re-write and resubmit, asks you to submit something else or offers a suggestion or encouragement in their rejection.  With seventy rejection letters to my credit, I achieved this lofty, near impossible mark of progress with a request to submit something else (but I had to write it first).  The next logical step, was to get a request for a partial, which is (for those of you writing about Colonial Spain) when an agent or editor asks to see your first three chapters and a synopsis.  Once I had leaped this hurdle, my objective was not to die of old age before I heard back from them.  I didn’t and they did finally write back.  This is bad, of course, though I didn’t know it at the time.  Bad news comes in the inbox.  Good news comes via the phone.  With a new series of rejections of partials in hand and only nine years of continuous work on my craft, I aimed  to receive an offer on a story.  And after a mere ten years from when I began this marathon, I got the call.   Harlequin offered for a Western Historical titled, WINTER WOMAN.  One year later I obtained my next goal, to hold a book which I had written in my hand.  With my second offer, a multi-book contract, my goal became finding an agent.

9780373298037 Wild West Christmas medium

Wild West Christmas includes Jenna’s novella, A Family for the Rancher

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS NOW? I’m working on switching subgenres from Historical and Paranormal to Romantic Suspense.  I’m also working toward moving from series romance to single title, expanding my reader base and connecting to new readers on social media.  I do this by keeping a Facebook page, hosting GoodReads giveaways, tweet @jennakernan and Pinterest.  My webpage, contains first chapter excerpts, video book trailers, giveaway information, news and a place to join my newsletter.

WHAT PAYS THE BILLS? I work a day job and write in the evenings and weekends.  I always thought that when I made the same amount writing as I did at my job, that I’d quit.  I guess I better add that to my above goals.

ASSUMING WRITING DOESN’T PAY THE BILLS WHAT MOTIVATES YOU NOW? I write because it is a pleasure, a struggle, a puzzle and a joy.  When I write, time can cease. as I slip into the ‘zone‘.  This is the most important reason to write–because I love it.  Additionally, the supplemental income is helpful.  The satisfaction of seeing my stories in print motivates me.  I’m also motivated by my readers, who let me know that my stories are important to them.  Life is difficult and we all face many challenges, but a book can help folks escape their problems for a while.  That’s reason enough to do what I do.


Here is my list of 10 tips to writers.

1. WRITE: The best way to learn to write is to write. Not to read about it, or think about it or talk about it, but to do it–every day. Practice your craft and you will improve.

2. JOIN: Join a professional writing organization. There are many.  Additionally, join a local chapter of that group.

3. LEARN: Take some writing classes, attend writing conferences and read about the craft of writing.

4. READ: Read everything you can in the genre you aim to write.

5. RESEARCH: Visit bookstores and online booksellers to see what kind of books are currently selling. Read the back covers.  Look at the front covers.  This is market research and it will help you spot what is selling.

6. VISIT: Join the mailing list of some of the authors who you would like to emulate. Visit their websites and see what kind of social presence they maintain.  Consider joining Twitter and Facebook.  Start writing copy for your website.

7. STUDY: Learn all you can about the business of publishing which is changing with astonishing speed.

8. FOLLOW: Read the websites of the publishers and agents you would like to approach and then FOLLOW THEIR GUIDELINES. Be sure to address the letter to a specific person and spell their name correctly.  Consider attending a conference attended by the publishers and agents you wish to query and pitch to them in person.

9. MEET EXPECTATIONS: Keep query letters short and to the point.  Editors are very busy and they don’t suffer fools well.  It is a good idea to read as many examples of queries as you can before you submit so you come across as a professional.

10. PRACTICE: Synopsis writing is an art and it takes much practice.  So practice.  Read examples and figure out how to condense your story while having the kind of hook that will land you an offer.

Good Luck with your writing!

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