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October 13, 2014

Things you can do on a cruise:

Scuba dive, snorkel, and tour awesome places you’ve never been to
Eat an ungodly amount, 24/7

Things you cannot do:

Go on a cruise for free

Until now.

I’m giving away a cruise for not 1 person, not 2 people…but 10 people. As my gift to you.

That’s you and 9 of your friends, family, or whoever else you want to bring. Totally free.


Yes, dear reader, this could be you.

In the past, I’ve given away $10,000, I’ve paid someone’s rent, and I’ve even given away a year of a virtual assistant. This is just another thank you for reading my material and living a Rich Life.

All I ask is that you send me a picture of your cruise so I can share it with the IWT community.

Click here for your chance to win a cruise for you and 9 friends.


I’m giving away a vacation cruise for 10 people is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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October 9, 2014

Yesterday, I shared Noah Kagan’s insight about how some of our biggest periods of growth can come from the most challenging periods in our life.


October’s RBT guest, Noah Kagan from Appsumo.com

I’ve known Noah for over ten years now (before I started my blog) and he’s one of the few people I turn to when I’m really stuck on certain problems, both on a personal and business level.

It takes a special kind of person to be brutally honest to yourself and to others. Think about it — most of us WAKE UP and lie to ourselves! “Yeah, I’ll go to the gym…later…” or “I should really clean my apartment later…”

We already know we’re not going to do it as we’re saying it to ourselves!

So when you find someone who’s honest with themselves — and can help you be honest with yourself — there’s a lot to learn.

For example, after being fired from Facebook and quitting his jobs at Intel and Mint, Noah used these setbacks to his advantage — he was able to clearly identify what mistakes he had made, discover what he REALLY wanted out of life, and become laser-focused on his main goals. How many people would be able to admit they deserved to be fired?

The result: he created not one, but two multi-million dollar businesses. His advice also helped my book become a New York Times bestseller.

Noah taught me how to focus my efforts and use brutal honesty to rapidly accelerate my success. And if he can help me, I know he can help you.

So I flew him to my NYC studio for an exclusive 1-on-1 talk to us about the power of focus and being honest with yourself.

In our session:

1. We discuss how to hone our focus and why it’s important to never take your eyes off your long-term goals

2. We go into detail about all of life’s little distractions and why we have to say “NO” to most things in order to accelerate our path to success.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the full video:

The one word that is stunting your personal and professional growth…and you’ve likely already used it several times today
The “no BS” question top performers ask themselves on a weekly basis to help them keep their focus
Why Noah got fired from Facebook (a $100 million dollar lesson)
The single most important thing you can do to help you achieve success (this exact tactic helped me become a NYT bestselling author)
How an “Ramit’s Brain Trust” member got a job working for Noah, along with the strategy he used to expand his role and make himself irreplaceable
How we often confuse “security” with “happiness” at our jobs, and why you shouldn’t settle for the former

Here’s a 6-minute excerpt from our 67-minute chat, in case you missed it yesterday:

The full video is ONLY available to members of my Brain Trust program.

If you’d like access to the full video, as all as interviews of New York Times journalists, best-selling authors, experimental psychologists, and work/life balance experts, sign up below to join the waitlist and learn more about Brain Trust.

Sign up below to join the wait list and learn more about Brain Trust

Sign up for more info below:



How to stay laser-focused — Noah Kagan interview is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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October 8, 2014

My friend Noah Kagan, chief sumo at AppSumo and writer at OKDork.com, tells a great story about the biggest growth period of life, when he was surrounded with some of the smartest, most accomplished people in the world.

I’ll let him tell you it himself via this video (you can skip to 1:03 – 3:20):

This is a great insight.

It’s one thing to be great at what you do. But when you combine your skills with other top performers’ skills, that’s when you get magic: The iPhone. Leica cameras. The trip to the moon.

Of course it’s hard. Noah talks about how it was one of the most challenging times of his life. But a lot of us CRAVE the challenge. For example, lots of Apple engineers talk about how demanding Steve Jobs was — some even said he was an “asshole” — but nearly all of them say they would do it again, any day.

I’m curious about you. When was the last time you worked with the smartest, most driven people? When was the last time you were CHALLENGED in a defining way?

Leave a comment below to share. I read every comment.


P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll share more lessons from Noah, including his strategy for shortcutting the road to success.

P.P.S. If you want to learn about my road to success, I just talked about it in a two-part interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast on iTunes. In these episodes, Tim and I dig into the nitty-gritty tools, software, and experiments I’ve used to turn a horribly-named college side project into a multi-million-dollar business with 30+ employees.

What happens when you work with the best is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on October 08, 2014 04:00 • 3 views

October 6, 2014

Here is one of the most common questions I get about starting a side business (that makes me want to bludgeon myself to death with a sledgehammer):

“Ramit, you say you can help people start a side business, but all the examples you give are people with tech/design skills. I don’t have those, so YOUR PROGRAM CAN’T WORK FOR ME. CAN IT??”

