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August 15, 2016

Alright, let's talk about that thing I always talk about. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know of my - I don't really wanna say the O word because it sounds scary- deep, deep love of a certain book. I'm sure a lot of you either think I'm crazy, or you probably just overlook me and think 'Emily is talking about Reckless/Hentzau again.' 
I understand I must seem a little crazy...and - the dreaded O word - obsessed, but I want to give you a look back into to mid-2012 to early Nov.  No, let's go back to about 2007. You're 14. You start dating one of your best friends boyfriend's best friend. You're a stupid, young teenager and you're just excited to have a boyfriend. Things start out okay (don't they always?) for the most part. Within two months, things aren't so great, but still you have a boyfriend and all your other friends want one and you feel special. Things get worse and you turn to books for comfort because the best friend you mentioned earlier has decided to write you off because you're too depressed and sad and she just doesn't think she can be around you anymore because she's just ended her depression and you may bring it back with your sadness. So, you jump into the Harry Potter series, and for some reason, your 14/15 year old brain latches on to Sirius Black. He becomes your happy point. You have every Sirius Black quote memorized from the books and the movies. You mourn his death more than you do your own grandfather's because it gives you a physical pain to read those words because it's like visualizing someone diving deep into your bloodstream, finding every happy cell and lighting them on fire. But you still have the books. You still have happiness a little because you can go back and smile and be happy because those words won't betray you. They're there and you know them by heart and when your boyfriend is emotionally abusing you and making you feel like you are less than nothing, you can look back and quote those words and find something to smile about. 
2009. You're 16. You don't need Sirius anymore. You've found happiness in a boy that has real flesh and blood. He's nice. He makes you smile. He makes you feel like you're special. All those things the last real flesh and blood boy said to and about you mean nothing. Everything is great. Until that October when he kisses his ex-girlfriend on a band field trip and you find out about it from his best friend. All those walls you allowed to come down are all suddenly back up. You're hurt. All those things the last guy said to and about you rush back to your mind and once again, you are nothing. You stay, though. He says it won't happen again. You don't trust him, though. You know better than to stay, but you do it anyway. Once again you find happiness in books. A few weeks before you go to your school's library, you watch a movie with your sister titled Inkheart. You think the movie is kind of cool. The idea of characters being able to come out of books? That's definitely what you need right now. You find the trilogy by Cornelia Funke in your school's library and read all 3 of the books in 2 days. You can breathe again. Your happiness now finds the form of a knife-thrower with a tame bear. The Black Prince. Your real flesh and blood boy doesn't make you happy. You don't know why you're staying, but you feel guilty for wanting out because you've wanted to be with him for so long, but he's not the kind of person you want to be with anymore. He's lied. Multiple times. You don't really care, though. You're too busy highlighting in your Inkdeath book every single time the Black Prince is mentioned. When your world starts spiraling and you're ready to jump in front of a speeding bus, you pick up your book and find any page with a highlighted section. You're okay. You can breathe. 
2012. You don't need the Black Prince anymore. You ended the relationship with the boyfriend over 2 years ago. You have also cut ties with someone who has been your best-friend and lifeline for 10 years. Sure, the friendship had been deteriorating for the last 2 years, but you put up a good facade and went through the routine. The ending to an amazing friendship was very unclimatic. One day, the two of you just stopped talking. Now, you're pretty much friendless, and let's face it, you've never had an easy time making friends. Having to introduce yourself to someone makes you want to vomit, crawl into a corner, and cry your eyes out. You're being forced to go to a school you really, really don't want to go to. You have no say over ANYTHING that is going on in your life. You don't want to eat. You're not getting much sleep. You haven't talked to your dad in six months. Everything in you feels dead. You're basically just a body. No emotion. No feeling. Nothing. If someone told you that the world was going to end tomorrow, you'd just shrug your shoulders and sit outside to watch the comets destroy you. It's late November and you've been like this since May. You were late for one of your college classes and pretty much nothing has gone right. It's raining so you run into the bookstore to kill some time because it's a 30 minute drive home. You get a Frappe from the coffee shop and roam the teen section. That's when you see a certain last name. FUNKE. You remember that spark of happiness from years ago. You scan the summary, and you know you have to get it. You have hardly any money to your name, but you have just enough. Your happiness takes a new form. You have feeling again. You don't feel alone anymore because a Japser Goyl "...had learned that the world made no sense and that there were no happy endings." For some reason you find comfort in that. Someone understands you. You're okay. You can breathe. 
I'm still okay. I can still breathe. So, yes, I cling very tightly to books. For four years, Reckless and Hentzau have been a great comfort to me. I'm excited to be able to read the book that brought me back to life with new words in a little over a month. Words cannot express my gratitude to the authors who wrote the characters who made me feel like I had a friend and that I never had to be alone. I may be crazy and obsessed, but I am alive. I am happy. I'm much more than okay.
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January 23, 2016

