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March 30, 2016

If you’re looking for an original and unique fighter romance, I think I have one for you! Doomsday Love will be releasing on June 21st, 2016 and I can’t wait to share it with you all! This one is a full-length standalone romance. It is over 140,000 words in length… so when I say full-length I mean it.

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October 30, 2015

Sudden Desires (Sweet Promise #1) is now LIVE and on sale for a very limited time!SUDDEN DESIRES COVER

This is the start of a new series. It does not connect or tie with any other series or characters.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:



B&N: coming soon

**Please stick with me on my social media sites to be informed about the release link for Nook.**


Screw the ring.

The good life.

My selfish wife.

I have felt abandoned by her for years. Forgotten.




But all of that has changed.

I’ve met an incredible woman. I didn’t mean for anything to happen with her. We were only supposed to be doing business together. But that sassy mouth, fine ass, and those perky tits got to me. It was a spur of the moment thing – both of us blinded by lust.

Is it bad to crave a woman so badly that you’ll do practically anything to hold onto her? Like make sweet promises that you know damn well can’t be kept?

Don’t be fooled. This newfound “happiness” may only be a fucking façade, and what’s worse is that I can’t let it go.

Not now.

Probably not ever.

Why? Because there is only so much rejection a man can take before he finally just… gives into temptation.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:



B&N: coming soon

**Please stick with me on my social media sites to be informed about the release link for Nook.**

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Published on October 30, 2015 05:15 • 124 views

October 10, 2015


First, let me apologize for how long it’s been since I’ve last updated my website. Here I am, paying for this site of mine, and not keeping it together. What is up with that?

Anyway, I am here to present something I think Tainted Black fans might love (or hate). A BONUS SCENE! I wrote this… but then I freaked out because I didn’t want to share it. But then I thought about all of the love I received, how many people I touched with Mr. Black and Chloe’s relationship.

Now, before you go into this thing, realize that this chapter corresponds with the novel. You will feel… and I mean really, really feel. It is told in Theo’s point-of-view, so YAY for that! And for those who have read it and are wondering where this would go, I would say that this part fits in after the end of Tainted Black… maybe like 2 and a half, 3 months down the road of their final encounter.

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know your thoughts. This chapter was edited to the best of my abilities. If you spot something that is not quite right, I say to ignore it. This was written for you guys… and for fun. :) 

FYI: If you have not read Tainted Black yet and plan to, DON’T READ THIS. It is chock-full of SPOILERS! You have been warned…


The sun beamed.

The curtains, so white and clean, billowing with the Bristle Wave breeze. Music drifted up the stairs, playing loudly from the speaker. A song by Rihanna. One of her favorites.

My tiredness subsided for the time being. I felt refreshed. I pushed out of bed, tugging on the jogging pants beside the bed, forgetting about the shirt. Walking to the bathroom, I gave my teeth a quick brush, washed up a bit, and then drifted out of the bedroom.

The coffee was rich in the air, a fresh brew. My stomach swirled at the thought of having that first grand cup, how it would taste running across my taste buds, officially waking me up. I met at the bottom of the staircase and rounded the corner. Pans and pots clanked, and the music was louder now.

As I spotted the sunlight streaming in, thought of that hot coffee that would push me awake, smelled the pancakes and warm syrup, none of it mattered because there she was, in the kitchen, humming, shaking those round, full hips.

She had a piece of melon between her fingers, the other hand occupied with the handle of a frying pan. She sang a line from the song, still moving those hips, still singing, until I cleared my throat, folding my arms and leaning against the edge of the wall.

She gasped and whirled around without the pan, placing the now empty hand across the heart of her chest. “Oh my God, Theo!”

“Scared you?” I asked, brow cocked.

She waltzed towards me, her arms wrapping around my waist, head craned to meet my lips.

I looked down at her, meeting soft hazel eyes. “Good morning, Knight.”

“Good morning. Now kiss me,” she begged, grinning adorably. “Stop stalling.”

I looked up. “Are you cooking for me?”


“I mean, I love breakfast. The most important meal of the day and all, right?”

“Theo!” she giggled, slapping my chest playfully.