Please. How do I put this politely?


Want examples?

Are you interested in anger management, cheese sculpting or chicken renting?

The point is you don’t have to be a programmer or even tech-savvy to make money using your skills. In fact, if you look at some of my Earn1K students, many of them do totally offbeat things — and earn thousands of dollars a month.

So I want to ask you to challenge yourself by answering these 3 questions:

What’s something I’ve paid for that’s offbeat or weird? (For example, is it “weird” to pay money for dinner at a restaurant…when you could theoretically cook it yourself? Or a cobbler to repair your shoes? Or a tutor for college physics?)
What’s something your friends say you’re great at? Examples: Great at relationships, great at keeping your apartment organized, really good at interior design.
Assuming you had all the knowledge in the world and had conquered all psychological barriers, do you think you could get 3 people — just 3 — to pay you for your skills?

We ALL have skills that can earn us money on the side.

I’m going to show you how to identify the skills you already have that can be turned into cash — and how to get started quickly and without risk — in my mini-class this week.

There’s still time to join this free 1-hour class.

Mini-class: How to turn your existing skills into $1,000/month — or more

Here are the details:

When: This Wednesday, October 8th at 9:00pm Eastern (see time zone)
Where: Click here to register

I’m reserving time on this webinar for a live Q&A, so if you have questions about earning money on the side, bring them to me and I’ll try to answer them. Sorry, no recordings.

Register for the presentation on how to use your existing skills to make $1,000/month on the side here.

Just 3 of the many things you’ll learn:

3 techniques you can immediately use to “cash in” on your skills and earn $1,000/month and more
How to use a systematic approach to go from no idea (or too many ideas) to a profitable side business
The 3 traps we fall into when trying to earn extra money on the side, and how to sidestep them

Click here to register for the Wednesday live class now.

3 actual business ideas you’d never think of is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on October 06, 2014 04:00 • 6 views

October 1, 2014

Notice how some of the most popular blogs and Instagram accounts are people sharing beautiful travel photos.

In fact, when I’ve posted pictures on the beach, I get more Likes than almost anything else.


I spent my birthday in Barbados with friends

Why do we love these photos?

One reason is the “travel porn” phenomenon of following/liking these photos…as a proxy for actually taking the trip ourselves!

In other words, we change our desktop background to a picture of Aruba and imagine what it would be like to visit — but we never actually take the trip.

My counterintuitive take is that it’s GOOD to look at these photos. It gives us something to work for. But if we just go one step further, we can avoid simply gawking at other people’s travel photos…and take the trip ourselves.

In other words…how long have you been telling people you love to travel? Or that you’re hoping to visit Australia/Thailand/China?

How many more years before you actually do it?

Too many people just dream but never take the trip (especially when they’re healthy enough to do it).

As your Surrogate Asian Father, I’m not going to let that happen to you. If you’re reading this email, it means you CAN do it — and the good news is that it IS possible to live our dream life.

How to “cash in” on the skills you already have

When most people think about earning money on the side, they assume they need to start the next Facebook or build the next Instagram and sell it for $1 billion 18 months later.

Yes, this does happen. Just like people do win the lottery.

But the odds of “winning” are astronomically small. The reality is that most of us don’t need to see $127,398,919.29 in our bank statement to be happy. Or even a fraction of that.

The surprising truth: earning just $1,000/month on the side can have a dramatic impact on your life. What could you do with an extra grand every month?

You could take a weekend ski trip to Utah with your friends, guilt-free (I did this earlier in 2014)
You could pay off your student loan debt 3x faster
You could buy the new iPhone when it comes out, instead of waiting for your next upgrade cycle 2 years from now
You could pay for your parents to visit you and treat them to an amazing time

And when you start making $1,000/month, you realize that it’s possible to hit $2,000/month, then $5,000/month…and soon the possibilities are endless.

Notice the natural psychological reactions:

“I don’t have an idea!” / “I’m not a web developer or programmer!”
“I don’t have time for that” / “I don’t want to trade time for money”
“That won’t work for me…I live in Alabama/Spain”

I have tens of thousands of students who have overcome those exact problems. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Right now, you have a number of skills that other people would happily pay for. You just haven’t positioned them right! To give you a sense for how wide the possibilities are, let me give you some examples of things you could “cash in” on:

Teaching women in their 30s about football so they can better connect with their boyfriends
Using your health and fitness expertise to teach new mothers how to get fit again
Providing dog walking services for busy professionals who have dogs cooped up at home

Just 5 hours a week on these ideas could give you the money you need to turn your dreams into reality.

And I want to show you how.