I was going to wait until I had reviewed Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke before I posted this blog post, but I think it's something I need to talk about now because of the split feedback I've gotten.
I have very recently decided to start wearing Christian headcoverings because it is something that I feel the Lord wants ME to do. No, I don't think everyone should do it. No, I don't think less of anyone who doesn't do it. It is something personal, and if you want to do it, great. If you don't want to do it, that's great, too! I am doing it to be more modest. I'm doing it because the Bible says to cover your head when you pray if you're a woman (yes, I know most people interpret it as keeping your hair long. Which I plan to grow mine out again. For now, I plan on wearing a headscarf as a covering because that is how I have interpreted it. It's something I've prayed on.) And most of all, it's something I WANT TO DO. I'm nearly 23 years old, if I want to wear a scarf on my head, I don't see the big deal in it.
I want to say that it's not easy for me because it does make me different from a lot of people, but it's not as embarrassing as I thought it would be. Many, MANY people have said very wonderful things about it (people who don't know why I'm doing it and people who do.) Surprisingly, some of the people closest to me have been very unsupportive to the point of being mean. (I would like to thank Nikki for being the MOST supportive about every bit of it.) I find that most people want me to do what is easiest and not wear it than what I feel is right. People are afraid of what the public are going to say about them by being seen with me. They are afraid people are going to think I'm a Muslim (what I'm doing looks nothing like a Hijab. Also, who cares if people think I'm Muslim? I don't care. Muslims deserve the same love and respect as Christians (and any other religion!)) I've been told that I'm only doing this for attention. Let's be completely honest here. If I were going to do something for attention, my hair would be bubblegum pink! I wouldn't be covering my hair completely.
I knew when I decided to start wearing headcoverings that not everyone was going to agree with what I was doing or be thrilled about it. What I did not expect was how outright awful I had been treated by some people. I was taught to be kind to everyone regardless of how they are dressed, what they look like, or if they're like me or not. I was taught that you treat people with respect and love. I have not been treated like that because of other people's fears. If anyone should be afraid of what people are going to think of my headcovering, it's me. I don't care what people think. I do care about people being completely awful to me, though. If people are freaking out about my headscarf, then maybe they need to reevaluate their lives because I'm not hurting anyone by doing it. Right now I can't wear it to the job I'm temporarily in, but it's not going to stop me from wearing it any other time. And hopefully, my next job won't mind it.
Much love, as always.

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January 20, 2016

Title: InkspellAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 80 billion stars
Although a year has passed, not a day goes by without Meggie thinking of INKHEART, the book whose characters became real. But for Dustfinger, the fire-eater brought into being from words, the need to return to the tale has become desperate. When he finds a crooked storyteller with the ability to read him back, Dustfinger leaves behind his young apprentice Farid and plunges into the medieval world of his past. Distraught, Farid goes in search of Meggie, and before long, both are caught inside the book, too. But the story is threatening to evolve in ways neither of them could ever have imagined.

As I said in my last review, the Inkheart Trilogy gets better with every book! Inkspell was mind blowing. Cornelia Funke shows us how fragile mortality is in such a beautiful way as we watch one of our main characters struggle for his life and watch another lose his. The world inside of Fenoglio's book is one of the absolute best places ever. It's filled with not so wonderful behaving people (I'm looking at you Piper and Adderhead), but there are others who are incredible (the Black Prince!)
The plot is strung together as beautifully as all of Cornelia Funke's books are! Her books are (in my opinion) very character driven (which I love), and we are introduced to some very, very amazing characters. The Strolling Players and their "king", The Black Prince, are some of my all-time favorite characters. I absolutely adored the Prince and the Strong Man, and I often don't think readers give them enough credit. All of the old characters are back and just as lively and amazing as they were in the first book. I loved watching the relationship between Farid and Dustfinger grow. It really was as if Farid were Dustfinger’s son.
Often times, I wanted to slap Fenoglio. I liked his character, don't get me wrong, but he didn't always make the best choices. I liked Dustfinger in the first book, but I thought his character really shined in Inkspell. Maybe because he was back home, but he was epic. I actually don't like admitting this, but I kind of adored the Piper. He was deliciously evil, and I loved it (and to think he only gets worse in the third book!) I liked him as our vilian more than I did the Adderhead.
I did feel really bad for the Adderhead's daughter Violante, but she had a great friend in Dustfinger's daughter...even though that friendship was threatened at one point.

