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March 8, 2013

           The Long and Winding Road for Democracy in Egypt Part 15  No country for Young Men: Egyptian Youth challenges and generation wars
Political observers have attributed the Egyptian revolution for many elements that includes economic burdens, lack of freedom of expression, absence of proper governance, political status quo and the bleak uncharted future that many Egyptians felt during the 30 years reign of Mubarak. All these are very true factors but they won’t have been sufficient incentives to revolt should the bulk of the Egyptian population had a secure life and fair employment opportunities like their many of their elders had in their  lifetime. Unlike most Western societies, a young man or woman are bound to stay in the same house with their parents till they marry and that can occur when they are as young as 18 and all the way till their 40s . The truth is that this is part of the Egyptian oriental tradition, where the family plays a role in people’s lives from the very day they were born till the day they die. The same can be mentioned about many Western societies all the way till the 1960s when youth revolutions that swept Western Europe and the USA. However, these Western trends never found their way in Egyptian societies for many reasons including close family ties traditions but more recently economy. 

Though many modern days young Egyptians would like to follow their Western counterpart’s path and have their own independent lives away from their parents’ supervision but their ambitions are always crippled by both tradition and financial means. While the former is more prevalent in Upper Egypt and more rural areas, the latter is attributed to a lack of financial means by most young men and women who can almost never be financially independent enough to carry on with their own lives. The problem of financially incapable young men is even found in those who happen to hold jobs for years as they are not paid well enough to establish their own family and have an independent lifestyle. This is due to the incredible rise in real estate prices, whether that is for lease or purchase purposes. The prices of real estates in Egypt are almost equivalent to their counter parts in any European capital and even surpass them in many cases. The prices of real estates in major cities like Cairo or Alexandria almost matches that in Paris , London or Los Angeles and surpasses most of the smaller cities in rural areas in Europe or USA. This fact hinders most young men and women not just from being independent but also from actually getting married which still represents a series of other problems as elaborated below:
Marriage: In a society that rejects and abhors pre-marital sexual relationships, preparations for marriage are an essential task in every Egyptian family regardless of their wealth.  In fact most Egyptian parents don’t believe that their mission in life is complete before they make sure that they their siblings are “happily” married. And though the word “happily”here is quite overstretched than realistic but at least that is the perception of every Egyptian parent have in mind and usually spare no effort or expense in realizing that dream for his/her children.  In the past 30 years, many parents failed to meet that self taken oath and their siblings find themselves stranded in an era where in order to get married they have to pay at least tenfold what their parent did to complete the same task.  Fresh graduates with college degrees especially from National colleges hardly find jobs with wages that enables them to be independent. Engagements that last almost a decade and ends up in breaking are not uncommon, marriages that last a year or even a few months are also widespread phenomena in the Egyptian society especially in the past few decades. Most young couples find themselves obligated to meet a lot of expenses that that only a small sector of the population with the help of their parents are able to afford.Furthermore, The hassles of life entangles younger men and women as well as couples who find themselves torn between their marital obligations towards their family and the burdens of daily life. A very common Egyptian cynical proverb can manifest these cases which goes as “When poverty knocks at the door, love jumps from the window”. That proverb has been manifesting itself quite frequently in the Egyptian society with the number of annual divorces especially among newlyweds are skyrocketing. Some sources indicate an increase in divorce rates by 79% in 2010 compared to 2009. The reasons for that are numerous. The burdens of daily life tasks taking its toll on the married couple who usually felt more comfortable during their stays at their parents’ home regardless of the standard of living they enjoyed.  Almost immediately after marriage, the glamour of first days of engagement and marriage soon wavers and the realities of life strike in.
The number of unmarried girls in Egypt is on a continuous rise in the past two decades which resulted in a new pile of social challenges that consecutive governments not just failed to tackle but also contributed in their escalation.  In Egypt as an oriental society, the young man must arrange for all the expenses of a wedding and a house while the women are tasked for arranging for the purchase of furniture in that house. The ratio between the two side’s expenses is quite wide, since houses cost a huge amount of money compared to the average salaries for the Egyptians.  For instance , a new modest apartment would cost from the range of $20,000 – $40,000 depending on area. That number doesn’t seem very high in the Western world but adding the fact that the average minimum monthly wage in Egypt is around $100-150 per month, buying a new house or an apartment is a strenuous challenge.
Arranged marriages between younger girls and wealthier Arabian Gulf states millionaires are becoming an infestation in rural areas in Egypt. That’s when greedy parents can sell the future of their daughters to wealthier suitors who offer a substantial cash dowry and some financial security for an impoverished family that is tempted by the sudden influx of cash offered by the wealthy and usually old suitor. This phenomenon has been targeted by human rights and feminist groups in Egypt in the last years since more and more Egyptian young women still fall victims to these arranged marriages. These marriages usually end in weeks and in best scenarios a few months, then the young woman is divorced and sent home to her parents. Cases of abuses and sadistic behavior from these older husbands are innumerable and have been reported massively in the Egyptian media, yet under the stress of hardships mixed with greed still many mostly rural Egyptian families allow these shameful marriages to take place. It will require a social group effort and firm laws to disallow these kinds of arranged marriages that represent a huge abuse to younger poor women in Egypt. Furthermore , it’s essential to combat these early marriages that is even taking place in among Egyptians who sometimes are not issued official birth certificates at birth and have their age determined by a doctor to check their fitness for marriage or not. In many occasions, the doctor is bribed to provide a certificate that the girl is in the legal age for marriage for her family are willing to get her to marry early as some ridiculous rural traditions may dictate. Finally, due to the increased necessities for marriage and the inability of the current generation to afford it, the number of unmarried young men and women escalated and is reaching about 13 million among the youth of both sexes. Also a lot of unofficial marriages take place in secret and with the acknowledgment of just of the couple involved. These kinds of marriages are unregistered, un-notarized and usually lead women to lose any rights should they get involved in it or they get pregnant since the husband only signs an acknowledgment paper that is unbinding in any court of law. Despite all the above, still this type of marriages remains one way for some youth to battle the constraints of society and the economic hardships but usually it ends with more problems to the couple than any actual benefits. Also, none of the sides would be able to win any custody battle easily since the marriage is unregistered in the first place.
Housing: While there is certainly no lack of proper or quality houses in Egypt, there is a major lack of affordable ones. Since the early 1990s the prices of houses and apartments have soared rapidly. Ironically enough, Egypt never lacked the proper house building material, the land space, the human resources or skilled construction workers and Engineers. In fact, Egypt is one of the biggest exporters of quality cement in the world as well as possessing a huge number of construction workers and Engineers that many end up working in neighbouring countries with higher wages due to their high skill and relatively lower wages. These simple facts alone drive observers to wonder about the reason of the overpriced housing units in Egypt which are in par if not higher in many cases than their counterparts in Europe and North America. The only difference is that the average salary in Egypt ranges between 1 out 20 to 1 out 40 compared to that in Europe and North America. This comparison alone manifests the devastating reality which faces most Egyptian youth in their search for an affordable house. It’s becoming a fact in the past 3 decades that hardly any young man or women is in a position to offer to buy their own house on their own salary regardless of how high it is. 
All of these young suitors have to almost totally or at least significantly rely on their parents to secure any purchase of house for themselves. While the Egyptian authority for statistics have announced that an average Egyptian family spends 23.5 % on their house needs Many Egyptians young couples rely on the lease system but with overpriced rental fees that can consume up to 60-70 % of the average wage. These staggering statistics represent a huge burden for the Egyptian family.The government has done little to help young men and women settle easily and their policies in terms of land pricing and building material have aggravated the problem to be worse. For example, an  average 140 square meter apartment in Cairo would be worth around 20,000 to 30,000 Egyptian pounds  in the early 1980s now that same apartment would easily sell 10 to 15 times higher at least in 2013. Thanks to the devalued currency in the past 3 decades, the sharp increase in building raw materials, the overpopulation problems and the lack for proper planning and distribution of land among Egyptian citizens. The government has single-handedly turned the lives of several generations of Egyptians into a living hell with their policies that totally ignored the needs for the youth to settle in their own houses. Added to these facts is the greed of many contractors and landlords who continually increase the prices for sales and rental fees that render any young man or women seeking to own an apartment or even to live in a decent neighbourhood a very hard task without the substantial help from his elders.  Egyptians still live on about 5% of Egypt’s area and considering the Egypt have a zoning problem or lack of land for building and urbanization seems quite unfathomable but it’s the truth thanks to decades of poor planning, corruption and lack of vision.
Education: Now this is the root of all evil in the Egyptian society in the post 1952 era. The façade that Egypt is providing its youth a free education masks the ugly truth of the incompetent quality of Egyptian education system especially in the last 20 years. Throughout ancient and modern history, Egypt has always been a beacon of culture and knowledge from the Ancient Library of Alexandria all the way to the once prestigious Cairo University. Millions graduated from Egyptian educational institutes have positively contributed to the region and in many cases to international development, scientific research, literature and global culture. Regardless if those graduates were Egyptians or other nationalities, the Egyptian educational institutions have been a Mecca for those seeking knowledge and wisdom from around the world till very recently.  http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/c22.0.403.403/p403x403/528778_10151412910285295_1649629836_n.jpg
The current school educational system is by far among the most underdeveloped in the world in terms of the curriculums, the quality of educators or professors as well as the educational facilities which are sub par if not completely inappropriate by any modern day standards of the education particularly the government run schools and educational institutions. In comparison the private schools are forced to utilize the same curriculum as the governmental one while adding a few other foreign languages curriculums and translated books for the subjects taught such as mathematics or chemistry as examples. The end result is that the private schools provide a slightly better educational experience to students but the problem is that they still study the same outdated and underdeveloped curriculums as their public counterparts.  
. Comparing the current Egyptian education system to any modern one in Japan, Finland or Germany is like comparing engravings on walls with typing on computers. They are ages apart in quality and output. Yet it’s noteworthy that some private facilities in Egypt offer high standards of education as both schools and universities and draw a lot of students from all over the world but these facilities hardly cover a fraction of the number of students in Egypt. Whereas , about 47,900 Public schools  most of which provide a low quality education there is only a fraction of that number in private schools and many of them do not provide adequate educational facilities that meets the needs of the 21st century.  The Egyptian educational curriculum may include a large selection of topics ranging from world history to biology, physics and chemistry however the curriculum is geared towards the students’ ability to learn by heart and memorize huge chunks of information and not tackling their creative ability.Unfortunately, the same pattern continues in the Egyptian universities which is the result of the above is an education that just provides the basic skills but not toned for the labour market except with personal initiatives from each student. Most students find themselves having to take extracurricular courses and private tuition for Languages and computer skills in order to keep up with the job market demands that the student isn’t adequately qualified for. According to statistics 93% of the unemployed Egyptians are educated with different levels of education ranging from high school diplomas all the way Post University graduates certificate holders with Masters and doctorates degrees. Moreover, for decades the vocational training has been neglected by continuous governments and even the modest attempts by these governments have failed to convince the younger Egyptians of the importance of the vocational training in rebuilding the nation economy. This is due mainly to the social stigmas that look down on the manual labour and skilled workers as being of lesser class than ones with university degrees. This stigma has been inherited by generations and was even worse before the 1952 coup d’état but even with years of socialist policies, the perception and the social status  of the worker in a manufacturing plant is still lower than the accountant or a manager working in the same plant. This is a very unfortunate social stigma requires further enlightenment, education and awareness programs as well as further focus on the vocational training and education in the near future. Younger Egyptians would certainly benefit more from the vocational training that qualifies them to get a decent high paid job as skilled worker instead of waiting in long unemployment lines or sitting with unemployed friends in a Cairo café waiting for an opportunity to get hired in a very tough job market.
Naturally the cause of most misfortune to the youth is the lack of job opportunities upon their graduation from high school or college. In Egypt the unemployment rates can’t measured by accurate statistics but according to statistics available and mentioned by Researcher and Journalist Rasha Saber in her excellent field report and research about unemployment in Egypt  titled “Education ? =Employability “. Rasha Saber, stated in that according to The Central Authority for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), show that Egypt’s statistics authority, declared that around 20.4 percent of young people under the age of 29 are unemployed, adding that there are 19 million Egyptians aged between 18 and 29 unemployed as well . The situation ironically got worse as the percentage of unemployment rose from 8.92 % in January 2011 to 12.4 in January 2012. Accordingly, the revolution which was mainly aiming to improve the quality of life of Egyptians became another obstacle in that direction. The situation by January 2013 is even much worse with over 1500 factories are shut down and lots of layoffs have been taking place in many companies. Furthermore , Saber’sresearch have shown upon interviewing many young Egyptians of different backgrounds, that  they have attested that their education hasn’t qualified them enough for the job challenges that they would face after their high school or even university.  
 While in most western countries many young males and females can rely on their high school diplomas to acquire a decent job that can provide a good standard of living for themselves and their families , that is certainly not the case here in Egypt.
 A Job candidate is required to have a university degree with high grades in order to acquire even the basic corporate or executive job in any company. Ironically, manual labour job candidates’ are usually much luckier than their higher educated counterparts and usually end with jobs that pay much more than their university graduates in many cases. 
Furthermore, there has been a myth since the 1960s that the government education system is free all the way to the university. But in reality due to the deterioration conditions of the Egyptian schools and universities and classes that sometimes exceeds 100 students attending them, most students opt for private tuition sessions which cost hefty sums each year for every student. Accordingly, in reality Egyptian families may pay the equivalent of at least several thousands of Dollars each year in what is supposed to be free education and many have chosen recently to send their children to private schools since at least they could save some of the expenses of these private tuition sessions. Contrary to yesteryears and as a result of the continuous deterioration of the quality of Egyptian educational system less Egyptian educational institutions certificates are being internationally recognized with the exception of existing International educational institutions in Egypt like American University in Cairo and similar prestigious institutions. Now, with the country’s declining economy post the 2011 revolution and approaching near bankruptcy levels in first quarter reports of 2013, the employment market couldn’t be at a worse shape for Egyptian youth. Adding salt to an open wound, due to Morsi’s government mismanagement and lack of expertise, the countries chief hard currency revenue which is tourism is witnessing its second in a row bad year thus a lot of layoffs in most hotels and touristic industry facilities have been taking place. This adds a further burden on the Egyptian youth whom about 4-5 million works in Tourism related industries and multiple times that number in related services.  The government should cease-and-desist all activities that are  repelling both domestic and international investments in Egypt or they will be faced with a problem that they will not be to handle.. This negative indication is very likely to lead to further riots, protest and political turmoil in the foreseen future if left unchecked.
Immigration It’s disheartening to know that one of the utmost dreams of most Egyptian youth are immigrating to Europe and North America to have a better life and there. The dreams of living in the West or even receiving a job opportunity in the Arabian Gulf States are still among the utmost dreams to be realized by many Egyptian young men and women regardless of their social standard, political or religious affiliation. For example, as soon as the United States Green Card lottery announces they are willing to accept applications. Through the years millions applied for the Green Card Lottery, with an estimate of over 6 million Egyptians had applied for them already which represents about 5% of the current Egyptian population.
The dream becomes even greater for the impoverished ones whose life in Egypt have shifted from bad to worse in the past couple of decades. The scenes of Egyptian young men fighting death on the shores of Greece or Italy in unseaworthy boats is not just heartbreaking, but also a stab in the pride of every Egyptian whose country was the richest in the region and one that ironically the Greeks and Italians found shelter and work in Egypt early 20th century till 1952.
Now the roles are reversed and thousands of Egyptians flock to Italy and Greece in search of jobs and better living conditions.  Many of these youth don’t realize that both Italy and Greece are suffering from a major economic depression so they can’t really accept new immigrants let alone illegal ones. Both countries bolstered their anti-immigration laws and securities and more and more young Egyptians find themselves either captured by coast guards or immigration police once they their feet touches the Italian or Greek shores provided that they are lucky and their unseaworthy boats reaches that shore.  One of the worst Greek tragedies is not to be seen on the Greek theater playing the likes of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King or Antigone but rather on the Greek shores, where tens of dead bodies of young Egyptian men surfaced after drowning, they were young men who were fooled by dreams of wealth and a better life. If they are lucky enough they get caught by the police to be left in immigrants camps then most likely sent back to Egypt again. Some of them have attempted this multiple times and fought death to find a decent standard of living for him and his family. Many fail and few do succeed but the price they pay is a reflection on the struggling economy that has been going from bad to worse in the past 2 decades. The standard of living of most of the youth in Egypt has compelled them to accept gladly working in jobs they would never accepted in Egypt. Thousands of Egyptian youth would usually refrain from any manual labour if they are in Egypt just because they have university degrees and feel that manual labour is demeaning to them.  However, that stance is gradually changing within the current Egyptian youth generations as more are up to date with what’s happening with the counterparts in Europe and North America who work after high school graduation and during university years for a living. Also the harsher living conditions have swayed more Egyptians to work in jobs they never dreamed of doing before due to their social status. It’s not uncustomary to find young Egyptians with degrees in medicine working as taxi drivers or those with Engineering or Accounting degrees workings as delivery men for fast food franchises. Other young women with master degrees are barely making minimum wages work as shop assistants or a modest job in some factory. The economic circumstances and the poor administration of the country has led these young men and women to put their aspirations and dreams on a hold and years of hard studying and memorizing thousands of pages in all subjects in school and college will not mean anything if they don’t have the proper connections to land them a decent job with a high wage. Accordingly the dream of immigration under any circumstances becomes the normal choice for Egyptians especially for those who are living in poverty stricken areas whether in rural or urban areas. The promise of a new beginnings and stories of success from others who made it to the top whether it is in Europe or elsewhere lures the young men to attempt illegal immigration mostly through immigration brokers. These immigration brokers are mostly crooks who scam the desperate youth out of their money and they demand hefty fees for their services with amounts reaching from 5000 to 10000 Dollars per person on average to smuggle them into European territory. What’s ironical that most of these young victims borrow that incredible amount of cash and promise their family they will repay them as soon as they reach their destination country, yet given the risks they take, they could invest that kind of money with a group of their friends in a small projects that could be more profitable on the long run than this illegal gamble with their own lives. The lure of a better life especially with satellite TV shows that displays a high standard of living in European and North American countries compared to the miserable villages they are likely to come from makes up their minds towards taking the risks instead. Also the lack of proper education that enables them to face the challenges after graduation and the absence of entrepreneurial creative minds doesn’t help these young men and women to take the decision to invest in their own country. Accordingly, if the Egyptian state doesn’t take firm steps towards administrating the human resources that Egypt have manifested in its youth and opening the door for local and international private investments to curb on the ever rising unemployment rate, the situation will aggravate even further in the upcoming years and Egypt will continue to losing its finest sons and daughters as well as all the manpower needed to modernize Egypt, and other countries will gain them.
Political Participation One of the main issues that dominated the political spectrum during Mubarak 30 years era is that absence of the youth element from most of the decision making positions in his regime. Most of his regime key figures were comprised of men over 70 who served in the various governmental posts since the 1960s and onwards. The youth elements was hardly ever visible and even political posts like minister of youth was usually occupied by a minister who is over 60 at least. The negligence of the youth element has not just alienated them in the past few years but also has led to a void in the political life and the inexperience mixed with political gullibility practiced by most young politicians after the revolution. Maybe the only advantage and gain so far from the January 2011 revolution would be the effective extensive participation of the youth in the Egyptian political spectrum. Also the emergence of thousands of political bloggers and writers as well as young leaders in many political parties and coalitions, have enriched the political scene.  Yet, the situation is still a status quo in regard of their effective participation in running the country by choosing the most skilled and experienced among them for key regimes. Unfortunately, Morsi regime is as rigid as any past tyrannical regime and has allowed no political participation in the cabinet by the youth. Even the government headed by Hisham Qandil who despite being relatively youthful, he doesn’t represent the bulk of the young revolutionaries or even the average Egyptians youth. In fact Qandil have time and again proved his disassociation from reality. Qandil’s had nothing to offer except complete obedience to the Muslim brotherhood group aside from possessing extremely limited abilities as a politician and an administration in a very critical time in Egypt’s history. Accordingly, the youth are still politically sidelined by the current regime as much as the previous one.
 In fact, the younger vote that mostly naively supported Morsi against Ahmed Shafiq paid the heftiest price for Morsi’scontroversial victory. Morsi have retracted from all his promises towards these young voters and the only youth who benefited from his ascension to the seat of power are the Muslim Brotherhood youth who are dealing with haughtiness and organizing terrorist like militias all over the country to terrorize Morsi’s opposition. The same young voters are paying the price as the Pro-Morsi’s goons allied with some corrupt police forces are killing young protestors and demonstrators many have ironically voted for Morsi and thus signed his own death warrant by Morsi’ssuccess. Nevertheless, the Egyptian youth have managed despite the negligence through the years and being overlooked after the revolution to make their voices heard by many and eventually they will represent a force to be reckoned in the upcoming years provided they start to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to politics and not to let their impetuousness and emotional drive override their logical judgments and decisions like the one they have done by electing an Islamist president with a fascist just for spite against Shafiq whom they deemed as a former regime figure. They and the rest of the country are paying the price of this historical mistake. On the other hand, the media is tasked to give a bigger role and greater airtime for younger politicians to appear and eventually take the stage. The media may need to avoid the huge mistakes they had done after the revolution which was the exaggerated glorification and overhyping the importance of these young politicians who appeared post the revolution and treating them as Godsend experts occasionally. That media treatment led many of these inexperienced young men and women to act in a pompous and arrogant way after this overexposure by media. Similarly, they should avoid the mistake occasionally made by media outlets before and after the revolution which is ridiculing all the youth statements and rendering them as unworthy which is a huge mistake. A rational way of handling the young politicians is in order, in a manner that would bring up the fresh ideas for social discussion without glorification or trivializing them. This pattern by media might help in creating a new generation of experienced and rational politicians who can lead Egypt in the near future with good political capabilities and vision towards the future.
Culture Barriers, Drug addiction and religious extremism. Due to the many reasons discussed above for the current status of Egyptian youth the gap between the haves and the have not is growing ever wider and the high hopes that the revolution in 2011 seemed to have provided for the young Egyptians are now in tatters. The rift is not just between the rich and the poor but also extended as a generation war waged by the younger generation who feel betrayed by the misadministration and planning of the older generations.Many Egyptian youth are in a personal conundrum of dreaming and trying to attain a life quality similar to the ones they watched in Western movies, read about in books or even watched among their richer peers in the Egyptian society. They are still suffering from the constraints imposed by a seemingly more conservative society that keeps closing its doors towards enlightenment and knowledge. The Egyptian youth find themselves in a personal struggle between desire and what they are being as religious rules. This conflict bolstered by bad academic education and worse religious one in school and family, is reflected on the youth behavior towards everything and everyone. The higher tendency of violence among current generations of Egyptians is uncanny. Their hypocritical views in regards to their desire towards the other sex and at the same time their demands of having more constraints in the relationships between males and females seems baffling and hypocritical to observers.Many Egyptian young women have succumbed to the ideas of extremist Wahhabi clerics calling themselves “Salafis” and have worn full veil for no rational reason except they were made to believe that they will get married and God will bestow his blessings on them once they are fully committed to worship only. It’s not completely strange judging by the increasing number of unmarried women in Egypt who are estimated to be around 9 million according latest estimates of 2012 from the Central Authority for Statistics in Egypt.  These women ages range from 18-35 and of course there are older ones as well. Many Women living in a contradicting society have given up their will to mostly illiterate and uneducated clerics to lead them to better world and the result is that their situation gets worse and worse on social levels. Naturally, the religious extremism is more prevalent in men who due to sudden loss of ambition and willingness to fight occasionally resort to extreme religious forms usually prevalent in rural areas and low income urban areas. Many chose to join some religious groups in order to find help in getting married and securing a stable life with a job. The religious groups in Egypt managed throughout the years to lure thousands of young Egyptian men to join their ranks through this angle. The government and society have forsaken the youth for long decades and the end results more recruits for groups with extreme ideologies promising the youth salvation on earth and heaven in after life. These groups have managed to recruit many elements in the past 3 decades to join what they called a holy cause and unfortunately many lost their lives either by getting killed by security forces during the war on terror in the 1980s and 1990s or lost the best of their years incarcerated for their ill deeds. Furthermore, despite being huge fans of sports particularly football , not many Egyptians are capable of affording joining sports clubs and the government run youth centers are unequipped and not enough in number to cover even a fraction of the Egyptian youth seeking to practice sports. The result is more lost souls and an increased number of youth heading towards addictions of narcotics and alcohol. The number of youth actually practicing sport is dwindling compared to an ever growing population. Thanks to the lack of proper sports facilities compared to the size of the population. While Egypt is Africa’s best in most competitive sports yet that is not reflected on the youth and the health of the general population. Addiction and drug abuse seem to be the problem of the hour to many young men who utilize these substances as a form of catharsis and escapism from their struggling life. This is one activity that the youth of all affiliations and social ranks seem to practice incessantly in the past decades. The result is a growing addiction problem and sharp increase in crime rates particularly robberies, rape and murder. Many of these crimes are committed under the influence of drugs and despite the war going on to combat these drugs waged by the government the victory is still far from reach and it will take long years of fighting addiction and drug trading to reach any substantial results. According to former minister of Social Solidarity Gouda Abdel Khalek speech during  a forum titled "A Revolution against Drugs" in June 2011, that about 9% of Egypt population are addicted, used or just recovered from drugs which represents a colossal challenge to any future government and an obstacle towards any efforts for development.  These estimates according to the minister speech are not documented by statistics but are a rough estimate which means that the problem can be even deeper according to many. While an official statistic mentioned that the number in 2007 is 6 million it’s likely to have increased dramatically over those past 6 years due to further stressful economic conditions. The majority of these addicts are young men and women are between the ages 15 and 25 years. It’s noteworthy to mention that this percentage is bigger than the populations of some central European countries like Austria or Switzerland which signifies the magnitude of this ordeal.  It’s also ironical that even at the height of the religious frenzy in Egypt throughout the past 2 decades the number of addicts is on a constant rise which is also parallel to similar rise and increase in crimes of all sorts. Religion wasn’t the answer as the preachers of Political Islam groups claimed for decade since their aim was more political than reformatory towards society and the end result is a society and youth population that is suffering from high degrees of identity crisis, intolerance and tendency towards violence instead of the opposite. 
Conclusion: It’s customary for all Egyptian governments throughout history to interfere where they shouldn’t be interfering for example in matters of personal freedoms, religion and censorship of media but they are usually lax concerning matters of Public health, services and paving the way for economic growth. Decades of negligence for the youth in Egypt led them to forfeit their dreams and aspirations while seeking them in foreign lands. They seek what they have missed in their homelands of security, dignity and stable living conditions. The country that was once the Mecca of immigrants from all around the world before 1952 is now in a reverse trend of exporting immigrants towards others countries. The once fertile land of the Nile that fed the ancient world is hardly sufficient to feed its own people with its rich agricultural legacy. The need for the country to open the doors for further local and international investments couldn’t be more urgent for the 2011 revolution did nothing for the youth so far except deepening their unemployment problems and widening the gap between them and their western world counterparts in terms of living standards , education ,etc.. The foreseeable future for young Egyptians still seems bleak especially with the current Islamists in power who seek nothing but full dominance of their faction on the Egyptian state which will witness further struggles that is likely to end in either a long term struggle between Islamists or secularists or the failure of Islamists to deliver any of their promised paradise to the youth who elected them in 2011 and 2012 elections. These elections which witnessed a lot fraudulent acts yet it brought to the Islamists to lead the political scene based on their false promises of prosperity and salvation for the younger Egyptians, have brought them nothing so far except misery and a deepened sense of failure.These same Egyptians who feel they have been duped and bamboozled by Islamists are the main force behind the current opposition. They are set to rectify the mistake they have done of electing Islamists by ousting them and on top of them the President Mohamed Morsi who represents a lot of failed hopes and undelivered promises post the revolution. Egypt is no country for young men and the country has long miles to go to reach a state where Egyptian youth could acquire and attain their lawful rights for a proper life that matches their counterparts in the modern world. That will not happen immediately but the society, the government as well the youth themselves will all be crucial elements in tackling each of the above mentioned problems one after the other in order for Egypt to once again restore its long lost status as a magnet for the creative minds from all over the world and for its youth to take part in its long rebuilding process. Governments despite being mainly responsible for taking responsibilities beyond their capabilities cannot solve the youth problems on their own. It will take a collaborative work between government, schools, universities, research centers, sports clubs media outlasts, and businessman and most importantly families to alleviate the burdens imposed on the Egyptian youth.It’s still unknown if the Egyptian revolution will be a savior to the Egyptian youth or not as so far their lives has been more complicated than before it but at least now they have a better medium to express themselves than before in a hope that one day, the government and society would start remedying what decades of negligence had done to the Egyptian youth. 
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January 20, 2013