I busted out in a laugh, clutching her tight in my arms and lowering my head to press my lips to hers. I loved messing with her. Behind our kiss, I laughed, and she grinned, hugging me tight. Her body molded with mine, and my back pressed on the wall.

We remained this way for quite some time. I’m not sure how long. I didn’t count. Several minutes passed, and hunger took hold of her. I could tell she wanted me… again. Her body was hot now, loose. Open and vulnerable. She draped her arms around the back of my neck, bouncing on her toes and giving me a light boost to pick her up.

Those slender legs wrapped around my waist, my erection nestled on her lower belly. She moaned, and a deep groan slipped out of me as I twirled her around so that her back was to the wall. She still wore those short shorts, the ones that I threatened I’d burned if she wore them in public again.

They were made of loose cotton, so access was easy… super easy for me. Her tongue slipped between my lips, and my cock strained, dying to be inside her. Throbbing, leaking from being so fucking thirsty. “Fuck, Chloe,” I groaned, grasping her ass in my hands. Her teeth sank into my bottom lip, catching it. I dropped my gaze to her mouth, our noses touching.

“I’m ready when you are,” she breathed.

I focused on her mouth. I was born ready for this girl. My soulmate. My life. I pressed forward and crushed her lips, no warning. No hesitation. Something was burning now, the odor strong, but we were both careless, though we shouldn’t have been.

I slung her body around, marching for the table in the corner, dropping her down on it, and sliding out of my pants. Her shorts were pulled off in an instant, my cock settled between her thighs. My mouth claimed every inch of her skin. God, I couldn’t speak because I was so fucking eager. I couldn’t think, my mind was so cloudy with thoughts of her.

My hands drifted across her silky skin, palms meeting at her hips, clutching, gripping, as her fingernails drug across the skin on my toned back. She was perched on her elbows, and gruffly I said, “Make sure you watch me, baby. Alright?”

And she nodded, so eager, so ready. She licked those supple lips, eyes locked with mine. She’d grown accustomed to watching, to witnessing the magic my tongue could do. Sensually I ate my girl, massaging her clit, slurping, licking, and sucking. I delved deep, the taste of her so addicting; her moans sparking the fuel in me, causing me to pulse and throb like a motherfucker as I stroked myself.

She loved every bit of it, body bucking as she held me just a little tighter.

“Oh, Theo,” she breathed. I loved when she said my name. It sounded so good coming from her mouth.

So sweet.

So innocent.

Though I’d tainted her innocence over and over again, there was no going back. She loved being the bad girl for me. She loved giving me full control. She knew my need to dominate, to own her. It’d been this way for months.

Even though she’d lost my daughter as her friend. Even though I was married to Sheila. Even though she was engaged to Sterling. None of it mattered, because we were us. We loved one another, and fucked like we hated each other.

If that isn’t perfection, then I don’t know what is.

I took my Knight, fucking her on top of the table, thrusting, slamming, causing the legs of it to wobble, and scratch the marble. Her head fell back, her neck exposed, and I took advantage, sucking on the tender skin right above her collarbone, grinding harder, and swelling up deep inside her sweet pussy.

The burnt smell was thick in the air now, almost suffocating. But I couldn’t stop. I had to keep going. It was too good. So tight. So wet. I didn’t want to stop… but she already had.

“Theo,” she gasped. “Theo. Stop. Fire. There’s fire.”

“I know,” I growled. “We’re on fucking fire, baby. We always have been.”

“No, Theo,” she said, moving closer, hugging me tight as if she were afraid.

I frowned down at her. I was fucking confused now.

“Theo… there’s fire. This is detrimental. This is hell for us. Don’t you see?” she whispered, voice cracking. “We don’t belong here. We can’t keep doing this. We’ll die going through the smog and flames if we do.”

I clasped her face in my hands, hating the tears that stole her happiness. I kissed them away as they skidded down her cheeks. I smoothed the remains away with the pads of my thumbs. Then I kissed her, so deeply, so passionately, and she returned the same ferocious passion, arms tight around me.

Pulling away, I said, “If I have to die just to be with you, then so be it. I can’t fucking live without you, Chloe.” I said this, but I don’t think she heard me. No. I know she didn’t because she was no longer in front of me. She wasn’t half-naked anymore. And I was fully dressed. She was now standing by the door. Her exit. Her escape.

