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November 2, 2015

Unblogging: I’ve made the decision not to blog. That’s kind of funny considering here I am, posting something to my, um, blog, but I’ve been battling with the to-blog or not-to-blog decision for years. I WANT to blog, but it never happens. I can’t consistently do it even once a week. So instead, I’m posting long monthly updates. If you want shorter, more real-time conversation, you can check out my Facebook Page. Despite FB’s annoying lack-of-reach algorithm thingy, I like the platform. I lov...

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Published on November 02, 2015 14:23 • 32 views

October 19, 2015

Drugs: Sorry (again!) for the long silence, but it’s been a rough couple of months. I finally got in to see a new neurologist, had an EEG–that test where they put electrodes on your head then flash lights in your eyes–and apparently I had multiple complex seizures during that time. Not like convulsing seizures. Best I could describe it was that I felt like I do right before I faint. Fast forward a week, and I had my follow up appointment with the neurologist. It went exactly like this:


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Published on October 19, 2015 07:56 • 23 views

September 7, 2015

(Sorry, this post got kind of long and medical-y. Wasn’t sure I had the energy in me to type at all, but maybe this is a good sign that I can get some real writing done tomorrow.)

I broke my faceYes, literally. Early last Monday, I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. My stomach was sort of bothering me, and my husband was sick, so I had the thought that maybe I should go on to the other bathroom just to make sure I wasn’t getting sick too. I never made it there. I woke up face first on th...

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Published on September 07, 2015 15:07 • 47 views

July 21, 2015


(This review can also be found on Letterboxd. If you’re on Letterboxd, leave me a link to your profile in the comments. I’d love to check out what you’re watching. Or, if you want to follow me, you can find my profile here.)

interstellarI love a good science fiction film, but for some reason, Spreadsheet Guy had to convince me to watch this one. I think it’s bec...

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Published on July 21, 2015 12:04 • 29 views

July 3, 2015

Thought it might be fun (or weird?) to record myself signing the very first print copy of Shades of Treason. I’ve got videographer skillz. Not. Watch me totally geek out over a pen, and find out who gets the very first copy.

WARNING: Do not watch this in full screen because… SCARY!


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Published on July 03, 2015 01:15 • 44 views

July 2, 2015

I love following news in the publishing industry, and instead of soaking it all in, mentally noting “that’s interesting,” and moving along, I’m going to soak it all in, mentally note, “that’s interesting,” and then write down my thoughts on it occasionally. This is one of those occasional posts.

Most of you know I decided to indie publish my new book, SHADES OF TREASON. I sometimes talk in vague terms about my reasons for this, and one of those reasons is–or was–the lack of information author...

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Published on July 02, 2015 11:34 • 22 views

July 1, 2015

SHADES OF TREASON is out! Woohoo! So excited! I love this book so much.

Shades of Treason - Ebook Small

How am I celebrating? Well, I’m waiting around for some contractors to come fix my tile*. Oh, the glorious life of a writer. :-)

In addition to Chapter One, which is posted here, a couple of excerpts are floating around the net. First one can be read The Hellvis Compendiumand the second one at Love Affair with an E-Reader. I love these scenes.

Also, the Goodreads Group, Girls, Guns, and Grimoires chose Shades of Treason as...

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Published on July 01, 2015 11:26 • 16 views

June 29, 2015

I’m Back! (And note to self: never again schedule a long vacation the week before a book release.)

Yep, that’s right folks. I was on vacation last week. In Alaska. It was just as beautiful and relaxing as everyone says it is. Spreadsheet Guy and two other couples who are friends of ours booked a 9 day cruise. We stopped at Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, coasted through Glacier Bay and College Fjords, then ended up in Whittier, Alaska, which is basically in the middle of nowhere. We went for hike...

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Published on June 29, 2015 10:37 • 24 views

June 15, 2015

Kind of a stressful week here at Casa Williams. Lots of stuff going on, and I’m having a fair amount of Mom Guilt this week. I’m hoping to get some writing done a little later this week. I’m way behind where I want to be (surprise, surprise), but I’m hoping some of the choices I’m making now will make the future go better. Which brings me to…

gtSelf Improvement: Teenage me always scoffed at self help/improvement types of books. I have no idea why. It had to have something to do with my crazy, m...

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Published on June 15, 2015 18:25 • 33 views

June 12, 2015

(This is kind of an “inside baseball” post (INSIDE BASEBALL! I’ve always wanted to use that term, even though I’m not a baseball fan. Woohoo!) so if you’re not interested in behind-the-pages kind of technical stuff, you might want to close your eyes. :-))

What have I accomplished this week? Ithink I’ve uploaded Shades of Treason to all retailers. It’s ready to go at Amazon (you can preorder here). It’s pending on Kobo (do I have any Kobo readers here?) and should be available for preorder the...

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Published on June 12, 2015 12:50 • 30 views