Rebels at the Gates: Egypt rebounds again
Remember Remember the 4th of December when the president of Egypt flees for his life from the Palace backdoors guarded by his motorcade and armed guards. We have witnessed the first incumbent and elected president in modern day Egyptian history flees the scene and his palace after just 6 months of his election. Egyptians once more rise again and prove to the whole world that they will not stand idle in face of creating new modern day fascism in Egypt.

Remember Remember the 5th of December when the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists hordes attacked the peaceful encampment around the palace and bashed women and men indiscriminately with machetes, sticks and firearms. The massacre that shocked the nation turned the peaceful Cairo’s neighbourhood of Heliopolis into a battle zone for the first time in its 100 year’s history.

Remember Remember the 7th of December when the freedom fighters of Egypt rallied again in most Egyptian cities to protest against Morsi’s dictatorial regime and his Islamists militias and made sure their voices are heard against the voices of fascism and tyranny.

Remember Remember the 25th of December when the news of the approval of a new illegitimate constitution is approved and a day that witnessed Egypt entering the year 2013 with a constitution befitting a small European medieval kingdom.

Morsi’s assault against the Egyptian state:

Morsi’s regime has caused a path of destruction in Egypt which descended into unprecedented state of chaos that was hardly been witnessed in its modern history and here is in short a summary of his misdeeds:

1-Since he was sworn in, Morsi has applied a gloves-are-off tactic against anyone or any entity that he or his obscure Muslim Brotherhood group deem threatening to their plans for full control of the Egyptian state. Morsi started by the army commanders and devised the most theatrical of maneuvers to oust SCAF from the scene and capitalized on the murder of 16 innocent Egyptian soldiers and blamed it entirely on the army commanders despite evidence leads that among the assailants are those who he already pardoned by presidential decree just days before the attack from prison sentences and his allies Hamas in Gaza knows their whereabouts and their identities.

Morsi capitalized on the devastating incident and ousted both Field Marshall Tantawi and Deputy Anan in a constitutional declaration that overrides the one SCAF have issued prior to the announcement of the Presidential elections results. He overturned the same declaration he was sworn in upon and ironically this move was applauded naively by the many figures of the opposition. The same opposition that gullibly believed that Morsi is attempting to oust any form of military intervention in the political spectrum and they supported that move while what was Morsi really attempting was consolidating his power as it will be explained further.

2-The second assault was on the judiciary system in the form of a new edict (Constitutional declaration) through which Morsi unconstitutionally appointing a new General Attorney Mostafa Talaat and ousted illegitimately the former one Adbel Mageed Mahmoud in a feat that was never done in the history of Egyptian Judiciary system yet he still possess the audacity to claim that he is keen on the separation of powers on one hand and on the other hand destroying the fabric of the Egyptian Judiciary system and the prestigious Egyptian Constitutional Court. Morsi himself accused members of the Constitutional court of plotting against him despite the fact that without their approval of presidential elections’ results he won’t be in the position he is now.

3-The third assault was on the Media starting by shutting down several networks Like Dream TV and El Faraeen owned by anchor Tawfik Okasha.At the same down Curbing down the freedom of expression became the popular sport for the Presidential office that started to sue newspapers for criticizing the president. It is becoming a popular sport of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies figure to wage verbal wars on all the opposition and label them as heretics, atheists and infidels for criticizing the Islamists. At the same time witch hunting almost every liberal media anchor on the scene by lawsuits and verbal defamation and occasionally physical violence.

4-  Breaking his election campaign promise. Morsi insisted on keeping the controversial Islamist dominated constitution writing committee and despite the resignations from all opposition figures and the Christian churches, he insisted on going forward through the referendum to avoid an expected constitutional court ruling against this illegitimate committee. For the first time in history a committee that were given 2 months to discuss the constitution decided to wrap it all up in 48 hours and present it to the president to order a new referendum within two weeks.

5-For the first time in Egyptian Modern history the approved new constitution imposes a new reality and identity on the Egyptian state and threatens to turn the Egyptian national state into an Islamic state foregoing all the basic principles of nationhood and Egyptian national pride that ruled Egypt for thousands of years. By enacting this new constitution Morsi list of unfulfilled election campaign promises’ receives a new addition, whereby he promised to reshuffle and reselect a new balance constitution writing commission which he ignored to do and in fact it was his Islamists alliance who wrote the entire constitution. This constitution is the most divisive, anti-human rights and sectarian constitution ever written in Egypt’s modern history and it definitely fails to protect personal freedoms and the rights of Christians and other minorities.

6-Meanwhile, the Sinai Peninsula is in total chaos since Morsi took power. Islamist militants are dominating villages and towns in the North of Sinai and the army efforts in that area are curbed by the tight relation between Hamas and the President’s own Muslim Brotherhood being their franchise in Gaza. Weapons and other goods are still smuggled daily from and to Gaza with Hamas controlling these tunnels across the border. Aside from the rampage caused by the Militants which resulted in the Killing of 16 Egyptian soldier in one terrorist attack in August, the same militant groups are terrorizing the Christians in North of Sinai and many families had to evacuate their homes in fear for their lives. On Morsi’s watch Egypt is losing grip on its own territories as a result of political maneuvers by the current regime. Shouldn’t the nation take further steps in protecting its own territory, Egypt will lose grip eventually on Sinai and it will turn into an uncontrollable territory like Waziristan in Pakistan.

7-Other cities in Egypt like Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are still suffering from lawlessness and lack of security. Islamists are trying to form a sort of Islamist Sharia Police to force people into abiding with their own beliefs according to their own understanding. The President never condemned publicly these actions and his regime is implying their approval because they wish to guarantee the Islamist votes be that the Jihadists or the Salafis to be on their side. It’s becoming a norm to witness some obscure sheikhs swearing at liberal public figures artists , journalist and media anchors and labeling them as blasphemous and heretics in tones befitting medieval clergy not a 21st century modern country.

8-It’s becoming a normal scene that Islamist thugs attack any secular or non-Islamist protests in broad day light and always get away with it. The violence even reached the Judges and the head of the Judges Club was assaulted and injured by thugs to intimidate him and his group to end his Club’s suspension of the Courts operations till Morsi retracts from appointing illegitimately a new General Attorney and the other terms of his dictatorial edict.

9-Christians, women, minorities and even mainstream Muslims feel less secure under the blatant infringements of law under Morsi’s reign and sectarianism has reached unprecedented levels of sectarianism and divisiveness s. The president has more than once implied during his many speeches during Friday prayers that his opposition are people who don’t pray addressing his speech to his own followers instead of the broad spectrum of Egyptians. Morsi’s threatening tone in his speeches against opposition resembles a Stalinist model of dictatorship like Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

10-Egyptian Economy took its worst hit in a decade during the first 6 months of Morsi. During these months the internal debt of Egypt rose above 100 Billion Egyptian Pounds (14 Billion USD). Added to this Morsi’ regime are seeking Loans from IMF and several world banks and financial institutions amounting another 16 Billion USD in total. These loans would represent a huge burden on the future generations who will be left with a pile of debts. Also they are much more than Mubarak regime borrowed at least in the last decade of his rule if not his entire reign.

Moreover, Over 1500 factories and mills are still closed and Tourism is having its worst season in a decade with less than 25% occupancy rates in most Egyptian Hotels at the height of the touristic season denying Egypt of over 14 Billion USD in revenue that were highly needed. Egyptians can thank the rampant Islamists and their threats against tourism and touristic locations in Egypt for that. Added to the above the complacency of Morsi’s Islamist regime and government who have sent all the wrong messages to tourism by endorsing the harsh controversial statements from Islamist leaders and sheikhs that stirs further uprisings in Egypt.

11-  The fiscal situation of Egypt is reaching alarming levels with more than half of the Egyptian National reserve already spent in the past 2 years and especially the past 6 years. The devaluation of the Egyptian pound against other currencies will add further burdens on Egyptians in the upcoming months and years since Egypt still imports 60% of its needs from international sources and 40% of its food consumption is imported.  Furthermore, the increase in prices of Electricity, Gas and Foodstuffs within the last 6 months have been staggering and have affected Egyptians of all income levels. To make things worse, Prime minister Kandeel’s Government have proposed a bill with huge tax increases and the worst of its kind in recent history which was withheld temporarily by the president after stirring much violence as a result of this bill.

12- The quality of life in Egyptian cities has been deteriorating steadily in the past 6 months with power outages and water shortages reaching occasionally even in the richer neighborhoods. Added to the garbage and waste collections have been erratic and the current government has been unable to solve the wages problems that they promised during Morsi’s campaign. The so called “Nahda” project or “Renaissance” has been proven time and again an election campaign hoax to attract the masses and it’s becoming a laughing stock in Egyptian media every day.

13-Muslim brotherhood and Islamists now in control of 80% of the upper house council which now have the legislative power as a result of the referendum and thus holding the entire country main powers in the hands of the president and his Islamists allies led by the Muslim Brotherhood. This upper house council that was elected by 6% of eligible voters in Egypt in the lowest turnout since the revolution is tasked according to the new constitution with the legislative powers.  1/3 of this upper house is appointed by the Islamist president. Despite the above, the upper house council proposed a new elections law that diminishes the women role and participation in elections. Women represent over 50% of the eligible voters’ constituency that is to say those who were voted by 6% of eligible voters try to diminish the rights of over 50% of eligible voters. This is a situation that cannot be acceptable after a revolution that was aimed for further freedoms.

14- Within 6 months Morsi managed to exasperate a huge sector of Egyptians including some devoted voters of his camp and alienate everyone short of his Islamist camp which is witnessing some divisions within itself especially between Muslim Brotherhood and the more conservative Salafi groups.

International Media coverage of the Egyptian Political Crisis: 

The international media haven’t treated the second wave of protests with the appropriate coverage throughout the last 3 months of the 2012. With the exception of a few media outlets and fewer foreign correspondents most reports show that the USA and many EU countries press and networks aren’t reflecting the whole truth and just relying on sources mostly of the governing body and their Freedom and Justice Party (Brotherhood Political Arm) and neglecting many others.

Most western mediate outlets somehow have deliberately or in deliberately fell victims for the false perception that what’s happening in post revolution Egypt is an actual democracy. The reports issued in dozens of periodicals have not condemned the actions of Muslim Brotherhood elements and on top of them President Morsi especially when it concerned the massacre of Ittihadiya presidential palace against protestors and the massive rigging that took place during the constitution referendum.

These media outlets might be still under the spell that Morsi have managed just weeks ago to forge a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which seemed to be more than a welcomed move by the Obama administration and hence that perception that he is a peace maker, have clouded their judgment on what happened just the next day from brokering this ceasefire by issuing the dictatorial edict by which he grasped all the authority and powers in his own hands. However, the complete opposite of this perception is what’s happening in Egypt, Egypt during Morsi’s reign  is moving on a steady pace towards a single serving one time use democracy that enabled Islamist to take power with the blessings of the Obama administration and have been moving since towards a first class fascism.

Moreover, some media outlets in western countries are under perception that the elections or referendums taking place in Egypt are similar to their counterparts in the Western European and North American countries or in traditional democratic countries like India or Japan. The fact is that the tools of democracy are being abused in Egypt by the Islamist parties like Freedom and Justice Party and their allies to secure victories by all means necessary. These parties are now utilizing fascists means that is endangering the entire country.