NEW: 1-hour mini-class on how to start earning money on the side

To find out exactly how you can “cash in” using the skills you already have — no matter how weird — and make $1,000/month on the side, I’m hosting a mini-class next Wednesday, October 8th.

Mini-class: How to turn your existing skills into $1,000/month — or more

Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, October 8th at 9:00pm Eastern (see time zone)
Where: Click here to register
Sorry, this will not be recorded. One night only. I do not care if you live in the North Pole. Drink some coffee and see you there

I’m reserving time on this webinar for a live Q&A with you, so if you have questions about starting an online business, bring them to me and I’ll try to answer them.

Register for the presentation on how to use your existing skills to make $1,000/month on the side here.

The intriguing psychology of “travel porn” is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on October 01, 2014 04:00 • 4 views

September 29, 2014

If it were up to personal-finance “experts,” we’d never spend a penny on ourselves. We’d save 80% of our income, live in a cardboard box, and wait to take a vacation until we were 65 (“Pack your own lunch and enjoy it even more!”).

As a result, whenever most of us spend money on something we love, we’re bound by a feeling of guilt.

But why should you be guilty for buying the things you love? If you can afford it and you want it, GET IT!

That’s one of the entire premises of IWT: To spend extravagantly on the things you love, and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t. Guilt free.

Today, I want to show you a video from one of my premium courses that I’ve never released publicly before: “Enjoy What You Earned, Guilt-Free.” You’ll find out how you can enjoy the things you’ve worked hard to get — without worrying about judgment or guilt.

Click below to watch the video.

All I ask is that after you watch the video, share an example below where you’ve been tempted to feel guilty about spending on something you love.

Conquering guilt: How to enjoy what you’ve earned is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on September 29, 2014 04:00 • 7 views

September 22, 2014

The amount of emails requesting to see me take a bath is mounting quickly. Last I checked, it was approaching the thousa–wait, damnit. I can’t seem to find any of those emails. I swear I remembered those.

Today I’m sending you 5 links you might find interesting. But first…

Ramit takes a bath

(ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge)

What I’m reading

Outstanding post for people in debt. My friend Jesse Mecham of YouNeedABudget lays down the law. People in debt won’t like hearing this, but he’s right.
Look how big this moose is. I have a bizarre fascination with animals, especially since I don’t like dogs, cats, or any pets, and plan to lie to my future kids that I’m allergic so we don’t have to take care of any. But the sheer size of this moose defies comprehension. Mute this horrible music before you play. More animal links.
“The ruder the salesperson, the more sales” — for high-priced goods. Very provocative look at snobby high-end salespeople. When this happens to me, I love it. I wrote about why in my experience buying high-end candles.
How to become a morning person. Another provocative article on how quickly you can change decades-long behaviors. After going camping for a few days, “Essentially, everyone became a morning person.”
One of the best articles on productivity comes from chefs. Organize your life like a mise-en-place (“putting in place”). This technique alone has made me hugely productive.

By the way, I share emails from crazy readers, marketing challenges, and tons of photos on Instagram.

I also post every day on Twitter.

P.S. Follow me here:

twitter   instagram

Watch me take a bath is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on September 22, 2014 04:00 • 4 views

September 8, 2014

My friend wrote a fascinating post on when quitting is the RIGHT thing to do:


So today, I wanted to open it up and talk about failure and quitting.

When is it OK to give up? When is changing your mind the RIGHT thing to do?

While many of you think of me as the perfect specimen of human achievement, I am just a man.

In fact, I’ve talked a lot about my failures in some recent interviews I did.

In my Lewis Howes interview on building an empire and the power of habits, I talk about my first business flop right out of college (22:15) and how I made the mistake of trying to cheap out on staffing early on in my career (26:36)
During my meeting at Smart Passive Income on the psychology of selling, I chat with Pat Flynn about a personal finance class I taught that nobody attended (2:13) and an app I created that would’ve never made me money — even if we 5x’d sales (11:47).
At Entrepreneur on Fire, John Lee Dumas and I discuss how I lost half of my college scholarship money in the stock market (1:34) and how I used to take every negative comment personally after launching my first $4.95 product (5:45). (By the way, this podcast blew up and is now in the EOF Top 10 Podcasts list.)

Talk to anyone who’s been successful in their field and ask them what they’ve failed at. WATCH THEIR EYES LIGHT UP. Because in order to be successful, you have to fail — but people never ask about their failures and sacrifices.

Paradoxically, by taking risks and failing, we’re able to pinpoint what DOES work by eliminating what doesn’t.

Now, it’s easy to say “Just go try stuff! It’s OK to fail!” I’m not saying that at all.

What I’m saying is failure WILL happen. It’s not something to avoid — it’s something to expect, to plan for, and eventually to become masterful at handling.

This is a technique I call Failure Expectation.

(In fact, I keep a Gmail folder to track my failures. If I’m not failing at least 5 times/month, I know I’m not taking enough risks.)