She swallowed hard and waved at me, eyes full of remorse, just like the day she made love to me on Dirty Black for the last time. With sorrow and desolation, I called her name, begging—literally crawling my way to her through smog, smoke, and flames. “Chloe, please,” I begged. “Don’t do this to me again. I fucking need you. I—I can’t let you go. I fucking can’t. Not again.”

She looked down at me, tears skidding.

“I have to go, Theo.” She reached down and stroked my face. “But maybe in another lifetime.”

I’d said that for months now, repeating the mantra to myself as if it would restore hope, but another lifetime would never compare to this one. The one we shared. The love we built. It was too much. Too deep. So perfect. That could never be topped.

She opened the door, and walked out. I don’t know how she got out of my hold, my vice grip, but she did, and I watched her walk away, each step a crack forming on my black heart.

And, soon, her silhouette was gone.

The smoke and flames vanished, but I still felt too hot. Too heated.

I was still holding something.

It was cold. Hard. Flat. I lifted my head, staring right at my own reflection. It caught me off guard, and I startled a bit, gasping. I didn’t get it. I hated my face—the one in the same mirror I had shattered after stealing Chloe’s innocence when she was nineteen.

How is it repaired? Why the fuck is it here!?

It was here, like that night never fucking happened. It shimmered and transitioned into a photo of my daughter. My Izzy Bear. Her and Chloe… together. Smiling. So young and carefree. So happy together. Nothing could break their sisterly bond… no one but me.

I broke it. I fucking ruined it.

The area that surrounded me was pitch black, but light shined down on the mirror, leaving me no choice but to see myself as the mirror transitioned again. I stared at myself—the hurt in my eyes. The damage dominating my well-being. The pain… so unbearable.

The guilt swallowed me whole, and I sank.

I dropped.

I plummeted right into a black hole and wept for days. Months on fucking end.

I’d become even more damaged than I ever had been before, begging for Chloe to come back to me. Calling, and getting nothing but her voicemail. Emails with no replies. Text messages with no responses at all. Nothing was what I got in return. It was almost like she never even loved me to begin with… and maybe that was the point of it all. She never was supposed to love a man like me. Ever.

I called, emailed, and text her, begging for this girl to bring me joy again… to take care of me again…

But then, I wake up, panting, sweating.

And then I realize one thing.

All that shit—all of it was a dream.

A façade.

I have lived with nightmares for years—dealt with death, deceit, and battles. My time with Chloe was a glimpse of my own little fairytale—things that don’t happen for real, or at least the way they should. My own little story, full of never ending happiness, a river of peace.

It was a beautiful, fragmented mess.

And in this bed, as I stare ahead and think about it all, I know one thing.

I am alone.

I am forgotten.

I am… still heartbroken.

And, yet, I am still so madly in love with Chloe Knight.

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March 3, 2015

Many of you already know about this wonderful surprise, but for those that didn’t hear, I will be releasing BEWARE 2: The Comeback on April 21st, 2015!

BEWARE 2: The Comeback is the sequel to BEWARE. It still features the main characters Ace and London. This story is full of angst, drama, shocking twists, and of course those really steamy moments everyone loves. This book cannot be read as a standalone.

To read BEWARE (#1), click here. It’s a full-length novel for only $0.99! :)


Three years passed.Beware2.v2 copy

Long and brutal.

Lonely and sometimes scary.

But he swore he’d find me—that’d he’d do everything to get me back. Well, his word was final. His word was true. He’s back.

Ace Crow: Ruthless. Deadly. Risky. An extremely bad man. I’m everything he’s not. I’m the missing piece to his disturbing puzzle. But he’s mistaken about one thing. No one said getting me back was going to be easy. There are always consequences to ones actions. There are always hidden truths. There is always betrayal.

Things aren’t so simple anymore. My life has changed dramatically. Bringing him back in will only be dragging me back down.

I’m afraid.

I shouldn’t.

But I love him.

A lot.

I’m a fool.

BEWARE, my beating heart.

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December 15, 2014

Hi all!

So, I have some news to share. Some of it is bad, but I think you’ll love the good. I’ll start with the bad news.