These methods include intimidation, bribes, coercion, fake ballot cards, pre-marked cards and biased monitors in ballot stations. Other tactics including prevention of certain groups of citizens like Christian Copts in some remote villages in the south from voting at gunpoint are similar to what happened in the previous presidential elections. Furthermore , tactics included methods to repel voters from participation include long hours queues to sway impatient voters in areas that are known to vote against Islamists like posh districts in Heliopolis, Zamalek , Maadi as well as similar ones in major  cities like Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.  Queues that can block entire streets and last for 6-8 hours were common in the last constitution referendum and it affected the turnout of the outcome of the voters’ percentage which reached less than 1/3 of eligible voters. Among those, many who couldn’t stand in the long queues especially the elderly and senior citizens who couldn’t stand for too long in the cold winter weather.

This method nicknamed by Egyptian opposition media as “Queues of Death” have sparked anger and riots especially it occasionally involved pro-Islamist judges who intentionally stalled the queues for hours with excuses ranging from Prayer times all the way to lack of phosphoric ink and ballot cards.

Last but not least, the boycotting of 91% of Egyptian judges from monitoring this illegitimate referendum was due to the assault from the Morsi’s regime who overstepped his boundaries against the entire judiciary system. This boycotting have already rendered the results of this referendum unconstitutional and not to be abides with despite opposite claims from  Morsi’s camp. Furthermore, as a consequence for this boycotting, pro-Morsi Islamist judges overlooked and occasionally participated in the massive riggings of this referendum according to documented reports and complaints by NGOs and citizens alike.

The remaining 9% with predominantly Pro-Morsi judges have mostly looked the other way on the breaches of all elections laws taking place in front of them and much to their some of them were seen to disrupt and sway the voters towards a “Yes” vote to the Islamist constitution. All of this not counting the endless Islamist propaganda utilizing government run mosques particularly in rural areas to persuade the uneducated voters that voting  “Yes” for the Islamist constitution guarantees their entrance to heaven and voting “No” is a blasphemy and guaranteed way for entering Hell. This may seem quite bizarre but unfortunately it’s the reality on the ground in what is becoming the Egyptian new brand of democracy which contradicts all the democratic traditions worldwide.

All of these violations and infringements of all laws have been mostly ignored by the media especially concerning the latest referendum for constitution which have witnessed riggings far beyond anything that could have happened during Mubarak’s regime and have been documented by video footage, reports and incriminating documents.  The same denial was done by the elections high committee during their press conference denying any accusations of fraud or riggings despite the reports and videos that proves these incidents. The mostly pro-Islamist and pro-Morsi committee unsurprisingly announced the vote that the referendum was approved by the nation despite all the indications that proved otherwise.

And finally, the final output is a constitution that was approved by 1/5th of the Egyptian Eligible voters and 1/9th of the Egyptian population despite the massive riggings and yet many domestic International media outlets call this preposterous fiasco a democracy.

Liberal Egyptian Media reaction to the crisis: 

It seemed to many that broadcasting a live feed from a mental asylum in Cairo would not be very different from the content being broadcasted on daily basis on some of the Liberal TV networks hosting Islamist extremists. However, some liberal media outlets started in light of the political crisis to curb the number of Islamist political figures to a minimum. They realized too late the grave mistakes of hosting extremists and fascist Islamist political figures on their networks and papers. These political figures included bigoted radical and controversial Islamist cleric Hazem Abou Ismail whose militias called “Hazemoon” have been wreaking havoc in Cairo streets by attacking opposition parties’ Headquarters as well as besieging public buildings including Media Production City where a large number of the studios for satellite TV and networks in Egypt and Middle East are located.  It’s been reported that Hazem Abou Ismail had over 54 broadcast hours mostly on the Liberal TV networks who helped him turn from being an obscure and marginal cleric into a household name. Liberal TV networks still and will pay the bill for the political gullibility in the foreseen future for they have overlooked most of the real liberal minds in Egypt and searched for flashy substance to attract the audience and devoid of constructive content that present an enlightening message to the audience.

Despite the above, there are still some who commit the same mistakes of broadcasting cheap thrill factors and wider audience at any price aiming for profit and not a proper message. Yet, a good number of independent media anchors are now in a path of redemption for themselves especially for those who contributed to the present day situation. Those who were used as a bridge for Islamists to cross for the seat of power under pretext of freedom of expression now expose the misdeeds of the Muslim Brotherhood and their crimes of the past and present on almost daily basis. They are trying to curb the power of the monster they helped unleash.

The stories about the breaking out of the Muslim brotherhood from prisons during revolution with the assistance of Palestinian Hamas group elements are being discussed now with more focus on the cases that SCAF chose to ignore throughout their year and half rule of Egypt. Other stories surfacing about the involvement of Muslim Brotherhood elements and their Islamists a militant during what is known as the “Battle of the Camel” on February 2nd 2011 which resulted in numerous casualties are being investigated and discussed now.
The Islamists didn’t sit idle and launched massive smearing campaigns as well as endless lawsuits against most anchors and journalist criticizing them. The aim was to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. Even the Presidential office shamefully got involved in law suits filed against some newspapers. All the forms of a fascist regime in the making are being manifested on daily basis since Morsi’s reign of initiated.

However, these actions by Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists didn’t deter the brave ones among anchors who started revealing what they mistakenly hid for months from public. For instance, the prominent journalist and anchor Ibrahim Eissa who clearly stated on the 31st of December in his daily talk show on El Kahira wal Nas network which stands for “Cairo&People” , that former minister of interior post revolution Mansour El Essawy informed him personally that Muslim Brotherhood elements are the ones who orchestrated torching over 90 police stations nationwide on 28th January 2011 and stormed several Prisons in order to break out their own members as well as other Islamists and endless numbers of criminals in the streets to create chaos in the country. It took the likes of Eissa long months to  blatantly uncover this critical information which if known earlier the whole path of the post revolution period would have changed. This information was never confirmed by SCAF earlier or any official media outlet short of the controversial TV anchor Tawfik Okasha .

Okasha who though ironically been called a madman and a joker by his critics due to his eccentric nature and endless conspiracy theories has presented many facts that time has proven to be true about the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist plots in Egypt post the revolution and the involvement of international parties like Qatar and USA regimes in some of its implementations. Such information is turning the tables on the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime and the involvement of elements of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood in breaking out of prisoners on the 28th of January 2011 gets confirmed by more people including Islamists by the day.

Other media anchors are using the comic relief approaches to expose the Islamists tyranny and harshly criticize the president and the regime. On top of those is Dr. Bassem Youssef a former heart Surgeon and comedy talk show host on the same pattern as the famous Daily Show by Jon Stewart. His show “El Barnameg” or “The Program” in its second season has become an instant nationwide massive success.

Like many others Youssef undermined and played down the clear and present danger the Islamists represented. He went even further to trivialize future dangers on the freedoms in Egypt. However, in an act of redemption Dr. Youssef on weekly basis continues to throw punches on Islamists and stripping them of their fake halo he and others helped in creating. He is exposing their lies, unfulfilled promises and deception in a mature comic manner that has turned the show to  be become the most watched weekly TV show in Egypt nowadays.

Evidently, many anchors are on a road of redemption for their role as the devil’s advocate, being revolutionary-than-thou and mostly unintentional propaganda for the current Islamists in power throughout the transitional period before Morsi controversially elected as president. These anchors and journalists realized too late that they helped a fascist-like regime to rise to power. They also realized that fascists have no friends or allies except their very own tight niche and media outlets are becoming their first target and victims. And though these anchors and journalists have been warned that they were paving the way for the Islamists success and rise to power but they chose to ignore these warnings. However, right now most them feel threatened enough to do whatever they can to preserve their hard earned freedom of expression.

Egyptian Opposition and revolutionaries falling in the same traps repeatedly:

It is noteworthy to mention that without the extreme gullibility of the opposition against Morsi, the Muslim brotherhood wouldn’t have attained the position of power and domination they are enjoying at the moment. Unfortunately, the same group that mostly form what is known as “National Salvation Coalition” headed by prominent politicians like Former Presidential Nominees Amro Moussa, Hamadeen Sabahy and Dr. Mohamed El Baradei were directly responsible for leading the voters for either electing incumbent President Morsi against his opponent Ahmed Shafiq or boycotting the elections and calling all voters to do the same which eventually led to Morsi’s controversial victory.

Redeeming themselves on supporting Morsi and calling for protests against Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood regime and Islamist government, was the way to express The National Salvation Coalition regret of endorsing a fascist-like group nominee against Shafiq whom they believed represented the Mubarak older regime. However, even during their vehement efforts to curb the Islamists domination and on politics dissent and disagreements are still ruling the coalition activities. They still fall in the same traps set by Islamists to disintegrate their unity and show of force that manifested itself in the November and December 2012 massive uprising against Morsi’s regime. Again as usual the indecisive coalition couldn’t capitalize on the motion and anger on the ground to press for real democracy and shun the dictatorial edicts and actions of the president. Instead of remaining vigilant against voting in the referendum like their initial decision, a few days prior to  the referendum they changed their stance on the account that  they have enough information from several Egyptian districts that the referendum will be rejected by Egyptians andcalled Egyptians to go and vote “NO".

That amateurish political decision not only did confuse and split the vote of the anti-Morsi camp but also led to giving some legitimacy to an already illegitimate referendum. Furthermore, it shifted the momentum of the protests towards a political process that is guided, monitored and rigged by the Islamists themselves. The NSC overlooked the fact that the same people they are protesting against are the same ones who are monitoring the referendum and managed to rig it blatantly in broad daylight.

Accordingly, legitimizing their actions by participating in that political sham was another mistake which misled and created a diversion among their own supporters by rushing into succumbing to Morsi’s insistence on carrying on the referendum by expressing willingness to participate. Also, this move represented a backstab to the members of the Egyptian Judges Club whom took the most noble decision of not monitoring this charade.

Having not learned their lesson yet, it’s still unsurprising that the opposition is now rallying for parliamentary elections which without international monitors will witness the same type of rigging and biased monitoring by pro-Morsi judges’ .

No reassurances whatsoever from Morsi’s government were given to ensure the fairness of the upcoming parliamentary elections except for the hollow words of Morsi’s regime. What’s worse that the Islamists are vowing to take the parliament by all means necessary regardless of the methods which have been proven unorthodox in every single election. If politicians cannot learn from their mistakes regardless how righteous those politicians are, then they are unfit to lead a nation and unfortunately that is the case with most of the opposition in Egypt. It’s not enough to be noble in politics, a politician must be crafty, visionary smart and able to lead efficiently. Most importantly a real politician cannot fall in the same trap twice.

Finally, it’s also noteworthy to mention that the same complaints from infringements and rigging have tainted the presidential elections itself but they were overlooked by many figures of the opposition in the NSC because it served their purpose and they never blew the whistle on the massive riggings that also took place back then. Many of the current members were in an alliance with the Islamists to block the victory of former Nominee Ahmed Shafiq even if it meant through looking the other way to the same riggings they are complaining about now.


In a very famous American Sitcom “Seinfeld” a conniving character by the name of George Constanza brilliantly played by famous comedian Jason Alexander used to repeat a famous phrase which goes “ “Remember it’s not a lie if you believe it” Apparently the Muslim brotherhood are following this motto to the letter and are twisting the facts on the ground to match their irrational behavior.  Part of believing their lies are that they are the ones who mobilized the masses in the first revolution in January 25th 2011 and they were surprised on December 2012 that they are not really the only ones who can mobilize the nation with their Islamist allies. That myth that they are the only one who can rally masses was debunked on December 2012.

Furthermore, the Masonic hierarchy of the Muslim Brotherhood resembles to a great extent that of the International organized crime groups and syndicates like the Italian Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza and the Chinese Triads. They all operate within the shadow of society and run an underground economy of billions of dollars each year. That has been their way to counter the governmental supervision on their illegal activities. Once in the lights of politics and public services, Muslim Brotherhood couldn’t overcome their 83 years tradition of secrecy and subterfuge practices. The only difference between organized crime syndicates and Islamists like Muslim brotherhood groups is that the former are motivated by the accumulated wealth and power that their activity brings while Islamists add the religious zeal to that mix. . Ironically, Muslim Brotherhood despite having its member as a president in office is still officially a banned group and has no official entity as a charity or social organization according to the Egyptian law  They are more than willing to go all the way to protect the interests of the group whatever that takes .The 1940s&1950s assassinations and bombings by the Brotherhood and later by their Islamist groups’ franchises in the 1970s till 1990s still bear witness of how far the group is willing to go to implement its plans.

The opposition figures who once allied with Islamists like many members of the NSC and others who trusted their vows paid a hefty price despite repeating many of the same mistakes again by trying to pretend to be either impartial or too rational. The sad fact of life is that no righteous politician can be rational with fascism and no righteous journalist can be impartial against tyranny.
Furthermore, whatever blood that the Egyptian revolution spared during its first 18 days , it has continuously spilled for 2 years afterwards and unfortunately it will continue to do till all forms of tyranny and fascism are vanished from Egypt. Pandora’s Box is open now and there is no turning back. SCAF followed by Morsi’s regime have driven the country to a cliff edge but much to the surprise of both , most Egyptians are not willing to go back to any form of tyranny in the future. The die is cast even if the Islamists are still under the illusion that they have the country by the neck right now.

A president in charge of a nation is officially responsible for everything politically and economically happening during his term whether he was part of it or not .Otherwise, he shouldn’t nominate himself for the position in the first place. No further excuses can be acceptable for the ruined economy, social disintegration, sectarianism, poverty and violence that are taking place under Morsi’s watch. Morsi never delivered a single promise except ousting the military from the political scene which worked in his and his group’s favour in the first place.

Thanks to the massive riggings of the constitution referendum by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated regime, Egypt that was once an oasis of stability in a turbulent Middle East will embrace a new era of instability and violence in the upcoming period courtesy of President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group. Unfortunately, the brotherhood won’t have had that kind of momentum without the blatant endorsement of the Obama administration and the coordination with the Egyptian military who handed them the power to avert a confrontation with violence that some Islamist leaders threatened to commit if their candidate Morsi loses in the elections to presidential nominee Ahmed Shafiq.

Slowly Muslim Brotherhood group is realizing that they have committed a historical and fatal mistake by nominating a president post revolution. The old saying “be careful what you wish for you might get it” is manifested here. Muslim Brotherhood halo before the revolution as the ones possessing the key to all solutions have disappeared even faster than most optimists would have expected. Their holier-than-thou key figures are stripped of their sheen and false pious looks into and the real face behind the mask is uncovered.
Morsi and his Kandeel government seem to resemble cult movements like Heaven’s Gate religious sect founded by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. In 1997, Applewhite promised his followers salvation and heaven by boarding an alien ship that will take them to heaven and the only way to board is by committing suicide to catch up with the ship that is close to the earth orbit.. Over 39 members of the cult committed suicide in the biggest mass suicide act in USA History. Evidently, Morsi and Kandeel are leading the country in the same pattern promising salvation and heaven but actually driving the country to a mass suicide economically and socially. Their vision to revive the Egyptian Economy or lack of it will eventually lead Egypt to an inevitable bankruptcy like the Argentinian  bankruptcy disaster of 2001.

Moreover, it’s unfathomable that socialists and many liberals were and still not willing to reconcile with the former regime figures especially the ones without a  track record of political and financial corruption yet they were more than willing to compromise and even endorse Islamists with a long track of violence and acts of terrorism. This political gullibility especially within the National Salvation Coalition camp was enough for Islamists to smoothly surf on the wave of the revolution and sideline all the non-Islamists from the political decision making seats. The constitution writing committee was a blatant manifestation of the axing of any Non-Islamists political figure and if that will not represent a hard lesson to them than nothing will.

Egyptians have allowed adventurers and political amateurs to lead the scene, be that Islamists or other glory seekers for too long. Maybe it’s time to take their country back in their own hands and findreal visionaries who can lead their nation .Regardless of whether it will take months or years to make the necessary change, the road is long but there is no alternative on changing the path Egypt is being led to by Morsi’s regime. The sooner the opposition leaders believe that Morsi’s legitimacy has vanquished the sooner they will start acting more vehemently and gather more support for their just cause.

25th of January 2013 will be another crossroad for the Egyptians to choose their way either to succumb to tyranny for several decades or to choose Freedom and demand their lawful rights and changing the path that the current regime is taking. Mohamed Morsi breached his oath multiple times within 6 months and becoming more of a fascist dictator than an elected president. Morsi has one chance to redeem himself by calling for an early election which is a perfectly democratic method used in all countries with a legacy of democracy to resolve a political crisis.

The road is still long for democracy in Egypt but where there is a will there is a way.
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December 1, 2012

Darker Skies Ahead: Egypt's Future of Uncertainties


          The battle for middle earth has begun as the forces of tyranny and the forces of freedom are colliding for one decisive battle. This a memorable scene from J.R. Tolkien’s the third bestselling novel of all time The Lord of the Rings resembles the situation now in Egypt. The forces of freedom have once again reunited under one banner in manner unseen since the first 18 days of the January 25th revolution. This time they rallied for one last decisive battle for freedom in Egypt to fight and they don’t intend to give concessions to tyranny any longer.

Egyptians of all creeds and political affiliations gathered3 times on the November 23rd , 27th and 30th2012 defying the new tyrant in the making president Morsi’s Edict and affirming that they didn’t go this far for tyrant to take away their freedoms under any pretext. Will Egypt emerge as a free country and retain its historical position as a beacon of culture for the region and the world or will it succumb to the dark ages under Islamist tyrannical rule? Only upcoming days and weeks will answer that question.

Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi who just edged his contender Dr. Ahmed Shafiq by 1% in a controversial election in June 2012, have self proclaimed himself a demigod in every sense of the word. Not since the time of the Pharaohs who even had consultants, has any Egyptian ruler assumed all powers in his/her hands like Morsi have claimed in a dark day in Egypt’s 7000 years. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group have single handedly euthanized the long awaited Egyptian dream for a free democratic life and a long sought after freedom.

Morsi’s Edict and constitutional declaration have surpassed any authorities accumulated any other tyrant even during Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. It’s an unprecedented instance in the Egyptian political life that a president has the audacity to sideline the Judiciary system as well hold the legislative, executive and judiciary power in his own hands.

The Constitutional Declaration also immunized the Upper House of Egypt’s Parliament, Shura Council, and the predominantly Islamist Constituent Assembly from the dissolution or contending any court of justice. Furthermore the “unconstitutional” constitutional declaration have included the sacking of the General attorney and replaced him by another thus triggering an unprecedented event in the history of the Egyptian Judiciary system.

Furthermore, the edict have established a new judiciary body called “Revolution Protection” with its announced aim is to suppress the Mubarak regime figures and sympathizers but in reality it will the President and brotherhood legal arm to suppress any opposition by witch-hunting their political opponents utilizing the Iranian Mullahs’ regime modus operandi.
In response, The Egyptian Judges club that represents that represents the main judges body in Egypt have called all operating courts to suspend their operations till the president withdraws the unconstitutional edict and the ousted Attorney General to return to office. Also, the Judges Club declaration demanded the reformation of the constitution committee to include all factions equally to chance its Islamist predominant nature.

This courageous stance from the Judges has saved Egypt from a tyranny under the pretext of a constitutional declaration and kept the president in his place while reminding him of the limits of his authority. Whether the president will realize the gravity of the situation or not, it will be up to him and his group of consultants to undo the harm they caused an already divided and near bankruptcy nation. But each day the president defies the judges, he is bringing his short life reign to a closer and darker end with most of the country now being vigilant against him judging by the deterioration conditions in all sectors in Egypt.

Egyptians have a uphill to fight, against a tyrant president who is backed by a group that is the mother of all Political Islam groups which later adopted. The president is all backed by former terrorist groups namely the so called “Gamaa Islamiya” or Islamic Group. The Gamaa Islamiya are directly responsible for various political assassinations and terrorist bombings in the past 4 decades. These same factions that vowed to go to the streets and clear Tahrir from the protestors in move that could ignite a civil conflict and end up in a civil war.
It’s noteworthy that many experts have warned before that the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists are treating democracy as a single serving recipe for power. It seemed like over 50% of Egyptians didn’t understand the negative signals about the danger that these groups represent on the Egyptian identity and the national security. However, the same Egyptians who fought hard for their freedoms before will fight the religious tyranny represented by Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group.

