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December 15, 2014

Remember how I said my mom was buying some hard copies of my books for me for xmas so I could do a giveaway? :D


1 paperback copy of Cloak and Dagger
1 paperback copy of Armed and Dangerous
2 paperback copies of Fearscape
1 paperback copy of Horrorscape


2 paperback copies of Wishing Stars
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December 13, 2014

Wow, Cloak and Dagger broke 900 ratings! I feel so honored. Thank you so much for buying and reading my books. I've felt really discouraged lately, so it's nice to have a reminder that some people, somewhere, really enjoy what I do.

Thank you.
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December 4, 2014


I'm really happy to see Catherine and Finn (or Cinn, as a certain Aly calls them) get more love. :)


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December 3, 2014

Most libraries have online counterparts where you can check out e-books, as well as hard copy books. These are done through the use of library aggregators.

Smashwords allows authors to set special prices for libraries purchasing ebooks for online collections.

Your library can purchase ALL my regular ebooks for 99-cents. Omnibus editions are $2.99. Please take advantage of this -- suggest my books to your library, so you and others can read them for free.

Here is where my books can be purchased:

Also, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who participated in my Black Friday sale. I sold A LOT of books, and that was really exciting for me. I didn't expect it to be that much of a success, but it was, and I was glad.

Don't forget to leave a review! Reviews are the lifeblood of this industry, especially on Amazon.

Thank you so much for supporting me. I'm sorry I've been so MIA. My new job is really stressful and I'm hardly ever home.
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November 27, 2014

I don't believe people should be at a disadvantage for wanting to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with their families. That is part of the reason I have always loved Cyber Monday: you can shop from home, and don't have to deal with the crowds--in fact, you never have to leave your armchair.

That's why all my books are going to be ninety-nine cents from now until cyber Monday on both Smashwords and Amazon. The omnibus editions of Horrorscape and Shadow Thane--DEADLY GAMES and WITCHFIRE will be $2.99 each, as opposed to their regular $6.99 and $5.99 respectively (and you get all three books in the series bundled--what a steal).

Nenia's Smashwords page

Nenia's Amazon page

The changes have already been made on Smashwords, but there's a couple hours' lag on Ammy. So if they haven't registered, just check back in a few hours!

I am truly grateful for my readers and, especially, my fans. Please spread the word and let others know about this sale!
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November 13, 2014

Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you've probably seen the infamous pictures of Kim Kardashian from 'Paper' Magazine. One has her in a skin-tight dress, shooting champagne into a glass balanced on her prominent derriere. The other features a completely nude Kim from the back, glistening in oil, her bare bottom taking center stage.

Kim Kardashian seems pretty comfortable taking scantily clad pictures of herself. She even claims she finds it empowering. Well, maybe.

On the one hand, women should feel comfortable in their own skin. And if they feel comfortable enough to be confident about their own sexuality, so much the better. The thing is, I'm not convinced that Kim actually does exemplify this confidence, or that she should be the standard for women looking to do the same.

The pictures are obviously air brushed and photoshopped, to the point that her figure looks almost like Jessica Rabbit's in terms of its cartoon-y proportions. There are no stretchmarks, no folds or wrinkles, no imperfections. Nothing.

Part of being comfortable in one's body is learning to accept one's imperfections and flaws. I haven't been able to this yet. I am very self-conscious about the way I look -- and this is due in part to the impossible-to-attain standards set by the media for women, with gratuitous air-brushing and touch ups and Photoshopping. Women don't even look like real women by the time they hit the newstands.

I don't think a celebrity who spends most of her time hiding behind the virtual veil can really claim to be empowered or empowering. Especially when you stop to take the time to really consider why she is doing this in the first place -- for herself, or for the people who spend money to look at such images? Is that empowerment? Or is that perpetuating the objectification of women in a capitalist society?
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November 6, 2014

Goodreads just posted another of their "sitewide announcements."
Ask Alicia Keys, George W. Bush, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Many More Authors a Question!Uh...huh.