All I ever do in reviews in talk about my love of characters, but Cornelia Funke writes such amazing ones it's hard not to talk about them! Read the book, and you'll see what I'm talking about!
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Inkheart was the first book I ever read by Cornelia Funke. It’s actually a rather funny story how I got into her books. My sister was dating this guy who had purchased the movie of Inkheart because he thought Nikki would like it. She in turn thought I would like it. After watching it, I came across the book in my school’s library (we had to read books and take tests on the computer for part of our grades in English. I got enough points from the trilogy that I was good for the rest of the year! Haha), and I decided to read it. I devoured it in three hours. It was absolutely incredible! The movie was good, but the book was just absolutely breathtaking.
Title: InkheartAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 5 stars
Summary:One cruel night, Meggie's father reads aloud from a book called INKHEART-- and an evil ruler escapes the boundaries of fiction and lands in their living room. Suddenly, Meggie is smack in the middle of the kind of adventure she has only read about in books. Meggie must learn to harness the magic that has conjured this nightmare. For only she can change the course of the story that has changed her life forever.

Cornelia Funke is definitely a master at storytelling. Her words can draw you in and make you feel as if your veins are nothing but the ink her books are printed with. I love the idea of a person who can read characters out of books (uhm, can I have Hentzau, please? Or just be sent to his world. Either works.)
Most people love Dustfinger, and I will admit, he was great, but I loved the young heroine Meggie. Cornelia Funke has always written her female characters beautifully (I’ve read a lot of books where the writer tries to make the female strong and they just come across as obnoxious.) The relationship with Meggie and Mo came off the page very well, and it made me wish that I actually had grown up with a father figure like Mo.
Her villians are always spot on as well. I don’t know if I feared Capricorn or Basta more! I'm pretty sure the Shadow gave some people nightmares as well, though!
 I loved, loved, loved Elinor. She was the greatest sassy, old bookworm I’ve ever read. I’m afraid I’m going to end up like her…except without the gorgeous library (because mine will just be filled with copies of the Mirrorworld series! With my two sets of the Inkheart Trilogy as well, of course.)
The plot was crazy fast, and you won’t want to put it down. You’ll be dying to jump into the next book…because, trust me, they only get more amazing.

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December 19, 2015

Title: The Golden YarnAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 5 stars!!

Summary: Jacob Reckless continues to travel the portal in his father's abandoned study. His name has continued to be famous on the other side of the mirror, as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. His family and friends, from his brother, Will to the shape-shifting vixen, Fox, are on a collision course as the two worlds become connected. Who is driving these two worlds together and why is he always a step ahead?
This new force isn’t limiting its influence to just Jacob’s efforts – it has broadened the horizon within MirrorWorld. Jacob, Will and Fox travel east and into the Russian folklore, to the land of the Baba Yaga, pursued by a new type of being that knows our world all to well.

Cornelia Funke's books only get better. The Golden Yarn was so full of beauty and heartbreak, and I never wanted to stop reading. She brought back all of the characters we know and have grown to love and added a few new faces who leapt off the pages like old friends. The Mirrorworld series is so much darker than her Inkworld triology, but I've always loved the darkness and fear that lingers behind the mirrors of the world she's woven with ink.
Jacob never can catch a break. He has many demons to fight in The Golden Yarn, and a force he can't hide from on either side of the mirror is threatening his happy ending.
It was great to have Will behind the mirror again, and I loved how Nerron tried so hard not to like him. The Bastard's heart isn't as hard as he likes to believe, and we definitely see that in this book.
I've always loved Kami'en and the Fairy together, and their story has put more cracks in my heart than the sun and cold have put into Hentzau's skin. I'm hoping for a lot of happiness later on in the other books.
Hentzau is still my absolute favorite character. I was beyond happy with seeing so much of him in this book. <3
The Golden Yarn will have you hanging on every word and you won't want to put it down. If you loved the first two, you’ll love this one even more!
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Title: FearlessAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 5 stars!