Morsi’s reign of disasters:

“It’s not titles that honours men but men that honours titles” – Niccolo  Machiavelli 

       Lack of proper services and security has never been so prevalent in recent Egyptian history like it was clearly manifested during the 6 months of Morsi’s reign. Even during the years of wars with Israel 1949-1973 the Egyptians hardly felt the agony and burdens of daily life like they did in the past period. The prices of the simplest commodities are on a continuous rise and unemployment is reaching record levels with the sense of insecurity prevailing in the Egyptian society. Ironically those who voted for Morsi claimed that Presidential candidate Shafiq victory would turn the country into chaos however the exact opposite happened.

Never in Egypt’s modern history had daily electrical power cuts and water shortages becoming a norm in the average Egyptian’s life more than any time in recent memory. There is no excuse for the incompetence in all facets of life even for formely functioning services like the underground metro which has witnessed countless problems on Morsi’s newly selected government watch.
In addition, the president seemed more concerned about the welfare of Hamas who turned Gaza into a modern version of Tortuga the 17th century pirates’ haven in the Spanish Main than his own people. Hundreds of casualties on daily basis occur in the country be that through clashes, deteriorating mass transit system or infrastructure. Yet, the president didn’t act as efficiently in any of these issues as much as he did for Hamas which is the Muslim brotherhood franchise in Gaza. This carelessness in handling matters that concerns Egyptians’ lives compared to those of Hamas have turned the average Egyptians more Vigilant towards him and his policies especially when it concerns domestic issues.

Furthermore, Morsi main election campaign propaganda project called “El Nahda Project” or renaissance project that they claimed over 1000 scientists have planned to push Egypt to the 21st world was a fiasco and the mastermind behind that fake project Khairat El Shater (Brotherhood former and main candidate for Presidency) declared after Morsi’ victory that the project is simply just ideas and sketches and nothing material to build on. Egyptians who voted for Morsi based on this fiasco were duped by the biggest Elections’ scam of all time. This is enough to put Morsi on trial for perjury and misleading the public.Morsi Misled the public further when he promised that over 200 Billion Dollars as direct investments upon his election as president have also vanished among a long list of promises.

Furthermore, another fiasco was Morsi’s so called the first 100 days plan whereby he promised that he will urgently solve Egypt’s transportation, food shortages, lack of sanitation in many areas and other daily life problems in the first 100 days. Nothing was attained and another instance of perjury takes place.
Yet another Morsi promise was to reform the committee for constitution writing which he didn’t do and on the contrary he immunized the committee from any Constitutional court verdicts against it that can dismantle it since its predominantly a Muslim brotherhood and their Islamist allies and serves his interests. Another shameful act was the rushed method of writing the most horrendous constitution in Egypt’s modern history happened as a defiance to the will of the people and included articles that exudes with sectarianism , bigotry that befits a medieval kingdom not a 21st century republic which is a  shameful day for Egypt. It remain to be said that this constitution is null and void and no referendum can take place or abided with without the Judges monitoring it and as mentioned before they are on strike till the dictatorial and unconstitutional edict is withdrawn and the constitution committee is reformed.

Finally, Morsi had promised all his campaign allies that he will form a new government headed by a publicly recognized national figure that will lead the country through these turbulent economic and political stage. People were surprised by the appointment of Dr. Hisham Kandeel an unknown figure who didn’t excel in his former position as the minister of irrigation and water resources.

Dr. Kandeel lacks the political charisma, tact and economical expertise to handle a country’s economy that is on the verge of collapse and his statements are usually out of touch since his oratory skills are limited side by side to his vision. For more than 4 months Prime Minister Kandeel has not presented a sound plan for the economy, development and works on the basis of reactions to crisis containment than long term planning.  Kandeel has become the laughing stock of Egyptians in many occasions. The most famous would be when he asked Egyptians suffering from daily power shortages during the hottest summer in several decades to turn one air condition while sitting one room gathered and dressed in light cotton clothes. That was his solution to the striking power shortages problem.

The president is still defying the nation in every step and giving priorities to issues on Gaza and supplying gas, food and electricity while most Egyptian cities are suffering the abudance of such commodities and services recently. Even during the Assyut train catastrophe which resulted in the death of 51 people out of which 49 in November 2012 and he didn’t bother to do more than 2 minutes short speech contrary to a long hour one for the Gaza support in the same period.  These kinds of actions have led to further distancing between Morsi and his own voters some of which vowed to remove him in any upcoming elections despite voting for him willingly.

Finally, the president not content by failing to extinguish the fires speeding across Egypt but also setting fires of his own when he publicly accused the Egyptian Constitutional Court , the highest court of the land of plotting against him to overthrow him and also admitted that implicitly that he is recording conversations for some of its members representing breach of constitution and protocol unprecedented in any country or regime.  The court have issued a strong worded statement in response to these allegations and demanded Morsi to show the proof which he failed to do as well.

Unsurprisingly the liberals, leftists , centrists and even few wise Islamists who rallied around this president when he took the power are jumping the ship now since he failed to deliver any of his promises and also is turning to be a worse tyrant who is  only compared to the likes of Stalin and Hitler. Morsi is consolidating his powers furthermore to recreate an Iranian model in Egypt will is likely to fail more sooner than he expects.

The Sellouts redemption:

Now the regime lost its last allies in the form of the Islamist sympathizers among the pseudo-liberals, politicians and journalists who fought the entire country for Morsi rise to power after some pre-elections arrangements and promises by the Muslim Brotherhood . But when the brotherhood sidelined these sympathizers as expected they attempted to appear as heroes again among the liberals but have been so far from successful.

Examples of these pseudo liberals are the likes of Amro Hamzawy a liberal researcher and former defunct Parliament member who despite not voting for Morsi and annulled his vote had the audacity to call his liberal critics “Stay at home Liberals” just days after his election for a seat in the ill fated Egyptian parliament as they criticized him for his approval and giving concessions to extremists to have internet censorships. Others like former 2005 Presidential Candidate and Ghad El Thawra Party Leader Ayman Nour thought that he would outsmart the Islamists by conceding to their wills and insisting to be a part of the predominantly Islamist constitution writing committee that have sidelined all the non-islamist political figures eventually.

Hardcore Liberals and Libertarians have already shunned those who betrayed their cause, sold out their principals and even pledged allegiance with them to approach the ruling Islamist regime. Public figures like Novelist Alaa El Aswany and journalist Hamdy Kandeel and Political Analyst Waheed Abdel Mageed have all played the devil’s advocates role and in the past 2 years despite being warned about the consequences of this and their support of Morsi candidacy and Muslim Brotherhood on the country’s Future.  But they took no heed to these calls and till recently when they have been shunned by their new allies and apologized to the Egyptian populous of their endorsements for such extremists. However, despite their daily apologizes none could care less about what they say or do and they are dubbed unforgiven.

Despite the above incidents by some pseudo-liberals, it may not be the time to settle the scores with any of them as the liberals and all the free Egyptians have a greater task now is to unite against the bigoted and tyrannical forces of the Islamists who believe that Egypt belong to them and only them. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that the above names and many others who followed suit cannot be entrusted as leaders or even thinkers for the upcoming period.

New leaderships must emerge to replace the current ones who are disillusioned, indecisive and unable to inspire the masses. That will take time but it’s bound to happen eventually. The new leaders should be savvy politicians with strong causes to defend and on top of them is the real freedom of Egyptians from any tyrannical forces. The focus now must be resisting the tyrannical regime , yet there is  lesson that can be extracted for the future and that is conceding to extremists will never turn them to moderates but only more vicious and powerful extremists.

Almost all Islamists in power and political spectrum now in Egypt are fascists in nature be that the Salafist groups, Jihadists or the Muslim brotherhood. They have proven time and again that they have used the name of a great religion to serve their political agendas through the decades. Giving these groups any concessions in the name of unity have proven to be the wrong path from the beginning because as like all fascists do they can never be appeased by the gains they have acquited and they will always ask for more power and more authorities.

The religious frenzy in Egypt:

Egypt nowadays is witnessing a religious frenzy that is sweeping large sectors of the society. It’s becoming apparent that more men are letting their breads grow the size of Santa Claus beards as a sign of piety More women are encouraged to wear Niqab (Full Veil) and unveiled women are being targeted by groups of predators including women wearing Niqab. 3 incidents reported of Coptic women had their hair cut by Niqab wearing women; these attacks happen in public places and among them the Cairo Underground which was one of the safest mass transportation systems in the country before Morsi’s rule.
The frenzy extended that the so called leaders of the Salafist movements are threatening everyone against the president by physical and verbal abuse.

The government and Morsi hardly denounced these mad constant attacks on liberals except in one instance when a prominent actress was verbally attacked by a Salafi cleric on a private TV network. The hate mongers are having a field day during Morsi’s reign of religious extremism. One Salafi sheikh had the audacity to say that once the jihadists take over the rule in Egypt, they till tear down the Pyramids, the sphinx and all ancient Egyptian monuments for he believes they are idols and must be removed.

The sheikhs and clerics are becoming the traditional guests in most Egyptian TV talk shows and issuing one controversial Fatwa (Islamic Opinion) after another that left the public disillusioned and confused about their own religion. Furthermore, a new wave of clerics asking people to abide by what Morsi decrees as he is a righteous man is done during TV , Press interviews and worse during traditional Friday prayers sermon.

This religious frenzy fuelled by the president himself who chooses to conduct a weekly tedious Friday speeches himself is turning the country into a replica of Iran . The difference is that many Egyptians are mocking him publicly and protesting about the president who is pretending to be holier than thou in every possible chance and forgetting his main role to improve the conditions of their lives.

Furthermore, Religious freedoms are under serious threats and the Coptic church under the new pope Tawadros as well as the Catholic and Anglican ones in Egypt have withdrawn their representatives from the Constitutional committee in protest against a bigoted and sectarian constitution is numerous. Morsi didn’t even as much tried to calm the fears of Christians and other minorities except through clichéd statements that hardly come to practice in reality.

Obama Administration support to the Muslim Brotherhood:

On former President Jimmy Carter’s watch, a tyrannical and theological regime seized power in Iran in 1979 and on President Obama’s watch the same is happening in Egypt with full support and applause from the Obama administration.

In fact, it’s not a coincidence that with every visit from Hillary Clinton to Egypt is always followed by further tyrannical power seizing edicts from President Morsi who seized the opportunity of her visit in August 2012 to oust the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) from power.

During the second visit following the short lived Hamas-Israeli war, Morsi issued the second edict with constitutional declaration gathering all powers in the land in his own grip , denying any Egyptian citizen the right to seek courts to revoke any presidential decision. Morsi now holds the entire country by the throat as he gathers executive, legislative and judiciary powers thus a new demigod tyrant is born in Egypt.

The reactions of the Obama administration as usual were slow, incohesive and hesitant like most of the international crisis that occurred during his reign. He still believes that his charm and wit will solve the world problems without having to get involved decisively. Obama attained some success in Libya but still failing on the Syrian conflict as well as transitional periods in Egypt and other Arab Spring countries where has chosen to stand next to the Islamist powers hijacking the Arab spring revolutions like in Tunisia and Egypt.

Obama administration infatuation by Morsi’s role as a mediator a role that Mubarak have played to perfection for 30 years have seemed to give Morsi and the brotherhood the impression that they have USA on their back and Egypt is fair game for the Islamist rule to dominate. As mentioned in a previous article again Obama appears to resemble British PM Chamberlain who appeased Hitler in several occasions and turned his head away from a crisis brewing that eventually led to Hitler annexing one country in Europe after another and eventually leading to a very costly World War II.

The myth that the Obama administration believed that Muslim Brotherhood control the streets is now debunked by the November 27th protests that swept Egypt from corner to corner.. That  same myth which led Obama’s administration to forge an unholy alliance with the Muslim brotherhood and endorsingtheir rise to power throughout the past year and half which is manifested in the countless meetings in USA and Egypt with their leaders and the obscure arrangements.

USA interests in the security of Israel and the free passage through  the Suez Canal have blinded them from the fact that the security of Israel will never be reached through having a fascist dictator in power who is willing to retract from any agreements, election promises or declarations even with his own people let alone a country that Morsi’s group always called a mortal enemy and vowed with his followers to free Jerusalem through Jihad during his election campaign.

It’s up to President Obama in his second term to undo the harm that his first term policies caused in Egypt and at least try to act neutral instead of providing more support to democracy not through democracy NGOs working in Egypt but keeping Morsi to his promises and providing aid to demcoracy through an electronic voting system that prevents fraudelent activities during elections which is expected in any upcoming elections or referendums on Morsi’s watch.
President Obama is still enjoying the euphoria of a landslide victory and domestic economical issues that is still keeping him away from curing a situation that he helped to deteriorate.

The Muslim Brotherhood group is still proving to be a disease and not a remedy to the Middle East problems and they are drawing more extremism by the day. This was evident in the growing anti-sentiment towards the USA itself and manifested in the violent protests that occurred following the release of the Anti-Islam movie last September that result in the storming of the American Embassy in Cairo by the incitement of leaders from the Muslim brotherhood and their Islamist allies themselves despite denying that later . These groups have managed to break all the promises to their own people let alone to a country whom they deem as the “Great Satan”. Wagering the American Middle Eastern policies fate on the Islamist regimes is proving to be a fatal historical mistake.

Finally, The American Press and Media infatuation with Morsi seems like an organized propaganda campaign of facelifting the ugly real face of Egypt’s new tyrant and it’s shameful as much as it’s insulting to millions of Egyptian freedom fighters who already paid their lives and willing to pay more for unrestrainedfreedoms.


“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” - Sun Tzu

The enemies of freedom cruel intentions are now publicly known and the masquerade of piety and righteousness has fallen from the Muslim brotherhood faces and their holier-than-thou radical Salafist parties. No longer the fake piety will fool any rational Egyptian regardless how pious is that Egyptian. That doesn’t mean that these groups will vanquish overnight. On the contrary, they are more likely to be more vigilant and return to their bloody roots that they terrorized Egypt with since 1940s all the way to the Early millennium and still through their franchise Jihadist groups in Sinai and upper Egypt.  Their leaders are still threatening their opponents with violence and in absence of any reaction from the President or regime.

History has countless amounts of events and cases when the people of a nation go in a frenzy to believe in a leader or political group with an extremist ideology and they would be willing to give their lives and family for it . Even the welfare of their own country becomes a small price to pay for the ridiculous ideology to thrive and in the end it’s always the demise of the nation that serves as a late wake up call for everyone who got involved.

The word purification seems to be in the rhetoric of Muslim Brotherhood on daily basis and usually it means eradicating their opponents in the most unorthodox of ways. This represents a resemblance of everything fascist and racist regimes have done in history. The free world might need to open their eyes at what Egypt is turning to before it’s too late and if the situation continues to escalate it will no longer be an Egyptian problem but regional one if not an international one.

Morsi is probably now setting a new Guinness world record for a presumably elected president as his people revolted in only 6 months after his presence in office. Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood believing delusionaly that they are the real force behind the revolution led them to believe that they know the streets vibe and can control the public support in their favour effortlessly. That fatal perception of grandeur resulted in a series of fatal mistakes that will be the beginning of the end for this Islamist group and on top of that their president reign.

Time has proven that all the fake opposition practiced by the Muslim brotherhood was a charade and just power seeking games that fooled the naïve among some politicians who aligned with them and many others who believed their fake piety.

Furthermore, Morsi’s edict is not just a breach for the freedom of the Judiciary system, freedom of speech and all other human rights but also an infringement to 4 international treaties protecting the independence of the Judiciary system that Egypt signed before. Thus this declaration pushes the Egyptian state to be under scrutiny and possible condemnation from the international community thus adding further constraints on Egypt at time that the Egyptians are seeking assistance from the international community. Morsi as president and his obscure Islamist group didn’t put in account Egypt’s highest interests or image abroad but only their power mongering activities when that shameful edict was issued.

Even if the president under pressure from the public and the freedom fighters will withdraw that shameful assault on the constitutional rights of the Egyptians to curb public outrage, the damage is already done and the Egyptian society is more split now than any time in recorded era modern or ancient. The “C” word or the civil war symptoms are becoming more apparent day by day and can already be observed in several main Egyptian cities though till this moment they are still limited .

The worst case scenario would a Syrian or Algerian like conflict that could extend for years if measures are not taken now to contain the situation or it will would turn into a fully fledged conflict with all factions being on edge now. Morsi would do Egyptians a great favour that will be recorded in history and might save his legacy if he steps down and calls for an early presidential election monitored by the UN and international NGOs.

The last recorded civil war was a limited one which was the Alexandrine Civil war circa 47 BC Between Cleopatra VII and her brother Ptolemy XIII which ended up in the Roman commander Julius Caesar intervening in favour of Cleopatra and defeating Ptolemy forces. A series of events led to Julius Caesar assassination, Cleopatra committing suicide and Egypt becoming a Roman province and effectively ending the Pharaonic civilization after more than 4500 glorious years. While that is not likely to happen but Egyptians’ solidarity has been their chief weapon to combat any foreign invaders throughout their history and they even managed to Egyptianize their invaders to their ways, the same can’t be said now and Morsi legacy will be tainted forever for being the president who divided Egyptian’s unity.

Finally, The current position of the army is still  unknown with the newly appointed Minister of Defense El Seesy have declared that army will always protect the people and uphold stability. As understood from the statement that the army is not very keen on getting involved and will not get involved unless the situation spirals out of control like the events that took place in January 28th 2011.

While it’s not far from that melting point now the questions on how the army will respond exactly and what will be the response of the revolutionaries who don’t trust the army based on what the nation have witnessed during the past two years still pose themselves.

As regardless whether one can agree or not, it is SCAF and the army commanders who paved the way for the Islamists and the brotherhood to take over the country and handed the country on turnkey basis to the current tyrant regime through a series of steps that started by the ominous 19th March 2011 referendum that effectively split the nation and rendered the first revolution goals unattainable. Yet, it will be quite interesting to follow the army commanders’ reactions in case the situation deteriorates even furthe as a result of the new protests.

Mubarak had ruled with “emergency” law for over 30 years and promised repeatedly that he will revoke it  given the right chances; that situation remained for 30 years and even extended for a year after his ousting in 2011. Morsi declaration represents a much worse infringement for human rights than anything happened during the 30 year emergency law during Mubarak era. Morsi’s new proclamation is an invitation to destroy the fragile judiciary independence that Egyptian judiciary system enjoyed through the past decades.
The impeachment of Morsi would seem to be a very logical consequence of this situation since the president have broken the oath which he was sworn to abide with in June 2011 and the constitution declarations based on which he was elected.

Moreover, he overstepped the boundaries of his authority and combined unconstitutionally all the legislative, executive, and judicial powers under his authority thus breaching the same oath he has taken to respect the separation of powers in the Nation thus impeachment is warranted.

Egypt which was even during years of dictatorships was a oasis of peace needs the efforts of every able bodied patriot to pass through this critical stage of its modern history and the moral and political support of freedom fighters all around the world. For if Egypt is in trouble the whole region will be in turmoil just a short while after.

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August 20, 2012

The Long and Winding Road for Democracy in Egypt Part 11:

Egypt lost in Bermuda Triangle: USA, Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari Connection

American Politicians have proven to the world once again that they are big history enthusiasts. In fact that they love history so much that they strive to repeat their historical mistakes once or more every generation. Apparently, the mistakes done by looking the other way during the establishment of an Islamist regime in Iran and establishing Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to battle what they called the communists expansion in central Asia during the 1970’s and 1980’s still continue through the 21st century.  Back then, the plan worked initially and not only the communist expansion was quelled but the entire Soviet Union was splattered into pieces and divided into 15 republics that formed later a wall around the Russia, some countries that are pro-Russian while the rest are Pro-USA.

