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I'm very excited to announce that I've just released THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, book #2 of my TEXAS TROUBLE Series on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

The Texas Trouble series is a contemporary cowboy romance series with hot cowboys, a dash of suspense, and a lot of southern flavor. Please check out the first two books in the series, MY KIND OF TROUBLE and THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE and let me know what you think!

Coming soon - DOUBLE THE TROUBLE, Gabe and Karlie's story

THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, #2 Texas Trouble Series by Becky McGraw

MY KIND OF TROUBLE, #1 Texas Trouble Series by Becky McGraw
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Published on July 08, 2012 10:21 • 122 views • Tags: contemporary-romance, cowboy-romance, new-release, western-romance

Professional rodeo team roper, Karlie Upton, is done with arrogant testosterone-soaked cowboys, and she's done with the rodeo. Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she'd just broken up with, Karlie heads for Bowie, Texas to see if her old friend Cassie Bellamy needs help with her new horse operation. Her identical twin sister, and roping partner isn't happy about Karlie leaving her high and dry, but Karlie can't stay, and she can't tell her sister why she's leaving.

Karlie knows her ex will probably come looking for her, because not only did she leave, she took his meal ticket with her, a fifty-pound slack-jawed bulldog named Sarge, who he got five-thousand dollars a month to care for from his crazy grandpa's estate. After she saw her ex kick the lovable mutt, there was no way Karlie was leaving Sarge behind with the neglectful man. She could only hope her sister kept her mouth shut, and maybe he won't find her in Bowie.

When she reaches the city limits of Bowie, Karlie receives a welcome she didn't expect. Not paying attention to her speed, Karlie had let 'Freddie', the hot rod Lincoln she'd had since she was sixteen, have his head and he didn't like to go slow. He liked to blow the stripes off of the road, because she'd souped him up in automotive class in high school.
So, the first person she met in Bowie, wasn't the one she went there to see, but he was easy on the eyes nonetheless.

The handsome deputy gave her a lecture then a ticket that would empty her pocketbook. Then after she tried to bargain her way out of the ticket, he arrested her and threatened to send Sarge to the pound! Karlie knew she would have enjoyed the frisking, but when the hot lawman took her dog into custody, he crossed the line, and Karlie showed him she wasn't known as the 'Wild Child' in the pro rodeo circuit for nothing!

Her impulsive nature yet again lands her in a heap of trouble, but it also gives her a reason to see the good looking lawman again, when she cuts a community service deal to fix his police car. Karlie's not looking for a relationship with any man, her ex may have soured her for life on those, but she sure could go for a little romp in the hayloft with the tall, dark and handsome deputy sheriff.

But then she finds out he has issues, deep dark issues, which meant he was a 'fixer-upper'. Karlie knew she was in trouble then, because if there was one thing she had a problem avoiding, it was projects. From cars to men, the more they needed fixing, the more they interested her.

Bowie's Chief Deputy, Gabe Kelley, had never encountered a woman like the red hot redhead he stopped for speeding, while filling in for his patrolman Elmer on traffic duty. Sitting at the city limit sign, minding his own business, almost dozing off, because he was so bored, Gabe was jolted out of his lethargy when a black Lincoln went past him doing at least one ten.

When he finally caught up to the sassy redhead, she gave him lip, then he gave her a hefty ticket, and a stern warning about driving through his town recklessly. He never expected the beautiful cowgirl to proposition him to get out of the ticket! He was so shocked, he arrested her, then called the dog pound to come get her ugly dog.

The next thing Gabe knew, he was laying on his stomach on the hot Texas roadway, hogtied, and mad as hell, watching the hotheaded woman drive off leaving him there. He was going to get untied, and when he did, there would be hell to pay, and the one paying it would be Miss Karlie Upton. It might take him a while to find her, but he would, if it was the last thing he ever did. One way or another, Gabe was going to teach the bratty woman he wasn't a man to be messed with...if it took spanking her shapely ass to drive that point home.

Gabe would have to be careful though, because although he liked his women with a little edge, he knew this beautiful redhead had enough of it to cut his throat, if he wasn't careful. Her ex was after her, and the only thing standing between the rough bull rider and her is Gabe, and this guy is playing for keeps.
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Published on July 16, 2012 17:34 • 293 views • Tags: contemporary-romance, cowboy-romance, new-release, romance, steamy-romance, western-romance
Check out my new release! Trouble in Dixie -- Book #5 in my Texas Trouble Series. Available at

Trouble in Dixie on Trouble In Dixie by Becky McGraw
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I'm excited to say I'm well underway in writing book number six of my Texas Trouble series, ASKING FOR TROUBLE, which is Jazzie Ramos and Beau Bowman's story.

Jazzie and Beau both appear in Book #4 of the series, LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, and now they get their own HEA.

Jazzie is the fiddler in Jess Spark's band and Beau has been dazzled by her since he first set eyes on the beautiful, sassy Latina. The only problem is, Beau isn't looking for a relationship, he'd been there and done that and gotten burned, and Jazzie isn't a friends with benefits kind of girl.

When Jazzie's brother, fresh out of college, takes a job away from the family, with a company with a bad reputation, and even worse clientele, he gets into serious trouble that could get him--or even his sister--killed.