I know many of you have bought and read the Control Series. Carlos and Mya are really fun characters. Building them and their story up is like a game for me – a fun one! I love it, and it’s not like me to let certain things get to me (and trust me they haven’t) but due to so many negative emails, negative comments on my page that I’ve had to delete repeatedly, and dozens of personal messages that are quite rude about the series I will be discontinuing it. Now, I’m sure this is what those Negative Nancy’s want, but trust me I did NOT let them get to me, nor did I let them hurt my feelings. My skin has grown quite thick since becoming an author. In fact, I’ve brushed almost everything negative off because I don’t care. What I write is what I write. I write it because I love it and I enjoy sharing it with my readers. I think some of you can recall me saying that I wrote this series for fun. It was priced under a dollar because I just wanted people to read it and have fun with it, enjoy it. Some people have gone too far about the series and normally I would spazz out but it’s all good. I’m keeping my cool. Having a baby has allowed me to gather A LOT of patience so those people and their unkind words mean absolutely nothing to me. I’m still going to do what I love to do and I’m still going to share their story.

I will be taking Control Me down from all eBook platforms on December 20th, BUT for those that have enjoyed the series thus far, I will add it to Wattpad (follow me on wattpad here > so you can all enjoy it FOR FREE. I will continue this series for my readers because I love you and I refuse to leave you hanging. I feel much better letting you read it for free than buying it. That goes for the next book, Release Me and even the books to come. Now, I can’t promise that I’ll be working hard on these one and releasing them back to back, but I will release bits and pieces from the books in (hopefully) a timely manner.

Now onto the good news!

I say “hopefully” because I’ve been planning something big for the past six months. A lot of people saw the announcement a few days ago. Many of you LOVE Ace Crow. Hell, I love Ace Crow! That is my honey! BEWARE was a fun one, but I was also very passionate about him and London, to say I’m not passionated about Carlos and Mya. After a few weeks, I realized that couldn’t be it. I had to do more. I wanted more Ace myself, so I thought about it for days on end and finally I came up with a plan. And of course that plan has a twist! The storyline that I came up with has me so excited that I can’t stand it! The ending fit their story, but I can see sooooo much more with these two. So much more. I can’t say when this will be releasing because I’m still working on it and I want this sequel to be the best it can be for you guys, but you all know me. I will be sharing teasers, gifting ARCs once I’m finished and there will be a cover reveal in the beginning of 2015. Since I no longer have any books ahead of me, this gives me the rest of the year to spend time with my family for the holidays and enjoy my little boy. Gosh, he’s growing wayyyyy too fast! After January 1st, though, I will be heading into my office and hammering at my keyboard. I’m just as excited as you guys.

Thank you all so much for understanding. I know doing things like this can cause an author to lose readers, but I feel this is what I need to do. It’s not only for you guys, but for myself as well. The Control Series started just for fun, why not just share it freely for others to enjoy? It will be up on Wattpad soon! :) If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

Happy Holidays you guys!


Shanora Williams

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Published on December 15, 2014 07:10 • 260 views

November 1, 2014

I’m finally sharing the blurb for Control Me. This is the first book of the Control series. A release date will be shared on Monday! :)


It’s hard to stay in your right state of mind when the man you’re being penetrated by is everything you never thought you could have.

It’s hard to hold onto reality when he hands you an undeniable escape.

He brings you to life and makes you forget who you truly are. There are rules and boundaries of course, but you consider it perfect, nonetheless.

The truth is I’m not completely sane.

I’m not okay.

I have issues.

And he knows this, yet he constantly leads me on.

He dominates me.

He indulges in me.

He craves me.

But he and I both know how this arrangement will end.

Someone will get hurt. Someone will lose control..

But the control he has over me– the power he possesses– is something he won’t let go of. It’s what he enjoys and he refuses to give it up, that is until he realizes it’s putting both of our lives at risk.

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Published on November 01, 2014 13:13 • 113 views

September 5, 2014

I couldn’t help myself! I’m sharing a teaser from my WIP! Its pretty long too. But that’s ’cause I love you guys! :) After you read it, tell me what you think! BTW I don’t have a release date for this one yet, but I’m hoping to have one soon.