However, the American consecutive administrations believed that the mission was accomplished with the fall of the USSR and left Afghanistan in Turmoil to be ruled by warlords that wreaked havoc and terrorized the local populace. As a consequence the infamous Taliban militants who were Islamic Jurisprudence students (Shaaria) emerged on the scene and swept most of the Afghani state. Eventually they allied with Al Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden and Ayman El Zawihiri who found refuge in the war torn Afghanistan. Eventually Afghanistan became the headquarters to export terrorism worldwide and the pinnacle was the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York’s Twin Towers that changed the face of the earth as we know it.

Obviously all the above didn’t change the perspective American strategists and think tanks and they are bound to repeat their support for radical groups in Middle East to take power while effectively doing the same mistakes that resulted in a war on terror post the cold war era.

USA is the De-facto superpower in the post cold war era with the GDP of $15.09 Trillion USD per year (2011 figures) , that is 3 times that of China and about 2.5 Trillions less than the European Union Countries (26 + UK) amounting 17.578 (2011 figures). These numbers indicate that USA is still the dominant force in the world economy though that will not be the case should the economic situation continues to slide towards the doom it is heading for. That doom can be manifested by the USA national debt amounting 15.879 Trillion USD (July 20th 2012 numbers) with an increase in debt by 3.91 Billion per day since August 2007. The USA economy might be the crippling factor for the United States to sustain its current status as the superpower.

While some may argue about the fact that USA is still the major superpower, none will argue about the extent and leverage that the USA can exercise economically, military and politically on a global scale. USA cannot enforce its will entirely on the planet especially with the presence of rising powers like Russia, China, European Union, Brazil as well as military threats like North Korea and Iran. However, it can certainly make life miserable for countries which oppose its general politics and the examples throughout the past decades are numerous.

1-THE USA AND EGYPT : The love-hate relationship

Egyptian American relations extend for over two centuries and have been almost steady and cordial throughout most of its history with the exception of the period during the Nassers’s reign (1954-1970) This period witnessed Egypt severing its ties with USA  as a result to the direct intervention by USA to the Israeli side according to Nasser’s claims in the 1967 six days war  .
In 1974 and post the 1973 war , Sadat who was victorious restored the Diplomatic relations with USA and paved the way for the Camp David accords in 1979. Since that date the USA has been the greatest friend for Egypt in terms of economic and military aids. Egypt received over 60 billion in direct military and economic aid since 1979 till now. Despite the annual aid represents less than 1% of Egypt’s annual GDP but it still represents a binding tie between the two nations and a cornerstone of the Middle East hope for peace. The regular military maneuvers known as “Operation Bright Star” represents one of the two nation’s attempts to bring closer the Egyptian and American Central commands.

General Anthony Zinni, former Commandant of the USA Central Command (CENTCOM) which oversees the Middle East, Central Asia and African regions(CENTCOM), once said, “Egypt is the most important country in my area of responsibility because of the access it gives me to the region.” This statement from the former commander elaborates how Egypt plays a key role in the stability of the region without which USA can lose its grip on the oil resources in the Arabian Peninsula as well as the safe passages for its fleets all over the globe.

“Operation Shining Star” is one of the biggest manifestations of partnership that USA and Egypt have throughout the past 3 decades. The Strategic alliance has enabled Egypt to acquire cutting edge technology weapons while guaranteeing the safety of the most important naval passage i.e. Suez Canal as well as the security of Egyptian- Israeli borders and the secure supply of Middle Eastern oil to Europe and USA.  These are the main elements of cooperation but aside from these pragmatic ties with the USA, the cultural influence of both countries worldwide as well as their importance for stability of many regions be that the Persian Gulf, Middle East and Africa are paramount.

Despite all of the above, the American intervention in the Egyptians policies and their lobbying against SCAF throughout the transitional phase since the abdication of Mubarak till Mohamed Morsi is in office was staggering.  It’s safe to say that President Barack Obama can be held directly responsible this time into bringing a fully fledged Islamist president and government in Egypt. Obama  is still under influence that the Islamist can be dealt with and he seems to believe that Egyptian Islamists are similar to the Development and Justice party of Turkey.

Also Obama’s administration still feels the grudge towards SCAF for the raids against unlicensed human right groups in December 2011. But SCAF ended up freeing these workers later but after causing a rift between both governments.
Moreover, The American administration formulated their new strategy in the Middle East by means of forging alliances with Islamists in the region and capitalizing on their rise of post the Arab Spring revolutions in the Middle East. This strategy is based on endorsing and occasionally funding these groups like Muslim Brotherhoods and their franchises in the region.  The middleman in this operation is Qatar which through its Al Jazeerah TV network Propaganda machine have been persistently propagating the Muslim brotherhood rhetoric while vehemently defending their cause, rhetoric and portraying all their rivals as anti-revolutionary or pro –Mubarak regime.

The plan worked neatly in Egypt and Tunisia whereby an Islamist dominated parliament in both countries Islamists were elected and given the right to select the commission for the constitution. Naturally, this was a defeat to both Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia bearing in mind that Islamists were conservative and unenthusiastic about the revolution initially but they managed to reap the rewards of what others sowed.

Julian Assange’s Wikileaks website  have revealed a lot of documents displaying double dealings by consecutive US Administrations with the third world dictators and instead formulating new policies they are still infatuated by the old school behind the door dealings and forging deals with oppressors. Only this time, the new oppressors are the Islamists in the Middle East and their flagship is the Muslim Brotherhood organization. The biggest political Islam franchise in the world with about 80 branches worldwide seemed to fit the bill for the America’s next allies to the region.  And once again the USA is doomed to commit the mistakes they have done in Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan and now apparently it’s Egypt’s turn. Muslim Brotherhood were in contact with the United States consecutive administrations for decades and many of their leaders hold US citizenships, they among others radical Islam leaders found refuge from Mubarak’s regime in the heart of the USA.

However, It maybe also a factor that it’s in America’s best interest to place loyal regimes within the middle east as a preparation for their expected assault on Iran , however if that is the case Obama should rest assured that Egyptians will not be open to the idea of joining forces with USA to attack any other country. Even at the height of Mubarak’s close ties with USA, Egypt refused to participate in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan .Even participating with peace keeping forces was rejected so the likeness of Egypt getting involved against Iran is highly unlikely. But it can be plausible that the Obama administration believes that Muslim Brotherhood president would curb Hamas in Gaza from attacking Israeli targets during the expected war should it occurs.
Furthermore, Mohamed Morsi the new president elect of Egypt is ironically the most American president outside USA territory. Despite he spent only 3 years in USA. All his 5 sons and daughter are holders of US Citizenship and similarly with his grandchildren who have the same.  His sons already rejected giving up their US citizenships. Morsi and his presidential campaign claimed that they were pushed to accept these citizenships which to any person of knowledge of American laws, standards or posses a modicum of logic will find that totally ridiculous.

According to Nick Mills in his 2007 book “Karazai, the failing American Intervention and the struggle for Afghanistan” Afghani President Hamid Karazai was a former CIA contact during the Soviet Invasion to Afghanistan Karzai remained in Pakistan during the Soviet intervention his siblings immigrated to the United States.Some similarities can be drawn to Morsi who was recruited in 1977 by the Muslim Brotherhood which studying in USA.

There is no indication of any relations with the CIA like in the case of Karzai but it is elementary that the USA will prefer a president who has direct family ties to USA like Morsi than a nationalist military commander like Major General Ahmed Shafiq the former presidential candidate.

American and British Press Handling of the Egyptian Presidential elections:

One of the most misleading campaigns that stained the US and British press lately was the coverage of the later chapters of the Egyptian revolution and particularly the Egyptian presidential elections. Apparently the USA and British media attempted to appear more in love with the revolution than actual Egyptians. The reactions of some editorials and news banners in newspapers the New York Times, The Guardian regarding the anticipated results of the second round of elections were biased and far from objective. They have neglected the facts on the ground and started pushing for the inevitable victory for Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohamed Morsi. It’s not a secret that some of the journalists working for these newspapers had close ties and links to the Qatari government and particularly Al Jazeerah network but more of that is later.

The complexities of the Egyptian culture, society and civilization will never be fully grasped by a 30 something year old researcher in a Washington based think tank dressed in a fancy suit or even a CIA analyst who visited Egypt twice in his life for 3 weeks and claim to be a glorified expert. One would think that they actually read books like “Arabian Nights”  Also known as  “1001 Nights “as their reference for the middle east policies judging by the amount of disasters they help to create based on their analysis. The war on Iraq is how an inaccurate analysis based on rumors of the storage Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq can create a global disaster and millions of people pay their lives for it.

During the course of elections coverage by USA and British media, Shafiq’s entire military career neglected as a 1973 war hero Fighter pilot , a, Military attaché’ at Egyptian Embassy in Rome , a Chief of Staff  of the Egyptian Air force, followed by  a career as the most successful Egyptian civil aviation minister of all time and finally a Prime minister for Egypt during the last few days of Mubarak’s reign and one month afterwards.  All that history was neglected by many western media outlets and the main focus was his connection to Mubarak. For instance, in a New York Times article by David Kirkpatrick (Cairo bureau chief correspondent) on may27th 2012 titled “Egyptian counting on the worries of Elites” is an example of a how an article can be misleading.

Simply from the title, it is implying that that General Shafiq is appeasing the elites while the facts on the ground proved that he received more votes from rural areas all over Egypt than urban areas. Added to this , over 12 million Egyptians have voted in Shafiq’s favour  with a percentage of 48.27% according to the disputed results that led to the victory of the new president Morsi who edged by a controversial 51.73% in a repeated Bush/Gore 2000 scenario. These 12 million people who voted for Shafiq are by no means elites but people of all ranks of society and in a country with poverty rates exceed 40%, the existence of 12 million elites is impossible and not even a fraction of that number would sound plausible.

Furthermore, Kilkpatric  described the comparison between Ahmed Shafiq and Mohamed Morsi as follows: ” Mr. Shafik, 70, and Mr. Morsi, 60, offer a rematch of the struggle that has driven Egyptian politics for six decades, between secular authoritarians and Islamists who promise a novel experiment in religious democracy”  This was another misleading statement.  In the 21st century hardly an “Authoritarian Secular” participates in elections after revolutions and seeks the approval of a nation in a state of revolt. On the other hand, he implies that the so called religious democracy is a novel experiment, the fact that this experiment has been tried and tested in other countries like Iran and Pakistan. Both countries have Islamists dominating their parliament and heads of state offices in the case of Iran while backed by the military.

The rhetoric of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was synonymous with the same rhetoric utilized both in Iran and Pakistan. So the case of them having a novel experiment for Egypt is quite weak since they have stated clearly that their ultimate goal is to establish a Caliphate with a capital in Jerusalem.  Similar cases of misleading readers about the situation in Egypt can be easily found in editorials and columns and even headlines in L.A. Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail. The common theme was that they tried to convey to the readers in USA and UK that the Morsi is ironically the revolutionary candidate and Shafiq is nothing but a mere shadow of the former regime.  These mistakes can hardly be attributed to coincidence or good will , this very likely to either be a result of ignorance of the Egyptian and Middle Eastern politics , loss of proper translations from Arabic sources or intentional . It’s evident that many of these media outlets are not hiring correspondents who speak proper Arabic if any and they acquire their information from Muslim Brotherhood English websites without checking their rhetoric or declarations in Arabic. Only few correspondences have mastered Arabic language like in the cases of Pittsburg Tribune’s Betsy Hiel or CNN’s Ben Wedeman .

The synchronized attacks on the Dr. Ahmed Shafiq and even misquoting their campaign statements became very aggressive and cannot be attributed to coincidence. For instance,  a case of misquotation was  made against Ahmed Sarhan  (Spokesman of Shafiq’s Campaign) who mentioned that after the elections the revolution has ended and rebuilding the country will commence.  Washington post and other news networks printed that Ahmed Sarhan spokesman says that “The revolution has ended”. There is no plausible explanation on why a reputable newspaper misquotes a spokesman of a Presidential campaign that was specific in his words.

Furthermore, Mohamed Morsi’s campaign and Muslim Brotherhood managed to trick the western Media days before the declaration of the final result of the second round of elections by announcing it at 4:00 A.M Cairo local time in the same night of the last polling closed.  Around that time it would be at the evening news in New York to send a message to the American audience that Morsi won the election despite the fact that Cairo districts votes were not counted yet as well as several other cities.

Many media outlets have fallen in the trap set for them and declared Morsi as winner despite the very close race which was only resolved almost a week later. The reason for this declaration by the brotherhood is that their Al Jazeerah propaganda machine and other networks would cry foul in case they declared Shafiq’s as winner.

This action has exerted a lot more pressure on SCAF who couldn’t verify or investigate the case of 800,000 ballots forged by Muslim Brother in favour of Morsi found in Amiriya Government Printing press and lots of incidents of coerced forgery as well in many districts. Cases of forcing Christian voters to stay home during the elections by Islamists in the southern districts of Miniya and Fayoum have been reported as well and neglected by international media who only exerted pressure on SCAF to hand the power to the Muslim brotherhood candidate in a very bizarre show of solidarity to the Islamist candidate.

Finally, it is a fact that the high committee for elections is the only entity designated to announce the results and SCAF under pressure neglected this fact and the investigations about fraud as well.  Evidences of this was prevalent when the result declaration was pushed for many days only to have the Election commission head judge Farouk Sultan mentioned that only 3 ballot boxes were recounted for fraud which  is quite illogical since the 3 ballot boxes don’t take 5 days to count but a mere 2 hours maximum.

2-The Muslim brotherhood and the master plan for hegemony

The success of the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists in Egypt would mark up the beginning of the end of Pan Arabism and beginning of new era of Pan Islamism. Why this would be bad news for the west unlike what’s propagated there? Because as much as Pan Arab nationalists seemed to be in conflict with the west since the 1950s till now, they were mostly distinctive in choosing their foes which was mainly USA regimes and its closest allies but Pan Islamists are mostly in conflict with anyone or any country which is not Islamic .In fact they can be in conflict with Islamic countries that doesn’t adhere to their strict believes like in the case of secular Turkey or Shia’ ruled Iran.

Now this can mark a new struggle between the west and the middle if the Islamists take a hold of the Egyptian Army which is their next in line target especially after removing both SCAF head Tantawi and deputy Anan from power recently. The Egyptian modern Army since Mohamed Ali Pasha reformations and establishment of  a Middle Eastern empire has distinguished itself as a secular army to an Islamic majority country.  The Egyptian Army didn’t involve itself in wars for religion with the exception of Ibrahim Pasha Campaign in the Arabian Peninsula to the quell the Wahhabi revolt and against the House of Saud between (1813-1815) and ending officially in 1818 by the surrender  The Saudi Leader Abdullah Bin Saud  and  the fall last stronghold in Diriyah  . But even that war led by Ibrahim Pasha who managed to achieve a decisive victory against the house of Saud was not aimed for strictly for religious purpose despite quelling the first Wahhabi movement but mainly to affirm an initial alliance between the new ruler of Egypt and Ottoman empire by quelling the rebellion that seized all the holy places in Mecca and Medina. That was the only struggle that the Egyptian army got involved that has certain degree of religious conflict within it.

Now with the Muslim Brotherhood in power of Presidency and seeking to Islamize the Egyptian Army from within, the dangers of this process on the status of the Middle East peace particularly with Egypt and Israel is bound to be negative. Turning the status of the Egyptian army from a national army that that defends the Egyptian soil from any foreign intervention or aggression to a so called “Islamic Army” will result in turning the Palestinian struggle into a purely religious struggle instead of a national one.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology is mainly based on their founder Hassan El Bana’s saying “God is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.” With this motto being implemented and Brotherhood penetrating the ranks of the army this can’t be good news for the region.

Moreover, Muslim Brotherhood presidential campaign and rallies in many Egyptian city like Mahalla North of Cairo expressed the willingness of the Islamist group represented by new president Mohamed Mosri’s campaign to initiate what their campaign of what called the Liberation of Jerusalem and defeating the “Jews” . This rally among many others accompanied by the chants and singing appeared to be more synonymous of a Rally that would be organized by Hitler followers in Nazi Germany than a post Millennium presidential campaign in a democratic country.   Some would claim that this is just campaign rhetoric and it’s aimed to rally the populist and Islamist votes behind Morsi who eventually won in a very controversial manner. But that couldn’t be further from the truth since the same crowds that stood behind the Islamist candidate will be pressing Morsi to deliver these promises made during his campaign.

The Muslim brotherhood that are known to be extremely pragmatic will not likely to be to take any offensive moves against Israel or any other nation especially that the army is still not fallen in their hands yet. However, under stress from those overzealous voters seeking to restore Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine as they dream, one can only imagine what sort of aggressive ambition they may adopt once they grab a hold of the Egyptian army command.  The likeness of Morsi taking offensive action or rhetoric against Israel is minimal as long as the Army is still away from the direct influence and command of Morsi and the brotherhood but at the same time it’s worrying to think how long before they attain that goal.

The above mentioned speeches and what can be described as a preparation for a war was overlooked by the US and Western regimes and media. On the contrary, Presidential candidate Shafiq who rivaled Morsi during the presidency elections 2nd round. Shafiq’s who vowed clearly to strengthen the ties of relations with USA as a super power and key ally to Egypt as well as maintaining peace treaty with Israel was overlooked by the same western media while focusing on the Morsi campaign and clearly overlooking the Nazi rhetoric rallies and promises to squash the opponents under his shoes according one of Mohamed Morsi’s Speeches.

Of course the United States represented by Obama’s administration had a long list of demands before approving Morsi as a president while giving up on Shafiq as a more likely friendly face. Among the most important demands are that Egyptian-Israeli treaty to remain untouched and the Suez Canal to remain open for international trade.  The USA have direct negotiation channels with the Muslim brotherhood for long years and these channels were used from time to time to add pressure on the Mubarak’s regime as many of the Muslim Brotherhood members found safe havens on American soil from prosecution during Mubarak’s era. Renewed Negotiations with Muslim Brotherhood were initiated since 2005 according to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the ties continued ever since. Evidently Obama is still under influence from his advisors who portray to him a romantic view of the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate movement with the likes of Dalia Mujahid his Islamic and Middle Eastern advisor in his crew.

Morsi who was during the first days of the revolution till January 28th 2011 was incarcerated on the account of accusation of espionage with foreign powers. Some might attribute that incarceration as a prosecution on behalf Mubarak regime.  However, the charges were never pursued and ironically Morsi was broken out of jail during the chaos that occurred. Egyptian courts and SCAF for some unknown reason not opened this case files and Morsi found himself eligible to run for President despite all the charges and actually won the presidency bearing in mind that he was a second choice for the Muslim Brotherhood themselves who only presented him on the scene after Business Tycoon Khairat El Shater their primary candidate for presidency was disqualified by the Presidential elections committee. However, the same was not applied on Morsi since wasn’t indicted yet but was to be held on trial when all of a sudden no charges were to touch him after his nomination and definitely after his victory.

Khairat El Shater associates toured the USA in good will missions in an attempt to persuade and rally USA support. One of the delegate members is a peculiar case and he is Attorney Abdul Mawgud Dardeery the Muslim Brotherhood’s Attorney who was Ironically implicated in a child pornography case but not charged and was even allowed to enter the USA despite its strict laws in regard any person of interest or those who were implicated in any charges. The delegation was allowed by US government and even was interviewed by the press. . El Shater was touring between the USA and Qatar trying to rally support for his candidacy and affirming that that the brotherhood will continue to honour the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and all other international treaties. Though he never got the candidacy , he started doing the same for his replacement Morsi and conducting interviews on western media claiming that SCAF will forge the elections against Morsi.

On the other hand, The above mentioned rallies and parades organizing by Brotherhood  during the replacement candidate Morsi campaigns prove that they were selling false promises to the USA till this moment.  Muslim Brotherhood ties with organizations ranked by US administration as terrorist like Hamas and the full knowledge of the Obama’s administration gives this USA approval of the Muslim Brotherhood a very bizarre decision and endorses the claims that Muslim Brotherhood forged a deal with the USA in exchange of some verbal promises which the Muslim Brotherhood are likely to never keep.
Conspiracy theorists in Egypt believe that the USA administration is involved in a conspiracy to divide Egypt into two or more countries in a similar case to Sudan on the basis of religion and Muslim Brotherhood is the Trojan horse for this plan. Though this might be farfetched since a divided Egypt will hurt the USA equally if Egypt would have a civil war but many indications and evidence found can be attributed to reinforce that direction as well.  However, USA should bear in mind that neither the Greeks , Romans , Ottomans nor even British occupation with their divide and conquer motto succeeded divide the Egyptian state since its establishment as a unified kingdom over 5500 Years ago and the USA will not be an exception.