My first reaction was an eye-roll because this seems like a desperate bid for publicity. The inclusion of several singers and a politician seems like an attempt to branch out into demographics that might not read as actively as the people who are interested in connecting only with authors.

And while there is nothing wrong with this on the surface, it does seem like an odd thing for a book site -- especially a book social networking site -- to do.

Also, George W. Bush? Really? Who thought that was a good idea?

Do you have any idea how many readers are feverishly liberal?

A lot.

I have a feeling this could get ugly.

As many have pointed out, this is a seriously odd line-up of people. Also, since the point of the exercise is to feature people who aren't authors, I'm flummoxed by why Neil Gaiman is included on this list because, um, well, isn't he an author?

Consistency. You don't have it.

What do you guys think about Goodreads's latest idea?

And who would be on your ideal ask-list?
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Published on November 06, 2014 23:53 • 114 views

November 4, 2014

I'm a closet girly-girl. I say I'm closeted because, given the choice, I'd rather not clothes shop (it's too depressing -- at my size, I generally have my choice of "color blind bag lady" and "frumpy mama"), or get a manicure (I'm twitchy and have a short attention span and don't really like people touching my hands), or my hair (too much PTSD from bad haircuts...also, twitchiness and boredom).

But makeup, on the other hand, is something I can really get on board with. It's like art...for your face! And whereas those other three activities I listed are pretty costly and time consuming, makeup (if you budget yourself carefully) can be pretty affordable, and, if you watch the right videos, fast to apply. (Obviously you'll want to practice.)

My problem is that I didn't use to wear makeup all that much, especially not in college. Who gives a fuck about what color your lips are when you're cramming for a final exam in cognitive neuroscience? (And yes, that is totally a class, and yes, it is as hard as it sounds.) I only wore makeup on special occasions, which meant I kept it on hand far longer than is advisable. And, given my limited funds, I was unwilling to part with said makeup.

I'm that person who pretty much keeps her makeup around until it gets gross. It used to be a pretty common occurence that I'd open up a lip gloss, and find out that it had separated, so it was thick and gooey on the bottom and watery and clear on top. Or that it'd smell funny. Or once, when I opened up a three-year old compact of Revlon concealer, covered with a thin sprinkling of mold.

I immediately made a goal to myself that I would not be That Person who had twenty-year-old lip glosses in her purse. Also, I'm really making an effort to actually use what I buy. For example, last year, a 150-color palette of ELF eye shadow went on clearance for, like, five dollars. I really wanted to buy it, so I made myself promise that I would actually use the eye shadow if I bought it. And I have. Some colors more than others, but I really have been using it. So I'm proud of myself.

Anyway, today I bought some makeup at the store where I work because a) I'm getting a feel for the colors that do and don't work for me (I used to be clueless), and want to get rid of the ones that don't, and b) I have an employee discount, which means that makeup is even more affordable.

The first thing I got was Sinful Colors nail polish in Cauldron Couture.

It's a Halloween color, so it was on Clearance. I think by the time all the discounts were applied, it was only about fifty or sixty cents. I really like Sinful Colors. I bought a bright red by them for my 1920s Halloween costume, and it looked really great (and was only about $1.99 full price).

I also have another color by them, a metallic electric blue called Hottie, that looks like something straight out of Frozen. It's such a lovely, icy color, and I haven't seen it's like anywhere else.

For Halloween I also bought a lipstick by Rimmel called Rosetto. It's from Kate Moss's line and has a really great, luminous red color without any orange undertones. I cannot wear orange or yellow, so this is great. I need solid reds or pink reds, and it is surprisingly hard to find a solid red.

But this one is.

The only thing I don't like about Rimmel is that the caps aren't sealed in plastic like Revlon or No7, so I had to look inside each one and make sure that they hadn't been used. (People are so disgusting sometimes.) Rosetto is almost the exact shade as No7's Love Red, but half the price. It also smells like cherry chapstick, which is a little disconcerting. Since when does lipstick have a smell?