This teaser is unedited and is subject to change…


Carlos Montero
“This won’t work, Carlos,” I breathed. My voice was heavy and thick. My lips felt like they’d been filled with lead, most likely the result of me lying to myself. I wanted it to happen again, but on the other hand I didn’t. I didn’t because I knew it’d lead to other things. And because I was really looking forward to working with his team. I felt important.
“Allow me to make things easier on you—a proposition, more like.” He pulled away, but only to grab my hand and effortlessly pick me up out of my seat. Reeling my body into his, he turned me so my back was facing his desk. Then he sat me down on the edge gently, just as he’d taken the seat I was in only seconds ago. My heart raced in my chest as I looked down at him, watching as he lifted my legs to place my feet on his thighs. I had no choice but to plant my palms on his desk and lean back to keep my balance when both feet were in the position he desired.
His eyes zoned in on the lacy light-pink panties beneath my skirt and I cursed myself. Damn, today was the wrong day to wear a skirt. Hell, any day around him was the wrong day to wear one.
With my chest rising and sinking, Carlos bent forward, pushed my skirt up until it bundled around my hips and then tucked his thumbs beneath the straps of my panties. He did all this with swift movements. He was a pro at this, no doubt—but of course that’d already been established on the night we first met.
I knew it was necessary for me to object to this, but as he licked his lips, the words that were formulating got trapped in the heart of my throat. I remembered how hungrily he devoured me in Key West, how unexpected it was, yet how amazing I felt to have his face buried between my legs. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe. Perfectly erotic in every way.
With his eyes trained on mine, he brought my panties towards his nose and inhaled my scent. “So sweet,” he murmured, lowering them. My core tightened as he ran a hand up my thigh. “Now that I have your attention, I’ll tell you what will happen. And you will comply. Understood?”
In the heat of the moment, I responded without hesitation. “Yes.”
“Good girl,” he grumbled right before kissing the insides of my thighs. His lips were so soft, yet so demanding. Each kiss seared my skin, leaving a trail of fire as he backed away. “During these four days, you will stay at the hotel I’ve reserved for you. I will come by for lunch and I will fuck you. I’ll leave for work again, but I will come by for dinner, we’ll most likely eat together, and then I will fuck you again.” He clutched my hips in his hands, bringing his mouth closer to my throbbing nub. A whimper sounded in my throat as he ran his tongue from my upper thigh and down, but stopped just before reaching my pulsing heat. “I will have my way with you, like I did in Key West. I will own every single inch of you until I’m tired of you, no matter how long it takes. Do I make myself clear?”
So many thoughts were running through my head. One, he had no right to try and own me, and to know that even if I did give in he would get tired of me frightened me. Things like this never turned out the way they should have. Two, even though those thoughts were running across my mind, what I wanted most was his mouth sealed on me. Sucking. Lapping. Licking. I wanted this man to make me come for days. His proposition was meant in the most asshole-ish of ways—for his needs—but it made sense. He didn’t get enough of me in Key West, and he was treating this encounter with me as chance to get me out of his system.
For some reason, I was okay with that because in that very moment I wanted the same thing; Carlos Montero out of my system and out of my life. I knew if I went along with this, he’d leave me alone for good and I’d never have to see his face again.
Right now wasn’t the time to be hooked on someone. It was the time to become someone. So with a small nod, I breathed the word “Yes” and his lips curled at the corners, proving that I’d pleased him with my answer.
“Good girl,” he whispered. “Now, before you run off to the hotel to get ready for dinner, I’m going to leave you with something to think about until we see each other again.” He looked at me beneath his lengthy eyelashes, his lips thin. “I’m going to eat you, Mya, so fucking good that you’ll have no choice but to be ready for me when I get to that hotel room.” With his intense, orgasmic words lingering in the air, he picked up my hips and sunk his sweet mouth into my wet and eager pussy.
I squealed, but brought a hand up to cup my mouth instantly. He reached up to remove that hand, and after suckling my clit for a split second, he said, “Make noise. Scream. I don’t care who hears you.”