3-   The Qatari connection Al Jazeerah : The Muslim Brotherhood’s Pravda

Hardly TV news networks changed the pace of politics in any region in the world like Al Jazeerah did in the Middle East post Millennium era. In the Middle East where freedom of speech was a rare commodity back in the 1990s and onwards, Al Jazeerah was a leap forward in the amount of freedom of expression provided as well as  political and social taboos were broken and openly discussed.  Since its inception in 1996 Qatari TV network Al Jazeeraah have managed to forge a peculiar usually unmixed message that mixes Leftist Pan Arabism rhetoric with the conservative Islamist one.  The network pioneered in hosting key opposition figures who found no one to host them in their respective countries media outlets to profess their ideas and rhetoric. This resulted in major reshuffle of the old media policies in many Middle Eastern countries and particularly in Egypt which witnessed much more freedoms of expression and policies during the later years of Mubarak.

Qatar a small Persian gulf peninsula established in 1971 who’s Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani have orchestrated a coup d’état against his father in an attempt 1995 to gain power and the coup was successful and although he ruled since June 1995 the official coronation didn’t take place before June 2000 as the Amir (Prince) of Qatar. Afterwards, he struck gold by the incredible wealth of Natural gas that represented an abundant fortune for the scarcely populated nation. This assisted Qatar to adopt the role of the financier and the propagator to a lot of activist movements and Islamists movement in the Middle East.  Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani enjoys an enormous wealth and he is depicted in his small Emirate as the man who have the knowledge of everything, be that in military, politics or ironically sports
Qatar which is an Absolute Monarchy is preaching the entire Arab world on daily basis about the importance of democracy and freedom of expression through its extended media arm Al Jazeerah news. Qatar have recruited hundreds of professional anchors, editors and technicians with offices in all major cities around the world to try to battle the influence of CNN and BBC in the middle east or that was the cause declared initially. Later after initial successes of breaking political taboos in media coverage, the network reached international fame during its coverage of the US invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) as they managed to display the other side point of view that was usually covered up by the USA and British media. They have been the first to broadcast the infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden voice messages on regular basis to the extent that American conservatives labeled it as “Al Qaeda TV”.
The professionalism facade officially displayed by Al Jazeerah in its earlier years began to fade away eventually as the Qatari network intentionally neglected any criticism to the Qatari regime or politics to the extent that days can pass of continuous news without a single headline mentioning Qatar let alone criticizing it by any means.

Also other Qatari friendly regimes like that of Syria and Algeria got free passes from any criticisms and the focus was always Egypt which was miles ahead in democracy and freedoms even under Mubarak rule compared to the likes of Syria, Algeria , Iraq and of course Qatar itself.   The Qatari news network neglected the international reports of human rights abuses including human trafficking and abuse of foreign labour among many others taking place in Qatar itself and just focused on other Middle Eastern countries.

Moreover, a new CEO was running the Al Jazeerah network the Palestinian/Jordanian national Wadah Khanfar who managed in a few years to radicalize most of the network staff according to prominent Egyptian anchor Hafez El Mirazi who was the director of Al Jazeerah bureau in Washington in an interview in 2009. Al Mirazi stated that Khanfar systematically replaced all the old technical teams with newer radical Islamist adopters from other networks who mainly outcasts but Khanfar who is a Muslim Brotherhood member did that to gradually Islamize the message of the network. It was prevalent throughout the past years that the mix of Pan Arabism – Pan Islamism rhetoric that dominated the Al Jazeerah network recently was shifting more to extreme point of views Islam led by the famous Egyptian origin and Qatari national Youssef Al Qardawi.

Al Qardawi the former Muslim Brotherhood member who fled Egypt during Nasser’s regime is often described as a controversial cleric who has views ranging from very sane to very extreme managed to propagate the ideas of Islamists in neighboring countries and particularly Egypt through his weekly talk show.  Wadah Khanfar resigned after a scandal was revealed by Wikileaks website that he was in close cooperation with the CIA and he turned his resignation despite any links to the CIA and refuting the Wikileaks reports’ contents but the timing of his sudden departure and the release of the scandalous documents rules out any coincidence and proves Khanfar cooperation with the CIA.

Furthermore, Al Jazeerah in an attempt to reach a wider audience worldwide have launched an English version of its channel and mustered a lot of renowned worldwide anchors like Cnn’s Riz Khan and British anchor David Frost among many others. The rhetoric and the message of the newer English network is categorically different from the Arabic version. Instead of the traditional anti-American and anti –Israeli rhetoric that distinguishes Al Jazeerah and addressed to the Arabic speaking audience, a much toned down and civilized rhetoric is presented to the western audience in complete contradiction of the traditional Al Jazeerah.

The above can have very few meanings and the most obvious one is that Al Jazeerah is just a propaganda tool in the hands of the Qatari regime that they operate it at different levels and with different messages depending on the targeted audience  to serve their politics. Al Jazeerah may look as a professional network with a lot of capabilities and excellent coverage but the hidden message is far from that professionalism level and it’s not very different from any TV station in the former USSR that were utilized for pure propaganda.  For instance, while criticizing Egyptian and Jordanian regimes for having relationships with Israel, Qatar maintained a permanent Israeli commercial bureau in their Capital El Doha and Sheik Al Thani meets on regular basis with Israeli officials including former Israeli Prime minister Tzippi Livni in September 2007 and onwards. Qatar during the revolution and onwards establish a special channel called “Al Jazeerah Mubasher Egypt” that translates Al Jazeerah Live Egypt, The 24 hours live news channel has been the spokesperson and the propaganda machine of the Islamists particularly Muslim Brotherhood since its inception post the January revolution and till this date.
Moreover, the above could have been understandable if Qatar was a role model for democracy in the region. However, Qatari regime is doing exactly what they criticize others about is exactly the motto of their politics for the past 15 years masterminded by their foreign minister Hamad Bin Jassim Al Thani the prime minister and Foreign minister of Qatar. Hamad Al Thani with his impeccable maneuvering and negotiation skills mixed with worldwide relationships is the defacto decision maker and mastermind for all Qatar’s plans.

On the other hand, another hand that Qatar has been utilizing is the Qatar Investment Authority to buy influence within the EU and USA be that through direct investment in major banks, corporations, publishing houses and even sports clubs.  That strategy includes hosting foreign journalists in Qatar in attempt to appease them for a good word about Qatar especially when campaigning for certain events like the successful bid of Football World Cup of 2022 for which the hosting rights were awarded to Qatar.

This bid that involved a lot of dubious dealings and it’s being under scrutiny now by the FIFA. Also Qatari Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed Bin Hammam was banned for life from FIFA related activities upon his indictment by a five member panel  of offering bribes in his campaign for FIFA Presidency.

Qatar pays professional journalists like The Guardian’s Louise Taylor who wrote an article on the Guardian dated 25th of November 2010 lobbying for the perks of Qatar hosting the World Cup. She failed to report the identity that paid for her trip which was the Qatari government and many readers found that appalling and she was warned by the editor of the newspaper. The same cases took place on multiple levels with Qatar buying their way through prestigious newspapers and periodicals and lately it has been utilized in favour of Qatar’s political agenda and will. None of the foreign correspondents or anchors working in Al Jazeerah English and those who are writing in propagation of Qatar’s point of views is mentioning the terrible foreign labour conditions in Qatar and the fact that it’s an all Autocratic country that is ironically preaching for democracy.

Finally, Qatar’s involvement in Egyptian internal affairs and politics has been gaining the small gulf peninsula a lot of enemies in Egypt especially they feel that Qatar is directly involved in bringing Islamists to power. This is adding up the more enemies to the Qatari state Even when Qatar deposited 2 Billion dollars as loan in the Egyptian National Bank as economic assistance. It left many Egyptians for what purpose and what are Qatar is planning next of Egypt.  The answer came just the next day of his visit and Morsi removing both Field Marshall Tantawi and Chief of Staff Anan from power and SCAF and overruling their appendix on the constitutional declaration. This is likely to cause turmoil in the country as now the full Islamization of the country is reaching its final stages with the appointment of Al Seesy as the New Defense minister who possess Islamist tendencies. The building up of a new Iran in the region but with a much more powerful influence in the Arab world as well as much more powerful army at hand is now taking place. Thanks to the Qatari funding and Obama’s blessing.

To simplify it even further, Qatar intervention in Egyptian politics is equivalent of the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago trying to interfere and influence the USA policies which certainly won’t make American citizens any happier.

Conclusion :

The USA and its Middle Eastern vassal state Qatar have committed a huge historical strategic and tactical mistake by siding to the extremists in Egypt and guiding them all the way to the seat of presidency. This strategic mistake if not corrected by measures that guarantees all the freedoms in Egypt by the elected president, the USA would have created a monster to be unleashed in Egypt and even Iran the boogey man of the Middle East will pale in comparison if Egypt is under full control of the Islamists. The ramifications of this decision by the Obama administration might manifest itself sooner than the USA department of state believes. The Qatari ambitions of controlling the politics of the middle east by pumping funds to extremists, political groups and  journalists  in Middle East and west alike while propagating a the views of Political Islam in the region is likely to fail on the long run.

Despite the initial successes, Qatari regime has been creating more enemies within the Middle East more than they will be able to handle in the near future. The wrath of these countries and populations might befall on them one day and that day might be coming close.  Obama administration have helped to plant once again the seeds of a latest theocracy in the region and overlooked the bigger picture and future interests of the region and the USA itself in the upcoming generations. What’s worse they supported all  pre- Nazi  rhetoric  for some verbal confirmations of the Muslim brotherhood about the peace treaty and the minorities rights which Muslim Brotherhood can turn back away from at a glance.

The Qatari- USA alliance to change the Middle East and turn of the wave of originally liberal and democratic revolutions also known the Arab spring turned the movement into an Islamist nuclear winter. Most of the key Arab countries of the movement are now transforming from relatively secular countries like Tunisia, Egypt and soon to follow Syria into Islamists strongholds that will ignite the Middle East even further. This historical political sin of Obama’s administration will have countries like USA , Europe and all the democratic world will pay the price for.

For the first time ever, USA government now is criticized and even loathed by secular powers as they believe they have aligned themselves with the enemies of freedom for their short term gains.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was greeted with flowers in Tahrir in her first visit post the revolution then greeted with tomatoes and thrown shoes at her motorcade in her latest visit in July 2012. This change of emotions has resulted as a consequence that more than half of Egyptians are staunch believers that USA is conspiring against their freedoms by assisting the Islamists to consolidate their powers. It will not take a real political observer to witness the frequent visits by congressman and American delegations to the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. After each visit the Muslim Brotherhood members feel more empowered and become ruthless with their enemies. Now people who oppose them are being attacked in broad daylight in the streets and be that politicians, judges, artists, activists or media anchors.

Muslim Brotherhood has turned their back on Egyptians themselves with all the promises gone in tatters from the very beginning of the revolution. They broke their promises when they stated that they don’t want to be in power passing through the elections when they said they will nominate candidates for 30% of the seats all the way to promising not to nominate a presidential candidate. They have always found excuses for themselves not to deliver any promises and accordingly for a man like Obama whom they believe is the leader of the “Great Satan” i.e. USA is not a man whom they would care to keep their promises to.
USA still plays with old cards all the time and still using antiquated cold war strategies regarding the Middle East and that’s the abysmal result of this game. This is not a traditional conspiracy theory from the USA but more of a scenario preset in the event of the fall of Mubarak among many others scenarios but Obama’s and co have chosen the worst possible one thus gaining more enemies in Egypt for his nation than new friends as it should have been.

Some European Union countries may believe that having Islamist regimes in Middle East would be a plausible idea to combat the influx of illegal immigration from North African countries to Europe as they will find Islamic Sharia in their homelands without trying to Islamize Europe according to the believers of this theory,. However should that be the case Europe would be trading one problem with a fully fledged disaster as they would be surrounded by a belt of radicals in the south of the Mediterranean which is a security threat much more clear and present than any illegal immigrants may pose.

What Egypt is witnessing these days is similar to what Germany witnessed in 1933 when the Nazi took over Germany in demoractic elections then they took over the army, the judiciary system, the government and the presidency. Everyone knows how that ended and in this case Obama is Chamberlain (British Prime Minister) who appeased the fascists but as all historians know, fascists are never appeased because they want everything. This is not a panic fever but actual events taking place in Egypt on the ground now.
With the current tensions in Egypt will and current economic struggles, the Million Dollar question is still whether Mohamed Morsi and his Islamist group survive 4 years of presidency or the waves of change will reach them before their term ends.

In over 2 centuries of modern Egyptian history and even before that, not a single Egyptian ruler be that a viceroy, king, sultan, khedive or a president escaped one of 3 inevitable fates with the fourth is yet to happen and these are: Exile, imprisonment or moving directly from the palace to the…….… graveyard.

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April 27, 2012

Egyptian comedy icon Adel Imam under jail threat!  

Legendary Adel Imam represented comedy at its purist form in the Egyptian cinema for over 40 years. Imam was not just a comedian but a drama actor who captured the hearts and minds of Egyptians as well the Arabs for decades. He represented in my many cases the hero or the anti-hero who breaks the rules of bureaucracy and ridiculous traditions in his society.
Imam rose to stardom in the early 1970’s as a superstar for the new wave of Egyptian comedies of that era. Mentored by the legendary actor Fouad El Mohandes who is considered by some to be the greatest Egyptian comedian of all time, Imam didn’t just follow the path of his mentor but his impeccable talent created a comedy school of his own. He portrayed the daily life of the average Egyptian man in most of his movies, plays, TV and Radio series. Egyptians would find Imam representing their daily struggles and life hurdles. The man was the biggest name in the industry in Egypt in 1980’s and 1990s and still retains that title till now despite the heavy competition from his generation and new generation stars.

Through his career Imam battled backwardness, terrorism and religious zealousness. He was the arch-rival of all the Islamists movements in Egypt and often portrayed them in a manner that is satirical and comical to draw attention of the populace to their divisive and sectarian rhetoric. Some of his movies reached international success like the 2006 “The Yacoubian Builiding” based on award winning novel by the same name written by Egyptian famous novelist Alaa El Aswany. The movie was set in 1990s after the first gulf war and describing the social rift and economic struggles between classes in Egypt after decades of the 1952 coup d’etat. These struggles are displayed in the portrayal of characters of different classes living in the same building situated in the heart of Cairo’s downtown. Yacoubian Building is considered by many as of his best masterpieces and received world wide acclaim and rewards.
As a payback to his continuous mocking and satire against the Islamists throughout the past decades, an ultra conservative Salafi lawyer from Alexandria sued Imam for what he deemed as anti-Islamic movies throughout Imam’s career. The weirdness and preposterousness of this claim is not new to the Salafi followers who try to witch-hunt many Egyptian artists, writers and poets, whom they claim to be anti Islamic and sue them for blasphemy and heresy. Unfortunately, some of these law suits find a hearing and a place in the judicial system that has been infiltrated recently by Islamists led by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi groups.
The court has fined Adel Imam and sentenced him to 3 months in prison. Also, the same court rejected his appeal to drop the charges and sentence. This court ruling is considered to be one of the most outrageous infringements of freedom of expression in recent memory and set back to all the mottos and slogans of the 25th of January revolution.

Imam may have not been a great advocate of the Egyptian revolution and one can understand why now as the replacement of the old regime was nothing more than his old enemies the Islamists.  The man who is nick named as “El Zaeem” or the Leader represents a great importance to every Egyptian for he was among those who portrayed the hardships of their daily lives under previous regimes on silver screen and TV. Despite being accused of siding to the previous regime and being a friend of the ruling family of Mubarak, the man still represents an artistic and cinematic icon of his generation and generations to come.

Egyptian cinema is considered to be the Hollywood of the East with over 300 million viewers in the Arab world and outside. This cinema industry is one of the main reasons that gave Egypt its prominent cultural position in the Middle East and particularly the Arab world. Also it’s a reason that the Egyptian accent is widely understood in most Arab countries as well as the Egyptian tradition, culture and sightseeing’s thus giving a great boost to the tourism industry. In short, the Egyptian cinema is part of the Egyptian cultural prestige in the region and the entire world.

Egyptians, who are known by their excessive and blatant sense of humour only rivaled by Americans and Italians, will not stand idle to see their comedy and drama hero being jailed for giving them great years of joy and happiness. Hardly any Egyptian of any age or social status who lived in Egypt or abroad haven’t watched at least a dozen or more of his movies, plays and TV shows. The iconic star will always remain in the heart of people and will be supported by all the Freedom fighters in Egypt and the whole world against the dark forces of tyranny surfacing from the deep abyss of backwardness, ignorance and terrorism. 
Adel Imam’s case is a fight for freedom of expression that all patriotic Egyptians must stand their ground for or they will find themselves to be next in line accused of heresy and disdain towards religion. This is not a fight that Egyptians should take lightly but it’s a fight for survival. Art is what captured the imagination of the ancient Egyptians civilization by the entire world and still is the pride of every Egyptian till this date. Art is the message and imprint that each civilization is weighed by in the annals of history. Without art ancient Egypt would have been a tiny footnote in history since all those temples, palaces monuments and documents of human achievements won’t have existed. The same applies to modern day Egypt, if Egyptians succumb to the will of Islamists to fight freedom of Expression then the Egypt we know today will cease to exist. Moreover, if freedom is defeated in Egypt it will not take a long time before it’s completely obliterated in this troubled region.
Adel Imam gave Egyptians, Arabs and the entire world decades of joy, happiness, laughter and great art while on the other hand his Islamists archrivals gave these nations nothing but wars, misery , poverty, terror and backwardness. This is a call to all the freedom fighters and human rights groups around the planet to support free Egyptians against the tyranny of Islamists and forces of darkness. Support the freedom for Adel Imam and all artists in Egypt and the Middle East. Your voice must be heard to support this great actor in his ordeal or it will be only a matter of years before the infection is spread in your country. This is a time to reflect on French Journalist, writer philosopher and Nobel laureate Albert Camus words of wisdom Without freedom, no art; Art lives only on the restraints it imposes on itself, and dies of all others.”
Support the freedom for Adel Imam
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April 16, 2012

The Long and Winding Road for Democracy in Egypt Part 9 There is no business like God business: Islamist exploitations  Part A

Over two thousand years ago the great Greek historian Herodotus described Egypt in his memoirs as follows: “Concerning Egypt itself, I shall extend my remarks to a great length, because there is no country that posses so many wonders nor any that has such a number of works which defy description” then he added “They (Egyptians) are religious to excess, far beyond any other race of men”

Herodotus description of ancient Egypt couldn’t be more accurate and certainly still resembles the modern day Egypt especially when it concerns religion. In the land that invented Beer and created belly dancing, religion is and piety ironically plays a factor in almost every Egyptian’s life. Be that he is a Muslim, Christian, Jew or any other creed. The organized religion in Egypt dates back to the ancient Egyptian Sun-God Ra. Other Gods Osiris, Seth, Ptah were worshipped in Egypt till the dawn of Judaism, Christianity and finally Islam. It may be correct to mention that the ancient deities’ worship lasted for a period that exceeds the existence latter two religions combined. Hence the sense of religiousness and piety is deeply rooted in the Egyptian mentality and society.
At the same time, Religion has been exploited constantly by its preachers constantly for power, authority and sometimes money for the same period. This can be attributed to the first ancient secret society the Amon Ra monks and all the way to the Salafist Groups of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau .

