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August 30, 2014

To my blogger buddies,

I am accepting ARC requests for Temper For You, release date: September 24, 2014.

If you would like to request and ARC for review, please feel free to complete the form linked below. Addition details about the ARC delivery and optional blog tour are included at the top of the form

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September 6, 2013

A fellow author gave me the tip to “write it all.” She advised me that excess could easily be deleted during editing. I took her suggestion to heart and I wrote every little detail and description imaginable, and I have a vivid imagination. Remember this for future blog post when I talk about the editing process.

In retrospect, I probably got a bit carried away, however, it was a great exercise in writing for me, and although much would wind up on the cutting room floor, it provided a detailed framework in my own mind.

I wrote, and then I wrote, followed by more writing…and then I wrote some more. The words and dialogue flowed from me, my idea, but with a life of their own. I didn’t sit and agonize over each word, I just let it “happen.” My goal was to write at least 5,000 words per day, which I adhered to devoutly. I only paused in my writing when research or fact checking was necessary.

Within the first three chapters, I realized the importance of a time line to ensure accuracy and continuity to the story. I selected a random date on my i-pad calendar, and began to map out my story, adding all the relevant dates and important events of the plot in sequence. I returned to revise when needed and frequently consulted my calendar to ensure I was on point with my direction and development. I also found the calendar helped me to control the pace of the story successfully.

Plan now literally mapped out, by date, I resumed my writing.

Check back tomorrow for initial lessons in writing, learned the hard way!
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After consideration, I decided to explore my new adult plot.

I personally love new adult. It is a wonderful amalgamation of YA and adult. It is one of the greatest period of transitions in an individual’s life, second only to parenthood. New adult is about the journey, the grown, the changes of a person and those around them. It also lends itself to drama, mistakes, life lessons, and wild times.

Decision firmly in place, I began to mentally added meat to the skeleton of my initial concept. I did not overwork my plan. I strived to develop a clear direction and key events. With a blueprint in place, I sat on my couch, laptop in lap, opened a word document, and began writing.

I have read that the first word or sentence of a book should grab your readers. It should be interesting and memorable. I had no such moments of genius; therefore, I did the exact opposite. My opening word was an inarticulate groan of displeasure. One word down, approximately 99,999 more to go.

Check back tomorrow for initial lessons in writing, learned the hard way!
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Further to yesterday's post...I resolved to write a novel. Now what?

I began with basic research on a writer’s process. There is no procedural guide for how to write a book, but I examined interviews and FAQ’s from many of the authors I love to find out about their process. Some, I found, just get an inkling of an idea and write. Others map out an entire storyline, plot points, timeline, chapter intentions, etc.

I found I fell in the middle of the spectrum. I wanted the freedom to let my creativity flow but the order of a basic outline. I needed to determine my basic storyline, what created the tension, which major events would shape the book. I needed direction with freedom to let the story take me where it was meant to go.

I toyed with several different ideas. I loosely planned three different concepts in separate genres: contemporary adult, new adult, and paranormal. I was pleased with all three options, and equally excited about the prospect of bringing them to life. Now came decision time; which genre to I start with?

Check back tomorrow for details on how a concept became characters in a MS Word doc!
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My first official blog post for Yeah! Only For You will launch on September 24, 2013, which is 31 days from today. I am excited and terrified. Well, maybe not terrified, but nervous. This is my first (self)-published novel, and the process has been beautiful and overwhelming.

It all began with my love of reading. You know how some wives call themselves sports-widow, due to their spouse’s obsession with watching “the game” (whichever game it maybe depending on the season). Likewise, my husband calls himself a book-widower, because of my passion for books, mostly romances. When I say I am an avid reader, I am not exaggerating. While still working full-time, with two young sons, I would read approximately 4 books per week. Full-length novels, not novellas. I always had my i-pad or kindle with me. It made waiting in line at the grocery store far more bearable.

I have always scripted conversations in my mind. You don’t know what I mean? If something shitty happened during my day or something wonderful or something mundane or…you get the idea, I would reimagine the conversation how I wished it could have transpired. This is not a case of “Oh, I totally should have said that.” I would just use the incident as inspiration to write a new dialogue, outcome—story if you will—in my mind. Just because. I was writing, without actually recording a single word or thought. I did not have the epiphany that I was a writer who wasn’t physically writing for a long, long time. Dumb, right?

So, we combine my love of reading and my mental writing, what do we get? My dream to write a book. I let the desire float around in my subconscious for several years, then in my conscious for several months. When the itch to write became a giant irritating mosquito bite, I resolved to “Just Do It!” (thank you Nike).

Check back tomorrow for more details of how a dream became an idea, a potential story!
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