P.S. This book will have a whole lot of sexy and a whole lot of secrets. That’s a combo I love!
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Published on September 05, 2014 08:42 • 200 views

July 30, 2014



Montana Delray is the most laid back of the popular rock band, FireNine. He’s goofy, charming, blatantly honest, talented, a massive flirt, and extremely handsome. The girls literally throw themselves at him, and he accepts it. He loves the attention. The fame. The parties. His single life. With so many women to choose from, it’s not in his nature to chase after just one, but when Lauren Harkin enters his life, that all changes.

Lauren is smart, sexy, confident, and knows exactly how to get under his skin… and although he hates to admit it, he loves it. He wants her in every way possible, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Famous FireNine rocker, Delray isn’t the kind of guy Lauren needs to bring into her life. After having her emotions tampered with repeatedly, she refuses to give into someone who will most likely take her for granted and make things worse. But with much effort and some sexual manipulation, Montana and Lauren come to an agreement neither of them can resist.

As their fling carries on, though, everything intensifies, and once they realize it true fear sets in. Soon they come to the realization that they care for one another more than intended, and they both know caring for someone other than themselves means opening their hearts. The reality they face with each other is totally unexpected and becomes their biggest fear… and neither of them is ready for it.

Montana hawk

Add it to your TBR list on Goodreads.

Who I’m Becoming



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Published on July 30, 2014 12:30 • 139 views

July 24, 2014

It’s been a few months since I’ve updated you guys with some great FireNine news. I know you all have been patiently waiting for the next and I really do appreciate that. It’s been one hell of a year for me, from finding out I was expecting, to writing books and editing, and then moving from one apartment to another while feeling like a beach whale… (Okay… I’m exaggerating. How about a gorilla instead?)


Anyway, I’ve been working hard on the fourth book of the FireNine series. The book is written in Montana Delray’s POV along with his love interest Lauren Harkin. I think they’re a great couple. I DON’T have a blurb just yet but should have one in the next few days to share with you guys.


So let’s get down to the best part of this post…. the COVER!


Who I'm Becoming front cover



This cover was made by the ever so talented Najla Qamber of Najla Qamber Designs. I’m head over heels for this cover. I fell in love with it because it fits Montana so well. The expected release date for Who I’m Becoming will be August 25th so jot it down! And if you haven’t already, add it to your TBR list today on Goodreads! :)

Goodreads: Who I’m Becoming


So what do you all think? I hope you’re all excited for Montana’s book. He’s a true character. He’s making me fan myself while writing… It’s insane. He’s insane, but y’all already knew that. LOL. Some teasers will be shared soon! Hope you’re all ready!


PS: There is no pre-ordering for this one. It’ll be released as soon as the 25th rolls around.


Much love,


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Published on July 24, 2014 07:11 • 132 views

July 2, 2014

Hey guys!


It’s giveaway time! I had some difficulties with the BEWARE paperbacks about a week ago and just got them yesterday. I’ve been itching to do a giveaway ever since releasing the book and now I can! I’m excited about this one. I love, love, LOVE the cover and my main man Ace!


The giveaway will be simple. All you have to do is comment under this blog post and tell me who your favorite character of mine is and why. I love the explanations. You guys dig much deeper into these characters and bring them so much life – more life than I ever thought possible for them. It can be any character of mine, published or unpublished, and you can list as many things as you’d like about them. Trust me, I’ll read them all. :) With this giveaway, three winners will win a signed paperback of BEWARE and signed FireNine bookmarks, one of each. (See image below)


Beware giveaway


For the second half of the giveaway, it’s a chance to win a FireNine bracelet along with signed bookmarks. For a chance to win, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter @shanorawilliams and Instagram @reallyshanora – that is, if you have one! If you don’t have one, I’d so make one. I love Twitter and Instagram! And I update often on there! (Plus, there will be mini giveaways going on over there soon. ;) ) The links have already been inserted into the Twitter and Instagram handles. All you have to do is click them to follow me. Once you’ve done that, tweet me with your Instagram handle so I can enter your name in the drawing.  If you already follow me, then you’re automatically entered for a chance to win. Just make sure you tweet me your Instagram handle so I can enter your name.


I hope I made this pretty easy for you guys. I’ll have this giveaway up and running until Monday, July 7th. Have fun and thanks to everyone that participates! Oh, and happy Fourth of July weekend! :)



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