Summary:Jacob Reckless has only a few months left to live. He's tried everything to shake the Fairy curse that traded his life for his brother's--legends such as the All-Healing Apple, the Well of Eternal Youth, the blood of a northern Djinn. And yet hope after hope is extinguished. After months of fruitless searching, Jacob journeys through his father's mirror one final time to deliver the bad news to Fox.
But there they hear of one last possibility--an item so legendary that not even Mirrorworlders believe it exists: a crossbow that can kill thousands, or heal one, when shot through the heart. But a Goyl treasure hunter is also searching for the prized crossbow. Jacob must find it first--and somehow convince Fox to do whatever it takes to save him.
This book was absolutely fantastic. The characters in Fearless really came to life and drew you into their stories. I loved the Goyl in the first book (especially Hentzau <3), but Nerron was seriously an amazing, well-rounded character. I found myself routing for him as much as I did for Jacob. Jacob and Fox shippers will definitely love the small turns their relationship has began to take in Fearless. The plot was fast-paced, and I kept wanting to read "one more chapter" before bed. Reckless was incredible, but this book was just amazing.
 Mirrorworlders will devour it. 
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November 17, 2015

As everyone should know by now, I absolutely love Reckless by Cornelia Funke. My love for it goes deeper than it just being a great book, which you can read about here. As much as I adore the book, I've never reviewed it. So, I decided to do just that. I'll review Fearless in a few days (I plan on listening to the audio-version while I'm at work tonight.)
Title: RECKLESSAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 5 stars!

Summary:Ever since Jacob Reckless was a child, he has been escaping to a hidden world through a portal in his father's abandoned study. Over the years, he has made a name for himself as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. He's also made many enemies and allies--most important, Fox, a beautiful shape-shifting vixen whom Jacob cares for more than he lets on.
But life in this other world is about to change. Tragedy strikes when Jacob's younger brother, Will, follows him through the portal. Brutally attacked, Will is infected with a curse that is quickly transforming him into a Goyl--a ruthless killing machine, with skin made of stone.
Jacob is prepared to fight to save his brother, but in a land built on trickery and lies, Jacob will need all the wit, courage, and reckless spirit he can summon to reverse the dark spell--before it's too late.

I've been a big fan of Cornelia Funke's book since I read her Inkworld Trilogy. Reckless definitely did not disappoint. I loved seeing different fairy tales dropped throughout this book, and the darker theme of the overall story. I think the summary of the story is a bit harsh to the Goyl. That could be because my favorite character, Hentzau, is Goyl. Humans, for decades, have hunted and killed the Goyl just because of their stone skin. Now, the Goyl have become the hunters and are making their strength known throughout the world that had for so long been ruled by humans, who were, honestly, just as ruthless when it came to their stone 'cousins'.  Now our main character's, Jacob Reckless, younger brother is turning into a Goyl, and Jacob will do anything in his power to stop the stone from consuming his brother's skin. 
Jacob had more fear in him than most heroes I've read, but I liked that. It was nice to see someone be brave despite how afraid they were. I also liked seeing the protective shell he'd built around his heart start disappearing as the story went. I loved the sibling relationship (mainly because my sister and I are really close), and how far he'd go for his brother.
Will's transformation was a very good way to show the differences between the humans and the Goyl. We got to see the softness that Will had slowly turn to coarseness and anger. I liked that two true loves saved him in this story. The true love between siblings and the true romantic love he had with his girlfriend, Clara.
From what I've seen, Fox has been the fan favorite. She was a very strong female side character, and that is so nice to see in a book. A lot of female characters are damsels, and it was a nice change. I loved having a shape shifter in the book as well. It showed that no skin stays the same behind the Mirror.
I personally loved the Dark Fairy and her love for the Goyl king. She was also a very strong character, and I'm so looking forward to reading more about her in the 3rd book!
Hentzau was, by far, my favorite. I'd talk too much about him. So, go read the book!
The plot was fast-paced, and you don't want to put the book down. The first time I read Reckless, I refused to sleep until I finished it. I've read it four more times since then, and I always find something new in it that makes me love the story even more! 

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June 5, 2015

For the past year, I've been debating getting a pixie cut. I've had short hair most of my life, but never pixie short. Today I took the plunge and did it. I hadn't really had a haircut in three years, and my hair had gotten super long. Longer than it has been since I was five years old. Since growing my hair out, I got many compliments on my appearance that I had never gotten with short hair. People LOVED how I looked with long hair, but something just didn't feel right to me.