The modern Egyptians have been entangled in a web of Islamization procedures by two main forces the Salafis groups (Fundamentalist) and Muslim Brotherhood. The involvement of these two main groups in the Egyptian political and social life have shifted the momentum of the Egyptian age of modern enlightenment which started by Mohamed Ali Pasha reign (1805-1849) and ended by the abdication of  King Farouk I in 1952 through a coup’ d’état Led by Gamal Abdel Nasser and his associates “Free officers”  The 1952 Coup’ d’état marked the end of the Golden era of Liberalism and free thinking in the Egyptian society which started after the independence from British occupation in 1922 and ended in 1952.
The years that followed witnessed the sunset of the age of rationalism and secularism in the Egyptian society. They were replaced by the more tyrannical values led mainly by extreme leftists and communism ideals followed by a more lethal Islamism of the society on many degrees.
Gamal Abdel Nasser tried to instill some secular ideals in the society in a manner to battle his archrivals in power the Muslim Brotherhood. However, his oppressive methods of hunting down all liberal thoughts of all factions that opposed him sealed the death certificate of the enlightenment period and began a period of instability, wars and endless economic pressures on the country and society.  That period witnessed the rise of the Islamists post the 1967 war as Nasserism seemed to appear as a failed ideology in the eyes of the Egyptians.


1- Muslim Brotherhood:

Pre- January 25th Revolution

Hassan El Banna
“Listen and obey” is the motto of the prominent Islamist group which was established in 1928 by Islamic Scholar Hassan El Banna. El Banna one of the most controversial figures in the modern Egyptian history. The man behind the politicization of religion in the region and his impact is still felt till this day. The Group since its inception has been in a collision course with the governing authority in Egypt. The collision initiated during King Fouad and King Farouk’s era, through the reign of Presidents of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Sadat and all the way to President Mubarak. The group founder El Banna was assassinated in 1949 in retaliation of his involvement in the assassination of Former Egyptian Prime Minister El Noqrashy as well as Judge El Khazendar among many others who also died in their bombings of Jewish and British owned stores and businesses in Cairo. These actions led to the banning of the Islamist group for the first time in history then another time during Nasser’s era when they attempted an assassination against the late president in 1954 which resulted in the banning and crackdown on the group activities and members in Egypt. During that period the brotherhood despite it’s relatively moderate ideology about Islam compared to Jihadists have managed to produce one of the most dangerous extremists in Islamic theology which is Sayed Qutb, The man who was sentenced to death by Gamal Abdel Nasser was the God father of modern terrorism .His book “Malameh fi El Tareek” or “Signs on the road” represented the Magnus Opus and bible of Jihadist and extremists for decades till this day. He was the first to call for violent change in society through force and eradicating the infidels and to pave the way for an Islamic puritan society according to his teachings that the likes of Ayman El Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden followed later. The Quttbian followers among the brotherhood are still there despite many deny their existence and among them the General Guide of the Brotherhood Mohamed Badie.

Mohamed Badie
Since that date, the brotherhood managed to stay as the shadow players in the political scene and forged a deal in the 1970s to resume with their activities with late President Sadat on the condition that they would abide by the laws of the country. It wasn’t long before they broke the deal and found themselves in the collision with Sadat’s regime. After Sadat’s assassination by Jihadists, they try to forge another deal with Mubarak’s and managed to form an alliance with El Wafd party in 1984 which resulted in winning about 50 seats in parliament shared with El Wafd representatives. In 2005, a final deal with forged with Mubarak’s regime that resulted in winning 88 seats in the parliament but that deal broke in 2010 when the regime managed to run of Egypt’s most rigged elections ever. Despite all of the above the Brotherhood continued their cooperation with Mubarak’s regime even during the revolution and was among the first to declare that they are not participating in the January 25th revolution only to join it later after the initial success of the first wave led mainly by the Liberals and socialists activists. The Brotherhood has franchises that follow the same ideology in over 80 different countries and a very complicated web of contacts all over the world. It’s considered as the equivalent of a multinational corporation in the form of a religious group.

Post January 25th Revolution

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. – Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

The resounding success of the revolution led to achieving the first goal of the banned group which is restoring governmental and public recognition. Despite this recognition the banned group never registered the group as an NGO till the moment. However, Muslim Brotherhood forged a good cooperation with the Supreme council of Armed forces SCAF. A cooperation that led them to establish the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) which should have been unconstitutional under Egyptian law forbidding any form of religious party but they managed to find a loophole declaring that they are not a religious party but a party that has Islamic background ideology. That party and the earlier cooperation with SCAF led them to secure some of their long fought interests among which obtaining 44% of the Parliament seats and almost double that number in upper house.

The brotherhood became no longer the banned group but more of the lucky group and among the only few winners post of the revolution. However, the greed for power and lust for authority has dominated the actions of the members, they and their ally the Salafi party “El Nour” or “The Light” and hijacked 70 seats out of the 100 seats to form the committee for writing the constitution. This action among many others led to the alienation of the Egyptian populace and political spectrum from them with almost all liberal and socialists’ parties and powers boycotting the committee. Fortunately, the Supreme administrational court decreed that the committee was formed in an unconstitutional and revoked the formation proposed by the FJP party.

Mohamed Morsie
In the first days of the revolution Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Essam El Arian vowed on march 14th 2011 that they will only campaign for 35% of the parliament followed by an increase to 40% a few days later than 50%. Eventually they increased the percentage to cover 100% of the seats from which they won 44%. They also vowed never to present a Presidential candidate only to break that vow in April 2012 and announce Khairat El Shater as their candidate and FJP president Mohamed Morsi as a replacement candidate. El Shater who was accused and imprisoned during Mubarak’s era is the master financier of the rich organization.  The organization is estimated to earn about 500,000 Million Egyptian pounds annually from its estimated 400,000 members who donate 8% of their earning to the brotherhood. Also the businessmen members of the Brotherhood donate a huge sums of their earnings that can reach up to 20 million EGP each. Furthermore, the group has international investments located mainly in Dubai, Turkey and Hong Kong amounting two Billion dollars that generate a sum of 500,000 Million annually for the group. Furthermore, international Islamic bank like the defunct Bahamas/Swiss based El Taqwa Bank owned by Swiss/Egyptian Businessman  Youssef Nada was a continuous source of income till its bankruptcy. These numbers are sourced from Brotherhood chief financial expert Dr. Hussein Shehata in 2008.
The Brotherhood has infiltrated large sectors of society in recent years and now that is now manifested in the growing power of the 80 year old group in the Egyptian society. Regardless of what happens in the near future the brotherhood will remain a key player for at least the near future in the Egyptian politics despite its shattered image in the eyes of many Egyptians post the revolution. The party is now on a collision course with SCAF and almost all other non-Islamist powers. They have shown a real power-mongering and greedy attitude towards all parties. That attitude was prevalent particularly in the issues concerning the new constitution writing committee whom they took the lion share with their allies Salafi party El Nour. That resulted in the withdrawal of all other powers and boycotting the committee activities even by Al Azhar Islamic institution and the Coptic Church. Yet, the group relentless quest to establish hegemony over the political, economic and social life in Egypt is an ongoing process. The group are resilient into holding the position for presidency by nominating not one but 3 different candidates among them the relatively moderate Abou El Fottoh who can be the Trojan horse for Muslim Brotherhood to obtain the presidency seat.
Unless the liberals and leftists powers stand their ground and unite against this endless ambition, the third Reich scenario in Germany is no longer an unlikely scenario in the upcoming years.

2- Salafis: (Islamist Fundamentalists)

 Pre- January 25th revolution

The Salafi movement in Egypt is the Egyptian version of Wahhabi ultra-conservative radical movement in Saudi Arabia. The movement was established by Mohamed Abdel Wahhab ( 1703-1792) in the 18th century and was quelled by the Egyptian forces of Mohamed Ali Pasha in an expedition in the Arabian peninsula in the present day Saudi Arabia. The movement first traces in Egypt can be identified by the establishment of “El Gameia El Shaaria” or the “The legitimate association” 1912 for mainly charity reasons but it was the backdoor in later years and precisely after the 1970s oil-boom in the gulf for funding projects as a façade for the extremists to fund Salafi and Wahhabi doctrine teachings in Egypt.

The rise of the Salafis groups in Egypt started slowly in the early years of the 1930’s and they found their way through society through charity work and establishing clinics for the poor in rural and impoverished areas where the consecutive governments failed to live up to their duties.
For the past two decades Saudi Arabia along with several Persian Gulf countries have funded a lot of the Salafis groups . Saudi Arabia is believed to have spent an estimated amount of over 100 Billion dollars in the past 2 decades to spread to the Wahabi doctrine worldwide according to British TV presenter Antony Thomas. The funding is usually directed to schools, mosques and charity organizations worldwide. Also other nongovernmental organizations have spent billions others in the form of charity money usually sent to Salafi groups in Egypt especially “El Gamaia El Shaaria” and “Ahl El Sunna” or the “People of the Sunni” . That flow of money has helped the Salafi groups and their scholars to gain a strong ground in the Egyptian society particularly in impoverished areas within the country where social services were badly sought after. The launching of the two Salafi Satellite channels “Al Hikma” (Wisdom) and “ Al Nas” (People) have marked a shift in the Salafis strategy in reaching further masses with the Egyptian version of Tele-evangelists presenting the programs in these channels and preaching for a rigid intolerant version of Islam that hardly has nothing to do with the original message of Islam. In fact it has a lot to do with the Wahabi version of Mohamed Abd El Wahab. Surprisingly, the Egyptian government looked the other away from that sort of Wahhabi propagation in the society.
The Egyptian government and National Security Bureau have used Salafi Sheikhs and leaders for decades to curb the growing influence of Muslim Brotherhood. They relied on the Salafis continuos declarations and ideology of Salafis that practicing democracy is “Haram” (Forbidden) as they believed back democracy is an evil invention of the west. However, that resulted that Salafis has gained much further ground in the Egyptian society and once their leaders decided that it’s “Halal” or Permitted to practice democracy and elections as a mandatory practice after the revolution, the face of Egyptian politics have chhanged forever.

Post 25th of January Revolution

The Salafi groups in Egypt with their different factions from ultra-extremists to relatively moderate (Costa Salafis) have decided by some miracle that’s it’s no longer “Haram” or forbidden to practice politics and democracy and decided to establish several political parties. The most prominent of them is the Nour Party meaning “The light” which is an oxymoron judging by the amount of dark ideologies that this party adopts. The Nour capitalized on the Salafi group already widespread believes and utilized the religious rhetoric to the extreme during their elections campaign. They called their opponents infidels and crusaders to push their followers among them many overzealous and also illiterate people away from voting for their opponents. Yet all these infringements to the Egyptian law received the blessings of the government and SCAF.

They managed to hold about 27% of the Parliament seats thanks to overspending and the vicious smear campaign against their opponents. However, their performance in the parliament is still abysmal starting from calls to ban internet pornography as a priority that precedes any other economic all the way to moral scandals.

El Balkimy
Members of  El Nour party with surrounded by s scandals as in the case of representative El Balkimy who had a nose job operation and lied about it and filed a report that he was mugged then apologized for lying. One week later a bigger scandal to be found that he was married in secret to a belly dancer. Further scandals about the part of receiving about 300 Million Egyptian pounds funded from overseas sources through Salafi groups are still lingering.
However, there is still a good chunk of Egyptians who still believe they are puritans and they are men of God. The latest episode is the Salafi Presidential candidate Hazem Abou Ismail with extremist anti-American rhetoric whose deceased mother and sister were found to be carrying American nationalities side by side to his Egyptian one. Once proven his application for presidency will be rejected..Very few Salafis have common sense and wisdom not to provoke others and maintain an enlightened moderate stance like Sheikh Osama El Quosy who appears to be more moderate than Al Azhar clerics. But the large majority are still radical and posseses extreme views of the religion .The Salafis will still play a role in the Egyptian politics for years but inch by inch the halo around them will fade as their real face is uncovered to the common Egyptian.

3-Jihadists (Militant Islamists)

Pre January 25th revolution

The word “Jihad” resonates a bad sound in the ears of the western hemisphere due to its utilization by what’s known in the media as Jihadist in their holy war against the west and those whom they deem as infidels whether they are Muslims or any other religion.

The fact is that, the actual word means doing an effort to achieve a goal like studying for exams or creating a new project. The word now is reserved for Militant Islamists in the likes of the “Islamic Group in Egypt”, “Al Jihad group” and the notorious “Al Qaeda” There is no space enough to describe the atrocities and the killings performed by these groups from the assassination of late Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat, Speaker of the House Refaat El Hahgoub , prominent writer Farag Fouda all the way to the bombings in Cairo, Sinai, Luxor and dozens of other incidents that taken away the lives of thousands of Egyptians.

On international scale Al Qaeda is of course the household name of terror personified. Hundreds of these groups were arrested, imprisoned and many executed for their deeds but they found themselves a new place in the new Post revolution Egypt. They preceded that with what they called the “Revisions” of  their Ideology and modus operandi a few years ago written by the founder of Al Jihad group Sheikh Sayed Imam which he denounced their formal terrorist activities and asked all his followers to start a new chapter with society. However, still the bulk of Egyptian society is weary from Jihadists due to the years of turmoil they caused to the Egyptian society and for which the former Mubarak’s regime stripped away a lot of freedoms under the pretext of fighting these terrorists.
Post 25th January Revolution

Many Jihadists found themselves released from prison even those who spent life-time sentences (Usually 25 years in Egypt) were out , Among them President Sadat’s assassin Aboud El Zomor and many others who wreaked havoc in the Egyptian nation in the past years. The shocking release of these highly dangerous elements provided a sign to Islamists that their activities are finally tolerated by the authorities.
Added to that hundreds of members of the Jihadist groups found their way back to Egypt from Albania, Afghanistan, Iran and others in the days that followed the Fall of Mubarak. This represents a clear and present danger to the Egyptian national security for these are highly battled hardened militants who can are unpredictable in their next course of action. The reason they were permitted to enter the country again after being banned for years remains an enigma in the eyes of many Egyptians. Some deemed it as a scare tactic from SCAF to curb the revolutionary powers that these will be the replacements in case we are gone.
In the parliamentary elections they collected a small number of seats in the parliament and they are still shunned by a big sector of society despite some of them like to appear in the media as more tolerant like Nageh Ibrahim but they all fail to convince anyone except the hardcore Islamists of their clear intentions.

Nageh Ibrahim
The likeness that they play a stronger role in future remains reliant on the success of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis to grow in power even further. Statements from the likes of Khalid Al Islamboli’s (Sadat’s Assassin) brother Mohamed that a Taliban like system in Egypt will be the key to security proves once again that all the so called revisions in their ideologies were just a method for them to acquire a release from imprisonment. Given the chance most these militants will raise arms again against the Egyptian state and its people. The way to counter the negative effects for such groups will not be only counter-violence but awareness programs led by Al Azhar and other enlightened institutions in Egypt.

Part B 

Growing Islamist exploitations in Egypt

A-  Islamization of the Egyptian Society:

For centuries Islam in Egypt managed to maintain a moderate stance that inspired other nations from all around the world. During the darkest periods of religious wars in Europe, Egypt maintained tolerance to with Muslims alongside Christians and Jews living together in harmony. All monotheistic religions were tolerated and practiced freely for centuries all the way till 1952 coup d’etat .

Before 1952, there were a Muslim King and a Christian Prime Minister and Jewish Minister of Finance at one time. However, the entire scene started to change during the years that followed 1952 with many Jews were hassled after what was known as the Israeli plotted “Lavon Affair” terrorist operation in 1954 and left for Europe, USA and Israel. Christians started to be marginalized politically and slowly from the higher seats in governments. The situation didn’t change much as the years went through and during the last 20 years forms of radical Islam brought by my mainly expatriates who lived in the Gulf-states and back home started to replace the moderate Islam. The Full Veil (Niqab) and long beards started to be more common scenery in the streets of Cairo and all Egyptians cities. The sectarian tension and dismissal from public offices for Christians and minorities becomes more prevalent as their power grows.

Before the 1990s even the regular veil wasn’t very common in many rural areas especially in the north of the country. But now it’s even very common in the most urban areas. While the latter doesn’t represent a problem but the full veil have caused a wide stir in the ranks of Egyptian society, since it’s an identity as well as a security problem. Islamists have been propagating this look in the society for decades and assisted by billions of dollars donations coming from a variety of overseas sources as well as their own businesses run in Egypt. Their business is on the rise and fueled by the overzealous status they created in the society. The billions of pounds spend on buying their products be that ring tones with prayers, , Islamic veils, niqab, books of Salafi doctrine and other Islamic related products. Religion is a mutli-billion dollar business in Egypt and it’s possibly the only thriving sector of the economy after the revolution.

 B-   Full implementation of Islamic Jurisprudence “Sharia’”:

Islamists and particularly Salafis never miss an opportunity to demand for the full implementation of the Islamic Jurisprudence laws. While 80% of the Jurisprudence laws are already applied in the Egyptian law without the use of the medieval methods of capital punishments and replaced instead by jail terms and sometimes death sentences for crimes of murder.

Islamic Jurisprudence have been revolutionary 1400 years at time that Byzantine, Roman& Persian laws dominated known societies of the old world at that time. Human rights guaranteed by these laws especially regarding women rights of freedom of marriage, work, inheritance and ownership that no one women in the world possessed under any system at that time. Even the family names of women were kept after marriages as a sign of their independence. At the earlier days of Islam women traded, worked and even joined forces with men in wars. However, eventually these rights were stripped one after another through the years thanks to interpretations some radical Islamic Scholars after the death of prophet Mohamed by a century. Eventually things went from bad to worse with more radical interpretations of the Quran surfacing from famous Islamic Scholars in the centuries to follow thus rendering women rights to be very limited and in certain cases almost non-existent in some societies like Saudi Arabia.

These pioneering jurisprudence laws can be utilized as some guidelines but they cannot be in total coherence with the modern times especially due to the conflicting interpretations from the Islamic narratives and the huge difference between the modern societies of today to the nomadic societies of the past. Also the there have been issues which was not been dealt with decisively in the Islamic Jurisprudence like slavery and although Islam urges people to free slaves as a good will and deed but there wasn’t a decisive order to free them because 1400 years ago they represented the labour in those societies so the gradual emancipation of slaves was called to all Muslims. Yet many Muslims have found some loopholes in the jurisprudence and the actual numbers of slaves increased in the Islamic societies to the extent that some of them became too powerful in the army that they managed to rule countries like Egypt for over 200 years like the Mamluks dynasty.

The Islamists fail to understand that it was actually the narrative and counseling of great Islamic Scholars such as Sheikh Mohamed Abdou that inspired the 1923 constitution and constitutions that followed. Sheikh Mohamed Abdou was inspired by western progress and civilization and wished to incorporate that into the Islamic world while  preserving the identity. Islamists fail to listen to anything beyond their own voices concerning politics. Even the advice and inspirational work of Mohamed Abdou and other more liberal Islamic scholars like Gamal El Banaa (Ironically Hassan El Banna Brother) never attract their attention.

It’s would be unreal that Egyptians after a glorious revolution seeking freedoms would succumb to punishments that governed mainly tribal societies over centuries ago and were even ceased in most periods due to famines and other social and political issues. The Islamic Jurisprudence is already applied and implemented in laws of Marriage, trade and many others facets in Egypt but not the medieval punishments. Therefore, these demands of applying the medieval punishments are preposterous to say the least. The problem with Islamic Jurisprudence punishments is that it’s not applied by God almighty but by people who claim to act on his behalf rendering them unsuitable for the modern world.

C-   Establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate

Now this is the part where delusion meets historical nostalgia among Islamists. Since the fall of the last Ottoman Caliphate in 1922 and the establishment of the republic of Turkey, many Islamist scholars have been longing for the day they would revive what they believe as the old glories of the caliphates. While their argument relies on the power of Muslims during the periods that lasted from the 7th century to the 20th century, they still ignore categorically the weaknesses and the real reasons why the last caliphate fell. The Islamic caliphates might have been the necessity of their own time but living in the period of nationalism and nations founded on the basis of national identity regardless of creeds makes that argument very weak.