It bleeds like a mother, and the best way to stop bleeding is to use a lipliner, which I didn't have. I think the last lip liner I owned was in middle school, and it was a dark purple, and oh my god, I paired it with all the wrong lip colors and I'm pretty sure I looked like a chola.

It was really, really bad. Let us never speak of it again.

Anyway, I found an affordable lipliner for a little over $5, sealed in plastic just the way I like it. This one is by L'Oreal (because I'm worth it), and called Always Red.

I haven't actually used it, yet. Tomorrow, probably!

What I'm trying to do is get rid of things when I buy new things, so I don't end up with a crapton of stuff that I don't need. I'm trying to do that with clothes. There are a lot of things in my closet that don't fit (I call them my "I wish" pants -- as in, I wish that I still fit into them, and keep them around as testament to the fact that both I used to fit into them, and might someday fit into them again) and I'm trying to get rid of these things, because keeping them around is just sad. I'd rather have things that fit. And if I lose the weight I've gained over the years, then I fucking deserve to go shopping.

SO since I bought makeup, I decided to go through my drawers and see what was moldering away that could be thrown away to make place for my fun, shiny new toys.

And here is what I found:

Clinique eyeshadow -- it's probably about seven years old. I haven't worn it for at least four years. So it's been sitting there, being like, SOON. I think it's time to toss it, don't you?

Clinique face wash -- I have no idea how old this is. I've had it since high school, but since it's a scrub I stopped feeling comfortable using it on my face years and years ago. But since it was expensive, I kept it around...out of guilt. No longer. Bye, zombie wash!

ELF eyeshadow -- ELF (Eyes Lips Face) is probably one of my favorite brands. They're cheap, and they don't seem to have terrible ingredients because they don't give me bad skin reactions. (Clinique, on the other hand, has -- their face concealer used to make my skin peel...ughhh.) But these colors -- moss and yellow green, and royal and robin's-egg-blue -- just didn't work with my complexion.

ELF glitter body powder -- I LOVE THIS SHIT. I bought it last year during the holidays, and then they stopped fucking selling it. I am so white, that most concealers, even the lightest beige, are too dark on me. This stuff was supposed to be transparent but actually made for a great concealer. When mixed with lotion, it also added a nice (but toned down) sparkle that made for a dewy finish. As you can see, I pretty much used it up, which I almost never manage to do with makeup (sadly). It's down to a few sad little crumbs, and I am very sad to see it go. Please make more of it, a.s.a.p. I'll be waiting!

Patti Dubroff cream eyeshadow pencil -- Patti Dubroff is another one of my favorite makeup brands, and they frequently have her stuff in value packs at Costco. I have two different sets of her lipglosses (pinks and nudes), two eyeshadow sets (her "dream palette" and a lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blusher set that is fucking AWESOME), and a bunch of her cream pencils. Her neutrals are better than her colors, though. This one was the color of a bad bruise and made me look like I'd been punched in the face when I wore it. The green one that came with it is better, because it has a kind of oxidized copper finish on my skin tone that looks smoky and kind of nice.

The moral of this story is:

1. Makeup can be affordable.

2. Makeup is a good way to look like you've put in a lot of effort even if you're lazy (like me) or hate clothes (like me).

3. You should probably throw away your makeup at some point, especially if it's been several years.

4. Even if you have your favorites, you can still be (pleasantly) surprised by new brands.

5. Sometimes the cheaper brands are just as good as the more expensive ones.
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November 3, 2014

I am an indie author which means I rely heavily on word of mouth.

If you like my books and think they deserve more recognition in their respective genres, vote for them and spread the word!

If enough people end up voting, I'll do something really special to thank all of you. Maybe swag or something...we'll see!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!
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October 30, 2014

I'm #8 on this list!

People who buy V.C. Andrews novels also enjoy my works, apparently. I think the comparison is apt. We both write dark, trashy stuff, and have a good time doing it!

So yeah, this kind of made my day. :)
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