Over the past year, every time I mentioned 'pixie cut,' a look of horror spread across people's faces. I heard many comments like "NO! You're so pretty with long hair!" and "That's waaaay too short. It looks like a boy haircut." Or my favorite, "Aren't you afraid you'll look like a boy?" (My hair length does not determine my gender, and anyone who believes so is crazy.)

Ultimately I talked myself out of getting the cut because I had worked three years to get it long, and, if I'm being honest, I was afraid that people wouldn't think I was beautiful anymore. So, the fear of others' opinions kept me from doing something that I really and truly wanted to do. So, today when I was in the shower, I decided that I was finished letting the fear of what others think dictate what I do with my life and my hair and everything else. I realized that I am freaking gorgeous and not because of what my hair looks like or the amount of shimmery makeup I put on my face everyday. My beauty is not defined by my hair. I'm gorgeous because I believe I am.

My mom went and found the best person to chop my hair off (because my normal hairdresser isn't skilled in pixie cuts and was too nervous to do it), and I took a seat in the black leather chair, and watched three years of work be chopped off in a matter of seconds. The feeling I got was simply amazing. Liberating almost. I had the craziest smile on my face as I watched all that hair fall because I was finally starting to look and feel like myself and not what everyone else wanted me to look like.

So, here I am sitting on my bed in a shirt that is three sizes too big for me, faded pajama pants, zero makeup, and a haircut most have deemed "too short".... and I feel more beautiful than I have in two years.

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April 26, 2015

Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in a while, so I'm popping on here for a friendly 'hello' and 'this is what has been up with me lately' post.

First, I have been writing lately. I'm not currently writing the Mutilated series, but it's not been cancelled or anything. I know the overall storyline for Mutilated, but I'm still not sure who the next book should be told by. I don't know if I want to return to Becca's voice or Nadia's voice. Whoever tells the story will obviously change the plot of the book. I've even debated telling it from former Mutilated Arteries bassist Vertebrae (Tyler Greene.) When I figure out what I'm doing with the story, I'll dive into it. I can't promise a release date or anything else as of now. I can promise that it will be written, though.

As of right now, I'm working on a book set in the same world that Behind the Wooden Door is set in. If you've read BTWD, you'll see a lot of crossover in this book (Spark.) If you haven't read BTWD, you won't be lost or confused if you decide to read Spark.

Second, I suck with deadlines. I do not set them because life has a way of making things happen that makes me miss them. I'm a story-teller not an author. Being an author was and is not what I want. I did not sign up to do promotion and make deadlines (though I do love promoting my sister's books!) I do however hope that people love the stories I tell because I love them.

Third, I have been dealing with a lot of health issues over the last year. I'm not using it as an excuse as to why I suck at getting books out sooner, but it does play a part in it. Please just be patient with me.

Last, Nikki has her next Saturn book, Cross Me Off Your List, out on April 27th. So, uhm, naturally you should go get it. It's amazing. (See, I like promoting Nik's books!)

Much Love to everyone who reads my blog and my books.

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March 20, 2015

I was tagged by Amber over at Paradise of Pages to do the Disney Book Tag. You can see her post here , and you can check out the original post on Youtube here . As a big Disney fan, I was so excited to fill this out!

Part of Your World- What book world would you change yourself for so you could be a part of that world? 
Reckless by Cornelia Funke. My absolute favorite character is a Goyl, and I would definitely change myself into a Goylwoman to get to see all the underground cities.

Let It Go- What book did you not want to finish because you loved it so much? 
It would either have to be Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling. Both books are ends to an amazing series (Inkdeath was the end of a trilogy) and both got me through some tough stuff.

Beauty and the Beast- What book do you think is/will be timeless? 
The Harry Potter series as a whole. I don’t think that series will ever die.

So This is Love- What book were you hesitant to read at first but ended up loving?
Don’t Let Me Go by JH Trumble. I’m not a big contemporary reader, but Nikki loved it so much that I agreed to read it. It was definitely worth the read.

Friend Like Me- Which character would you like to be your best friend?
Kale Nakoa from the Drenaline Surf series by Nikki Godwin. He just seems like he would be so much fun.

Reflection- What book really made you think/changed the way you viewed things?
If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read it when I was very young and most of the adults in my small, backwoods town was trying to force their beliefs on me. This book, along with my sister, helped me form my own thoughts and opinions on certain subjects.

Colors of the Wind- Who do you tag? 
I’m not going to tag anyone in particular. Any of my readers who want to do this are free to! I can’t wait to read what everyone says!


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