Furthermore, they fail to acknowledge that during these caliphates a lot of atrocities and human rights infringements took place in the name of religion despite the existence of some golden periods like the Rashidin Caliphates and Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia (Spain&Portugal). However, those short periods are not a valid reason to turn the clock backwards and establish a Caliphate lead by a single man who has all the powers over Muslims and non=Muslims from east to west. The current democratic and national foundations surpass any benefits that could ever occur from the establishment of a caliphate. However, hardcore Islamists master plan is still to topple all the governments in the Middle East and establish a new caliphate that unites Muslims under one banner. All Islamists have the same ideology of recreating the caliphate from Muslim Brotherhood to Al Qaeda. They all believe in the same goal and have vowed to fulfill their dreams even at the expense and demise of their own nations.

First they came for the communists and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me!Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

These were the simple words of a German Theologian and Anti- Nazi Pastor describing his initial reaction towards the rise of the Nazis in his country and how they took factions one by one till the dominated the political scene. This statement was published in  1955 book by Milton Mayer’s book “They Thought They Were Free” as part of the interviews conducted with Germans who lived through the Nazi rise and fall. Niemöller was initially a supporter of the rise of the Nazis before he realized later the blatant truth about them and started to criticize them which led to his arrest and he narrowly escaped execution.

Ironically, this statement summarizes it all as well for post Egyptian society towards the Islamists attitude and the apologists who surround them and asking people to give them a chance despite their blatant disregard of the others opinions and rights. Also the Islamists endless quest to hold all political positions in Egypt be that the parliament, government or Presidency proves that they will stop at nothing before Egypt is turned into a state with a larger scale caliphate.

Religion and Politics is a lethal cocktail when mixed together that always kills anyone who drinks It and it seems Egyptians have been sipping a lot of it lately. Religion in politics is the equivalent of Anabolic Steroid doping in Sports, it marginalizes the competitiveness of athletes into who has a better mix of chemicals injected into their bodies. Similarly, when politics mix with religion it’s a doping process that favours those who claim to be more pious and holier than thou without presenting viable programs for the public hence it’s an infringement to all traditions of democracy and equal rights.
Egyptians as well as their Islamists politicians are still failing to grasp that the purpose of government is to establish a profitable free economic system, form a good healthcare system, create a modern educational system, pave the roads, and establish ports, airports, etc… But no government’s task should ever include providing an entry ticket to heaven for its people. That would be asking too much from the wrong persons who have no hand in them entering heaven or hell.

Indulging in matters of afterlife with politics is a plague that struck the Egyptian social and political life in recent years. Matters of afterlife are totally in the hand of God and nothing to do with politics. Furthermore, it should always remain within the boundaries of mosques or churches. People will not be judged in afterlife as nations, cities, villages nor families but as individuals. Each on his own will face the consequence of his own deeds and not the deeds of his country or fellowmen.

There are no countries going to heaven or hell. Egypt will not go to heaven because we have Islamists in power and France going to hell because they don’t have them as rulers. This entire notion is ridiculous and a rhetoric created by Islamists throughout their campaign for the past 80 years to attract the attention and hold the votes of some of the simpler minded masses.  The dreams of establishing an Islamic utopia must be given up for the simple fact that there is no such thing not before and not ever. Society’s progress as time do and all those who keep looking in the past will never build a future which resembles 18th century British Politician and scholar Edmund Burke saying  “You can never plan the future with the past”

The path Egyptians have chosen will lead into further divisions within the country and Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Algeria, Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are living proof that Islamists when in power they never bring the milk and honey to people’s lives.

The educational system in Egypt should emphasize on the importance of coexistence between all Egyptians of all faces. A more modern and secular education should replace the antiquated educational system that belongs to the early 20th century in Egypt. An education system that stresses on the civic duties of each Egyptian and equal rights and obligations of all citizens alike.
Islamists are gaining ground now inch by inch and step by step for total hegemony on the country and very soon on the Middle East region, they have used every deception trick from the Machiavelli’s “Prince” book and added an appendix of their own to it.

Moreover, the once cosmopolitan society that amalgamated all nations, creeds and ethnicities into one melting pot throughout history cannot be poised towards a totalitarian single polar society.

One doesn’t need to be a man of God to be a good politician or even a good man, in fact hypocrisy and double standards still taint the reputations of many of those holier than thou types in Egyptian politics.  Moreover it’s necessary for all politicians to possess a vision for the country regardless of how pious he/she is. Piety is a great trait but the holier-than-thou attitude usually a façade to cover deeper vices. It would be better to have politicians with some vices but actual capability to serve the country than others who appear to be immaculate but incapable of running a country.

Maybe everyone would reflect and think what they might learn from a simple phrase made by the greatest American leader of all time President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) which could resemble the exact situation in post revolution Egypt.  “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.”
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March 27, 2012

The Long and Winding Road for Democracy in Egypt Part 8  A blast from the past: Egyptian Leftists dilemma
35 year old man who spent his entire life in a bomb shelter because his father mistakenly believed that the country was being bombarded by nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. He moved out of the vault for the first time in his life without any human interactions capability and dressed in outdated fashion and speaks in a strange lingo. Yet, he still posses good manners, good heart and good will that people were willing to listen to him though not take him seriously most of the time. The above is a description of the hilarious comedy hit of 1999 by Brendan Fraser called a Blast from the past. The case of this young man resembles exactly the state of affairs of the Egyptian Socialists and leftists in 2012. They appear to be friendly folks who happen to speak about human rights and the workers right in face of the so called “Tyranny” of capitalists and investors.

The Egyptians leftists and socialists seem to be revolving in a time loop sequence in a similar manner to those represented in Sci-fi movies where the antagonists find themselves in a place where time stood still.  That is usually manifested by the socialists out of touch declarations that seeming to more befitting of 1950’s and 1960’s speeches than they do with the year 2012.
It’s a fact that the Left has been an integral part of the Egyptian revolution from the very beginning till this moment and may have inspired many Egyptians to join the revolution in the first 18 days and thereafter. Yet, their approach in tackling the daily lives causes of the Egyptians after the revolutions have alienated a large majority of the Egyptians from them. They have always claimed to be liberals while in fact they are far from it , in many cases the key figures of the socialist movement in Egypt seemed to be the leftists counterpart of the extremist Salafis groups with their  non-objective points of views and statements on most the political issues. There are some certain traits which are distinctive among many Egyptian Leftists, Socialists, Pan Arab nationalists, classical leftists (Marxists, communists) , Extremist neo-leftists (Anarchists, Revolutionary socialists) and Progressive (Social Liberals) in Egypt :


1-      Creating a fantasy world and alternative reality:

From their early rise in the 1940’s through the 1950s and 1960s, the socialist movement in Egypt have faced several transformations but failed to adapt to the constant changes in the world and that manifested itself strongly during the 1970s till the end of the cold war. Socialists have managed to be in positions of authority in most of the world countries. Despite this fact, they managed to transform many potentially viable economies into bankrupt ones in most the countries they landed in starting from Mother Russia (Former Soviet Union) all the way to Egypt. The economy of Egypt before 1952 was among the most promising in the world and only compared to the Brazil, Argentina and USA with the demise of most European and Asian countries pre-world war.
However, thanks to the policy of Nationalization in Egypt which is the modern equivalent of the Spanish Main piracy acts of the 17th and 18th centuries on cargo ships passing through the Caribbean and the gulf of Mexico, the Nationalization of the Egyptian private sector companies and their takeover by the government from their rightful owners represented the deepest blow to the Egyptian economy in its modern history. The socialist always claimed that was a great time for Egyptian economy and Nassser’s reforms were important for it, but they neglect the fact that trade, agriculture and industry suffered badly and the private sector which most modern world countries rely on was obliterated by the Nationalization laws. The result was the poverty that spread even further in the society. There may have been some marginal achievements in the field of heavy industries like Steel and Aluminum but the overall experience was abysmal and not near as perfect as the socialist claim to be.

2-      Treating Egyptian businessmen as crooks and foreign investors as colonizers

Refaat al-Said
Since the early 1950’s till today, Marxist, communists and their allies in the left treated the Egyptian businessmen as the crooks to be and each and every one of them is guilty till proven innocent of stealing what they call the people’s money. El Tagamoa Party (The coalition- Marxist party) were among the pioneers of this movement since the 1970s and most leftist artists, filmmakers, journalist and scholars have propagated through the years that the businessmen are crooks and opportunists who are immoral in their business activities. That has affected the perception of the businessmen in Egypt in the eyes of the common Egyptians and created an unhealthy environment for the economy to thrive. The same can be applied to foreign investors who are perceived by the same Marxists and communists as being colonizers who seek to rip Egypt of its’ resources and fortunes in favour of their own wealth. All these perceptions escalated into creating an anti-business environment which needs to clear and instilling new perceptions that promote growth and prosperity for Egyptians. El Tagamoa Party led by Dr. Refaat El Said was in conflict with both Sadat and Mubarak policies, yet in the last years of Mubarak’s rule they became more domesticated as opposition especially after being given seats in the Upper house and lower house parliaments courtesy of the Mubarak’s regime.

1-       Infatuation for Tyrants and dictators:

While seeking the just rights of the Palestinians and calling for the establishment of their sovereign nation, Egyptian Pan Arab Nationalist have turned their backs to the to the atrocities of some of the most notorious Arab tyrants in history represented by the likes of Moamar El Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hafez El Assad and most recently Bashar El Assad whose criminal activities in Syria are mostly overlooked. This is due to the fact that many Egyptian Socialist figures have been regular guests at the palaces of these tyrants at different times during the past decades especially when they are in collision with the ruling president be that Anwar El Sadat or Hosni Mubarak. That applies on many famous Pan Arab journalists like Mustafa Bakry , Hamdy Kandeel and many others.

Hamdi Kandeel
They felt no shame working for Newspapers or TV stations operated and owned by these tyrants. Even didn’t protest the fact these tyrants have been involved in the direct killing of Egyptian citizens throughout the past decades especially Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein. At the same time, they are willing to open the gates of hell on any other non-Arab country that harms or kills an Egyptian be that Israel, USA or any western country. They neglect the fact that Egyptians’ lives are sacred at all times because bullets possess no nationalities in the eyes of the victims and it’s irrelevant who fired it at them and caused their death.
These actions have alienated a lot of common Egyptians from the Socialists and they have been labeled by many as hypocrites who perceive matters in double standards and made their arguments and the causes they adopt hard to believe in the eyes of Egyptians, thus paving way for Islamists to take control of the Egyptians’ minds. That has been manifested clearly in the parliamentary elections when all of the socialist parties have managed to only gain less than 5% of the total parliament seats.

2-      Forging an unholy alliance with Nasserism  

Gamal Abdel Nasser
In the eyes of Pan Arab Nationalists, President Gamal Abdel Nasser is treated as a Greek demi-god and Hassanein Heikel is his messenger. Whatever came of out the mouth of the Egyptian late president of the 1950’s and 1960’s is like an irrefutable fact as to them he’s infallible. Similarly, the words of the prominent Egyptian political analyst and writers Heikal are treated as sacred scripture. Socialists fail to ignore the fact that Nasser was the root of the tyranny in the modern Egyptian political system. He banned all parties and formed a one soviet era like part he called “The Socialist Union” whereby his word is the infinite wisdom and final resolution. It’s the same party whose members danced in the parliament when President Nasser withdrew his resignation after the failed performance of the Egyptian army in 1967 war against Israel which result in defeat and occupation of Sinai and other Arab regions in Syria, Palestine and Jordan.
One of the ironic syndromes of the Egyptian political life is the existence of a party called the Arab Nasserite Democratic party. The name itself is an oxymoron since Nasserism and democracy can never meet. It’s the equivalent of calling a party the Nazi-Jewish alliance or the Stalinist human rights association which is quite unreal. Pan Arab Nationalists have been trying for years to paint the Nasserite era with an ingredient that it completely lacked and that was democracy.

Hassanein Heikal 
Socialist writer Hassanein Heikal is the Egyptian counterpart of Joseph Goebbels – The German third Reich Minister of Propaganda who was a master in twisting facts and brain washing the masses with his ideas. Somehow throughout his 60 years of writings he managed to twist enough facts for the Egyptian populace enough to create an alternative world for them. He painted a completely different reality for Egyptians. His impeccable writing and journalistic skills was a great asset to achieve this aim and it worked perfectly for decades as the socialist propagate his books and writings like Holy Scripture. As a matter of fact many Egyptians still believe he is the only credible writer about Egyptian modern history which is a travesty of its own. Egyptian leftists have created a myth and a legend out of the man and the president and witch hunted all his adversaries and called them traitors for the cause. That was the same rhetoric that was used by communist Soviets against their adversaries and it’s still prevailing till this moment in the literature and rhetoric of Egyptian socialists.

To many Egyptians leftists President Gamal Abdel Nasser represented pride and glory. They always neglect the fact when he first stepped in office in 1954, Egypt was over 3.5 Million Sqm in Size and comprising Egypt, Sudan and Gaza Strip with the strongest currency in the world and a one of the most promising economies of that time. By the time Abdel Nasser passed away in 1970, he left the country at a  size of 940,000 Sqm with the independence of Sudan and occupation of Sinai and Gaza strip and a battered and bankrupt economy. Added to the above, the involvement in 3 wars which Egypt has paid a hefty price to wage and lost during his presidency including one in Yemen! There appears to be no pride or glory in the results he achieved, something that Egyptian Pan Arab Nationalists and leftists must consider when pledging allegiance to President Nasser’s Ideology.

3-      Witch-hunting those who oppose what they perceive as the national values

“The most disadvantageous peace is better than the most just war” -Desiderius Erasmus Dutch Scholar and Philosopher

Anwar El Sadat
For many years, Egyptian socialists and particularly Nasserites have performed witch-hunting against any scholars, journalists or writers opposing them in what that they have self-declared as the national values. These national values can be summarized as Egypt should do everything towards what they call as Arab Unity and that the USA, Europe, Israel are the eternal enemies of Egypt whose aim on earth  on earth to  conspire against the Egyptian people and their ambitions for development and prosperity. And while wars have been fought between Egypt against Israel , Britain and France at one time in history, peace have prevailed after thousands of lives have been lost. But seemingly many socialists don’t like to let bygones be bygones and they are willing to go through it again for the sake of what they call National pride and values regardless of the consequences.

Whatever happened between Israel and Egypt will never match a fraction of what happened between Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Russia in 20th century Europe. Tens of millions have paid their lives for endless wars over resources, power and ideologies. But the difference that these nations decided that enough is enough and they couldn’t let blood be spilled indefinitely. So they came to the conclusion that they don’t have to love one another but at least try to co-exist as neighbours. The same applies to the Middle Eastern region. Only the difference that Israel is still breaking international law when dealing with Palestinians almost daily but at the same time, a good portion of Palestinians lead by Hamas are rejecting any peace deals with Israel and labeling anyone who attempts to walk that path as a traitor . This is the same position adopted by the Egyptian Pan Arab Nationalists for decades and they are even taking it a notch further by declaring that they seek to discontinue the Peace Treaty with Israel regardless of all the implications that a decision like that could take Egypt and the entire fragile region to. These situations and others like labeling the late President and war hero Anwar El Sadat as a traitor to the cause have a similar and equal reaction from the extremist in Israel who doesn’t want to see peace prevailing in the region. Shouldn’t Sadat have made that historical move, the Middle East would have been a much worse place that it’s already now. Thousands if not millions would have paid their lives for an endless war which would have ended as well with a peace treaty anyway. Therefore, he might have saved millions of lives and the world a possible third world war. The sooner Egyptians leftists and Pan Arab Nationalists realize this fact the better Egyptians and all the Middle East will be.  Unlike most socialist activists and journalists around the world who are usually pro-peace, the Egyptian Pan Arab Nationalists hardly adopt this notion.

Thanks to the Egyptian Pan Arab Nationalist socialist’s propaganda, many Egyptians now are paranoid towards anything from USA and the west that portrayed the west to them as predator that is waiting to devour the Egyptian nation. This rhetoric is one that has been used since the early 1950s all the way till now even with the existence of private channels. Yet, private channels still utilize the service of old school socialists’ journalist and anchors. Most of the guests are also socialists who call themselves liberals which happen to be another conundrum for the liberals being categorized in the same league as leftists/socialists in Egypt


The latest faction to appear among of the Egyptian leftists, yet they have made quite an impact in the political spectrum though not all of it is positive. They have joined forces with other political factions in the Egyptian revolution and their most famous group 6th of April have been heavily involved in the political scene since 2008. They believe in a utopia where people are completely free with almost no governmental control or laws. However, these ideas collide with the more conservative tendencies of the nowadays Egyptian society.  The 6th of April Youth group managed to be a major ingredient in the Egyptian revolution first 18 days and months that followed but felt into the abyss of chaos in certain ways since they only seek to achieve a certain goals that they believe that without their will be no revolution. They collided with many factions SCAF, Islamists, other socialists and liberals seeking that goal. Their political training in Serbia was used by their opposition to label them as traitors and infiltrators yet these allegations haven’t been proven and they are definitely patriots though their unorthodox methods aren’t welcomed by many Egyptians. Their impetuousness and overzealous nature in their political activities, riots involvements and protests have always worked against them in most occasions.
In a similar manner, the anarchists and lately the revolutionary socialists have played the same above role but with an extreme version. The declaration of the Revolutionary Socialists that they seek to achieve fall of the country was met was a massive scorn from the Egyptian society and while some of the leaders of the group explained that they mean the fall of the old regime and country and rebuilding a new one, that didn’t change the fact that their immature tactics failed to grip the minds of most Egyptians towards their cause
Ironically, most the neo-leftists are usually upper-class and upper-middle wealthy Egyptians who perform their activities using pricey laptops and ipads as well as luxurious means of transportations in the forms Mercedes, BMW and other sports SUVs which has given little credibility to their real intentions and they were in many cases deemed as rebels without a cause by many Egyptians.


Mohamed Abou El Ghar
Represented by parties like Egyptian Social Democratic Party of Dr. Mohamed Abou El Ghar, or The Democratic Front Party of Dr. Ghazaly Harb and Masr El Horeya of Dr. Amro Hamzawy, these can be considered as the most modern and most progressive of the leftist movements since they believe as much as liberals with the freedom of speech, women rights and free markets and they are hand in hand now trying to establish a free Egypt for the future to come. Yet, they succumb sometimes in their economic ideologies to Marxists and communists and their mixing of the liberal values with the socialist government controlled economy in their rhetoric lead them to fall into a web of their mistakes. It’s not a secret that social democrats are trying to adopt some of their European counterparts’ methods for organizing the economy. But it’s also not a secret that these same strategies have failed in many countries that applied them in Europe and was a factor in the current economic crisis in Europe. However, they remain more open minded and able to learn from their mistakes than most the other Egyptian left factions. It’s up to Social Democrats to try to lead the left towards a more positive approach in tackling the daily life problems of the Egyptians as well as coordinating with other liberal powers like Free Egyptians to draw long terms plans for political, economic, social development in Egypt.


Egyptian leftists/Socialists are patriots who love Egypt but they happen to have all their priorities in the wrong order. Their heightened emotions always prove as their downfall. They must realize that we are living in a different time and different era where the world will not tolerate a lot of their antiquated rhetoric or another war in the Middle East or words of war-mongering. For years they have neglected their work on the ground with the working class whom they supposed to represent in favour of media exposure and in most instances they use these causes for the sake of popularity and not seeking actual results on the grounds.

The leftists believe in a secular/civic state is one of the sources of their strength and these kinds of issues are the ones that they can align themselves with liberals in Egypt in opposition of the Islamists tyrannical and radical forces. The Left can still thrive through the social democrats factions who represent a more modern version of the socialist ideology that be applied in modern day Egypt. Adopting freedom of speech and all sorts of freedom is the only way that socialists/leftists will regain the lost ground in the hearts of Egyptians. Egyptian socialists have a lot to learn from their counterparts in the west particular in the past few decades. Their attachment to old rhetoric’s and outdated ideologies will only increase the rift between them and the average Egyptian even further regardless of how gilded their classical rhetoric sounds. They have to disassociate themselves from tyrants and their ideologies. Leftists are patriots and can be even ultra-patriots in some cases. Yet, some of their factions are the political equivalent of “Friendly-fire” in wars.

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