It’s scary being outside of your comfort zone, but this is where all the magic happens.

Terrified to jump out of a 34’ tower at Fort Bragg

If you had a magic “NO FAILURE” cape, and when you wore it, you weren’t afraid of failing at anything…what would you do in the next 24 hours?

Would you have that difficult conversation? Would you apply to that dream job? What would it be?

Tell me in the comments below

P.S. By the way, I have nothing to sell (in fact, you can actually win $10,000 for IWT’s 10-year anniversary). I’m writing this to you because part of living a Rich Life is thinking about long-term questions that can help us improve our lives.

When is quitting the right thing to do? is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on September 08, 2014 03:00 • 10 views

September 3, 2014

Yesterday, I asked you to tell me about the most awkward person you know.

My god. The stories were amazing.

The truth is, it’s fun to joke around about the weirdos we meet. BUT we’re all awkward in different ways.

For example, have you ever:

Talked non-stop when you’re with friends…but froze up around new people?
Said something you think will get a laugh…but there was dead air?
Made an offhand comment without thinking about it…but offended the person you were hanging out with?

It can be frustrating. It’s even weirder when we compare ourselves to our friends who always seem to say the perfect thing.

How come they can go into any situation and shine? They always have fun stuff to do, they’re never afraid of saying the wrong thing, and they’re constantly meeting new people.

What do they have that we don’t?

What about these people?

He stays home on a Friday night watching YouTube, bored, instead of having something awesome to do
He sees his friends — friends who are less attractive and less successful — dating amazing, attractive people. In his head: “How did he get her?”
She get passed over for a promotion even though she’s been at the company for 4 years, working 50 hours a week

It’s easy to throw in the towel because we’re not “naturals”…but that’s just not true.

You can LEARN to be more likeable. You can learn the skill of charisma.

Let me introduce you to Olivia Fox Cabane, the person to talk to about charisma and likeability.

September’s RBT guest, Olivia Fox Cabane

Olivia is the author of The Charisma Myth and has been featured in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more.

When I talked to her, I joked if she was going to have a “rags-to-riches” story where she used to be really awkward and now she’s a butterfly. She looked straight at me. “I was so unpopular, there was a club in high school that tried to get me kicked out!”

She decided to learn how she could be more likeable and charismatic. She reverse-engineered the process, broke it down, and now she teaches CEOs and billionaires how to use likeability and charisma to their advantage.

That’s why I invited her into my studio for an exclusive 1-on-1 talk to learn how we can be more likeable and make new friends, become a better leader, and connect with everyone we meet.

In our session:

We talk about how you can learn to be more likeable. It’s not something you just get “naturally” — we’ll show you the 4 different elements of likeability and charisma and teach you how to build them starting today.
Olivia and I both love talking about “unspoken” rules, so we dive deep into rules we ALL follow subconsciously. These rules hold us back from being more liked…and we’ll show you how to beat them.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the full video:

How to build confidence that translates to better body language and better charisma
Olivia’s specific framework for dealing with difficult conversations (never hide from a tough talk with a friend again)
How Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. can help you improve your social skills (hint: it has nothing to do with telling jokes)
What 2 words are keeping you from explosive growth (you’ve probably said them 15 times today)
The major “charisma destroyer” Olivia called me out on — and my unexpected reaction caught live on camera

Check out this 6-minute excerpt from our 96-minute chat:

This interview is ONLY available to members of my Brain Trust program.

Sign up below to join the wait list and learn more about Brain Trust

Sign up for more info below:



The power of charisma: How to get people to like you — with Olivia Fox Cabane is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on September 03, 2014 04:00 • 10 views

September 2, 2014

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the weirdos we all work with. Which one of these people do you know?

THE BAD-JOKE MAKER: They don’t talk a lot, but one day in a meeting, they randomly make a joke. It completely flops and hangs in the air. Co-workers look at each other out of the sides of their eyes
THE RAMBLER: You ask them if they want to go to lunch. Somehow, 3 minutes later, they’ve digressed into a history of World War I, the problem with Democrats, and a description of their mom’s dental problems
THE ADVICE GIVER: This person thinks because they’ve shopped at a store, they are a marketing expert. They offer tip after tip about how to sell more — “You wanna know what I would do? First, I’d start with…” You contemplate homicide

Today, I was going to talk about how to get unstuck in your social life, but first, let’s talk about being awkward.

Tell me, who’s the most awkward person that you know? Shit, I’ve met a bunch of you guys. For half the people reading this, the most awkward person is you.

Let’s see who has the best story.

Share your story in the comments below.

P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to the expert on going from “office weirdo” to someone who’s charismatic and loved by everyone.

Which of these people do you know? The Rambler, Bad Jokester, Advice-Giver is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

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Published on September 02, 2014 02:00 • 5 views

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