Beau, a Texas Ranger, is determined to protect her at all costs, and try and bring down a consortium buying black market chemical weapons, as well as the company manufacturing them.

While he's fighting the bad guys to save her, Beau is also fighting his growing feelings for Jazzie. One battle he's sure he'll win, but the other is a lost cause.
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Published on September 10, 2012 03:54 • 189 views • Tags: contemporary, cowboy-romance, new-release, steamy-romance, western-romance
I'm working on the first edit of Asking for Trouble today, Jazzie and Beau's Story, #6 in my Texas Trouble series.

Here's a snippet. :)

Pleasure at her words filled him, Jazzie Ramos could have any man she wanted, she was that beautiful and interesting...and she had just agreed to spend time with him. "I'm glad," he told her with a smile, and led her inside the store.

Like any woman, when they walked into the store her eyes started scanning from wall to wall and her face lit up. He grinned, because he was a typical man, and wanted to go from point A to point B and get the hell out of there, but he wasn't going to rush her. The clerk came over to help them, but she told him they were just browsing, and he said to call him if they needed help. It was obvious to him that Jazzie was totally in her element and didn't need a bit of help from the clerk, or from him.

She dropped his hand and walked over to a rack of half-price board shorts, and glanced at him then started flipping through the rack again. Finally, she pulled out a pair of hot pink and yellow flowered shorts that looked to be his size. Beau groaned and winced, then prayed to God she wasn't going to make him buy those.

He'd do just about anything to spend time with her, but those shorts were pretty close to his limit. Jazzie moved to another rack and pulled out a ribbed white tank top with some surfing company logo on the front that was hot pink and black, then grabbed a pair of black thong sandals and walked back over to where he stood.

"Here," she said and shoved the clothes at him, and gave him that smile, then he knew his fate was sealed. He was going to wear these wild ass shorts, because she'd picked them out and it would make her happy. "I'm sure the clerk will let you change in the dressing room back there, let me just pull off the tags," she said and yanked them all off.

"You sure about these shorts, sugar?" Beau asked her with dread in his voice.

"You'll look good enough to eat," she said with a sexy wink, then added the famous last words, "Trust me."

He held them up hoping they were the last pair on the rack and they wouldn't fit him, but knowing they were going to fit just right. "But they're pink, darlin'," he whined a little.

"What is it with men and pink? It takes a man very secure in his masculinity to wear pink, Beau," she said and put a hand on his chest then purred, "And I think you are masculine enough to pull it off for sure."

She was flirting with him...him! Beau grinned and resolved himself to walking down the beach in a pink tutu if it made her smile at him like that. "Well, I guess that's settled then, I'll be right back," he told her and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

Jazzie took the tags, then grabbed a cheap duffle bag and went to the counter to pay for it all. She also bought herself a beautiful blue pearl bracelet she saw in the display case at the counter. The pearls were set in dainty silver and she liked how it hung on her wrist. She was still trying to get used to having money to buy whatever the hell she wanted to buy.

Why she still felt guilty buying stuff for herself, Jazzie didn't know, but she did. Jess and she had to be so darned frugal for so many years, it was just a habit now, and probably would remain so. Jazzie was a simple girl, she liked nice stuff and splurged on clothes, if they were on sale, and she liked them, but she didn't need material things to be happy.

Jazzie was thoroughly enjoying this mini-vacation in paradise though. This she could get used to. Beau Bowman was another thing she could get used to. The buff and handsome Texas Ranger, with the beautiful green eyes, had set her on fire since she first met him when the band had landed in Bowie, Texas for Cole and Sabrina's anniversary party.

She'd seen him a second time about a year ago at the charity rodeo she'd gone to with Wade and Jess, but when Wade got hurt and Beau had to investigate the guy who sabotaged Wade's equipment, he hadn't had much time to talk to her. She was really glad they were finally going to have a little time to get to know each other now.

And he must like her too, because he was actually going to wear those ugly ass board shorts she'd picked out for him as a joke. Anything the man put on though would look good...he could wear a paper bag and look hot...or nothing and look hotter, she thought and gnawed her lip.
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Published on October 08, 2012 11:54 • 93 views • Tags: becky-mcgraw, contemporary-cowboy-romance, cowboy-romance, new-release, texas-trouble, western-romance
It feels like Christmas! I woke up this morning and My Kind of Trouble (Book #1, Texas Trouble Series) was at #95 on the Amazon Bestseller's List for Books>Western>Romance!

Thanks to everyone for helping it get there! :)
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image: description

NEW RELEASE! Available soon on, available now at (BETA Release). ASKING FOR TROUBLE (#6, Texas Trouble Series), Jazzie & Beau's Story.

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My Kind of Trouble (Book #1, Texas Trouble) will be available in print on in the very near future.

If you prefer the comfort of a paper book in your hand, instead of an e-reader, please check it out. I'll update here when it's published and available!
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Published on October 21, 2012 12:22 • 71 views • Tags: becky-mcgraw, contemporary-cowboy-romance, cowboy-romance, new-release, print-version, western-romance
Thanks to everyone who bought and read my books on Today is a good day, three of the books in my Texas Trouble series made the top 100 on the bestseller's list for books>western>romance!
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Published on November 03, 2012 17:53 • 99 views • Tags: becky-mcgraw, contemporary-cowboy-romance, cowboy-romance, western-romance