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Although I recently joined GoodReads, I've been keeping notes on books I've read since 2001. I'm entering some of them on my book shelf--a new shelf, "read in 2005".

For some reason, I was reading voraciously (for me) in 2005, and writing comments about what I read. Even though these books have older pub dates, many are well worth looking for.

Found Wanting Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb

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This riveting mystery is excellently crafted. I couldn't put it down and read it in a day (372 hardback pages). The very-involved plot centers around Alaina Chancellor, who absconded 14 years previous with her infant son. The millionaire father has hired Mitch Kane to find her. When Kane succeeds, he realizes he's been set up by the dad, but has a hard time getting Alaina to trust him when he realizes her life is in danger. Alaina is a great character, who will do anything to protect her son, now fourteen.

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Published on June 04, 2010 17:57 • 72 views • Tags: book-reviews, mystery, older-publications
I have noticed the use of food in more of the books recently. There mysteries where the protagonist is a chef, or runs a catering business, and one book I read, The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, has several yummy recipes at the end of the book. Preparing food is also a backdrop while protagonist Alafair Tucker, attempts to learn who killed the much-hated Harley Day. Casey's well-constructed mystery is a period piece set in 1912 Oklahoma, and warns at the beginning of the recipe section "These are not health foods". And they sound delicious. The mystery was quite good, too.

All this got me thinking of my own paltry pantry and lack of enthusiasm for stove-borne pursuits, and I wonder if this has affected my writing. I used to have an annual day-long banquet for all my friends and relatives, beginning preparation weeks in advance (feeding more than 100 people some years), and I developed several tasty dishes over the years. But cooking, as with other arts, is stimulated by some sort of approbation: "Gee, Mom, this is really good!" or "Can I get a copy of that recipe?", and so on. For writers, the positive response from editors and readers serves this purpose, and when not forthcoming, it's a bit hard to get enthusiastic about creating new fare.

I'm in that phase of things at the moment. Perhaps I need to host a dinner party, or at least a small luncheon, and maybe that will at least boost my creative efforts.
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Published on June 08, 2010 09:06 • 53 views • Tags: 1912-oklahoma, mystery, stories-with-food, writers-block
Lucky me, I won a copy of Heather Hopkins' The Weapon in a Goodreads Giveaway. The book arrived yesterday and is next up on TBR pile. I'll start reading it later this week.
Heather Hopkins
The Weapon The Weapon by Heather Hopkins
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Published on July 10, 2012 06:32 • 87 views • Tags: first-reads, give-away, mystery, thriller

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